Friday, October 31, 2008

All States:reject legalized homicide,reject abortion

Today there is in the NY Times an article about Washington State voters voting in this election whether to legalize killing by doctors and pharmacists. That was always a BAD BAD BAD idea. There are many reasons why it is a bad idea, and I am listing them here but not in any particular order of importance/ranking :
1) GOD wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill.' Period. Thou shalt not kill humans/persons in the womb. Thou shalt not kill the sick and elderly and or handicapped. Thou shalt not kill those of a different color or religion than you. Thou shalt not kill oneself's either.
2) If the public loses confidence in MDs and RPh's [pharmacists] then they will abandon them in droves and seek 'alternative medicines'. Some alternative medicines are actually good but some are not. Therefore the general population's health care over all would decline to self-prescribed.
3) Legalizing homicide by anyone sends the message that a human acting individually has the so-called right to decide when someone dies. That message will ricochet through the society like a bullet fired into an open air market, striking down everyone in its path. The wicked think if a sick person has the 'right' to kill the self, then I have the 'right' to kill too. The wicked have no concept of GOD or HIS words, or if they did, they rejected GOD. Premeditated killing of humans must always be a crime.
4) The purpose of the nation paying for MD's to be educated [student loans] and licensing them to practice through State Regulatory Agencies and Federal Regulatory Agencies was for the purpose of promoting wellness, and life; and not for the purpose of killing off the citizens. No bona-fide MD would knowingly or willingly write a prescription for a lethal dose of anything-it would violate every principle of health care, and regulatory laws to protect human life. Therefore those prescriptions for death would get sloughed off to less than educated MD's and to those practicing under the radar, and their use would be indiscriminate.
5) The nature of MD's offices is that a patient usually has the privilege of calling in to get a refill or ask for a refill and the receptionist in some offices,depending upon office policy, calls in the Rx for them. In other offices, an LPN [who has usually only 9 months of schooling in tasks only skills] may call it in. The schedules of medical offices where some see 30-50 patients in an 8 hour day [allocating about 10 minutes per patient for each doctor] is hectic and there are not a lot of safety-net procedures built in. The close supervision of the MD on site visualizing the patient and often the procedures as they are done, is supposed to be the fail safe system. However, I have worked in MD offices and it was my conscientousness that often made the difference in mediocre patient visits and meeting all standards visits. Therefore if MDs were authorized to write lethal prescriptions then the person actually writing them might be an LPN or a medically untrained receptionist.who would then ask for the MD's absent-minded signature, or apply a MD signature stamp. It is a very dangerous practice!
6) I know from having worked in a private home setting for a patient declared 'terminal' by that state's hospice program that the hospice program in and of itself does all in its power to hasten the death of the victim by administering whopping doses of IV morphine,causing respiratory failure, and also sometimes thyroid drugs not needed, and sometimes insulin not needed, to make sure that the patient dies quickly-- often within 24 hours after admission to their program's center. The hospice 'nurses' start a killing IV and wham, the patient who was walking about, talking, praying is dead. That happened to my aunt in Pensacola Florida and also to my uncle on the coast of GA also according to my family. The hospice motive is money. The feds pay them for a six month set of 'services' though I do not consider killing a service and they get the money if the patient dies within 24 hrs or 6 months. Do the math. If the patient dies within 24 hrs, then for 179 days of the six month contract they gain profit by dispensing no 'services'. It is legalized fraud, deceit and treachery and it should be illegal! Killing off the sick is Nazi-version medicine exactly the same as Hitler gassing those who were considered too sick, after being examined on the train platform for about a five second physical by a Nazi MD. Those too sick or too old, or likely to become sick and considered unable to work for his 'program' of socializing the world were triaged to the gas chambers. I oppose that type of 'health care delivery' and I oppose hospice and they know it. I refused to administer killing doses of morphine and I notified the pharmacist in the case I spoke of, and his reply was that the 'hospice nurse insisted upon it' even though he repeatedly questioned the dose and told her it would be lethal and he said that she replied that the patient was in much pain and demanded it as a lethal dose in every teaspoon of elixir. That patient was not in pain as I was with her around the clock whereas the hospice nurse dropped in about once a week to check on her to see if she was still alive. I was living in there and read to her from the Bible, and I spoon-fed her, and I prayed, believe me I prayed for her to be healed!
6)There is already too much of the attitude of killing in this nation and it is not right. Murderers' rights are 'protected' by Courts while victims are treated as if they did not exist because their existence proves untimely and bothersome to the fast track deathers. People who were not wicked to begin with are brain-washed at taxpayer expense in the public schools by mega-bucks killing organizations like Planned Unparenthood and Center for Reproductive Killing [Rights they call it, I call it sin] and Congressional Politicians and their Aides who are on the take from killing organizations, and slip in the funding of the'killing rights' in nearly every bill while they hold out their hands for the kickback money.
There is no right to kill anyone. Killing is a sin against GOD that GOD does not condone. You cannot legalize what GOD said not to do, and get away with it. Those states that think they have gotten away with it think that because stats are hidden and the truth is perverted/twisted to make their case. That is what propaganda is all about, twisting the truth of GOD into a lie, for the monetary or political power.
Washington State and every State vote NO to legalized killing in any form. Also, in Colorado and South Dakota vote for the Amendments defining humans in the womb as persons and outlawing abortions because they are premeditated murders. Honor the Commandment of GOD not to kill, to bring the blessings of GOD on your state and on the nation. Disobey the devil, and obey GOD. It is written, 'blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD." Psalms 33:12a,KJV
Update as of 9:37 to add my comments to an article in the Rocky Mountain News about sodomite priests being bailed by the Denver Archdiocese, that I think were deleted from the online RMN because you see Denver is a catholic false doctrine stronghold of sin and vice:
I am not catholic and I write that often. I am Southern Baptist/ Anglican/Episcopal [the true one not the phony one] and Bible believing. I state what is perceived by the heathens as my 'bias' upfront so you know. IF the laws of all states punished the child molestors instead of letting them pay their way out of crimes,then the catholic crimes would cease, would they not? So is not the real culprits the legal system that tries to justify crimes for money and bribes and kickbacks? A corrupt legal system in Colorado is the reason abortuaries flourish since after all abortions are premeditated murders of innocents, and also the reason child molestors wearing frocks get bailed by the diocese's and every parishioner who pays into their system of 'indulgences' and never get any real punishment. The money flows from the poor who pay their indulgences thinking they are buying their way into heaven, and the sodomite priests are never really punished for child abuse and forcing sodomy on children.
Put the blame where it belongs. Sodomite priests should be defrocked and expelled from any Church because Leviticus 18:22 is very clear that such behaviour is 'abomination' to GOD, and they should be prosecuted in the laws as anyone else molesting children would be. It is written, 'but whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in ME, {JESUS speaking} it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh!" Matthew 186-7,KJV.
Update at 10:02 am MT about the creeping socialism that is erroneously named 'liberalism' in America and Obama's role in it, at:;_ylt=AtOhN.ak2zV0ufIave8KGbGs0NUE/
Article by Donald J Boudreaux in the Christian Science Monitor and the Yahoo News today,9:59 AM 10/31/2008
Mr Boudreaux is Professor of Economics at the George Mason University in Fairfax, VA
Update Nov 4,2008 at 6:48 am MT:
Joe Biden thinks McCain would be a better President, saying he is already tested and tried and proved true whereas his opponent is not:
in article by John H. Hinderaker and Scott W Johnson in the Christian
Science Monitor.
6:45 AM 11/4/2008
Another update at 7:08 am, Nov 4 2008 Election Day:
from the Rocky Mountain News:
The Arabs think Obama better serves their purposes in most Arabic nations
according to Ali Barada who is the chief Beirut correspondent for the Dubai
daily news Al-Bayan, and the Associate Editor of the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar.
7:06 AM 11/4/2008
Also please remember that McCain and Palin are the PROLIFE ticket in this election. I ask you to please always vote prolife for a future for the nation. A nation that depopulates has no political future and no power amongst nations that reproduce themselves and their beliefs.
Update as of 9:07 am, MT:
President for Africa=Obama???; Read
9:05 AM 11/4/2008
Quote from that article:
Obama, being partly African, has the moral obligation to intervene
in Africa," said Samuel Conteh, Managing Editor of The New Citizen,
an independent local newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
"The aspirations of Africans are very high, believing
that he will change the social and economic situations of Africans."[end quote]
Update as of 10:45 am,MT:
California is charging a transplant surgeon with hastening the death of a patient:
This article points out why laws legalizing medical killing are wrong and so dangerous. Read it.

signed gloria poole,RN and artist,Denver CO 80203 [scriptures about human life from GOD's Word, The Holy Bible] [medical facts about how humans develop in womb from moment of fertilization of human egg with human sperm]

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Women do like Palin;Vote Prolife!

I read a few articles today but since most of the rest of the news were paid PR ads for Obama I didn't bother. It irks me that Obama's campaigning which is paid for with blood money, is being used to buy 'news' spots! It is sort of like Hitler's SS troops rolling through the towns of Nazi Germany with loudspeakers telling the people to allow gassing of the Jews. And his motive? The wealth and assets of the Jews to run his vote buying, society controlling, world dominating agenda. IS that any different than killing, chopping and shredding to get the US government's Billion dollar hand-outs to so-called research labs that pay kickbacks, and dividends to the accomplices?

Also the Tina Fey mocking of Sarah Palin irks me too. Would it be so funny if a black-face [painted on] comedian mocked Obama, and his dumbo ears, and his lack of specifics on any topic, and laughed about his words and his Indonesian religion? Would there not be a national cry of 'foul'-not fair to mock a minority? But hey, the democratic-socialists think that white women who don't believe in killing innocent babies in the womb [Sarah Palin] must be ridiculed and held up to public mockery as if believing it is wrong to kill is a joke. The wickedness of the BIG MONEY CAMPAIGN bought and paid for by Planned Unparenthood is appalling. It is not shocking since this nation has had to endure it ever since they bought the US Supreme Court and usurped authority, and then bought Bill and Hillary, Nancy Pelosi, Ted Kennedy, Arlen Specter, and a myriad of people with no souls and no consciences, and no faith in anything but the $$$$ they got from killing of innocents and shredding them for fake research to get more $$$$$$$. Those who worship money will be brought down according to the Bible. Here are some scriptures that affirm that statement:
"For the love of money is the root of all evil, which while some have coveted after,they have erred from the faith and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." [I Timothy 6:10] And also, "charge them that are rich in this world, that they be not highminded nor trust in uncertain riches, but in THE LIVING GOD, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy; that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate, laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that they may lay hold on eternal life." [I Timothy 6:17-19]
Also here is the article I did read today, and the quote I like very much:
"The bottom line is, I don't want to see another baby in a Dumpster ever again," he said. Quote by Jaccard, a Police Officer in Nassau County NY regarding the
appropriate rationale behind safe haven for children laws.And much thanks to Nebraska for being willing to take in and support abandoned children.That makes them heroes in my eyes! GOD bless that effort, and may it enrich your state.
Read article at:;_ylt=Ak24iMhB_hzDTMx3GCZ_rgGs0NUE/
6:07 AM 10/30/2008
[end quote] Except of course I would also add I would like to see the day that no baby was ever decapitated again, or pulled apart, or suctioned into pieces, or shredded or chopped or diced into cells or body parts again either, or put into waste buckets in abortuaries.
And here is another quote I like from the Canada Free Press:
“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”—George Orwell
5:30 PM 10/29/2008
Revolutionaries unite, buck the socialist propaganda of Obama, and the BIG MONEY ABORTUARY MONEY and the BIG ABORTION and the BIG BIOTECH [baby shredding industry]. Speak the truth and vote prolife. Vote McCain-Palin.
Update at 7:04 am, MT:
Yea for the UK who refused to play ball with those promoting homicide as a "right':
Quote from BBC article today :"Aiding or abetting a suicide is a crime punishable by up to 14 years imprisonment." GOOD for you UK in not backing down.
And premeditated killing has to be a crime! Read article at:
Also there is an article today about Germany's Angela Merkel, and I read it, and I would like to say that I like her very much, and consider her an effective leader, with her head on straight!
Update as of 9:35 am, MT:
Joe the Plumber's info was hacked by Obama??
Read article at:
9:24 AM 10/30/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Agents of "change" =socialistic buzz words

I read about how Obama is going to buy his time on the networks this evening, with his public relations agents and his bag of money and tricks. However, most people do not sell out their convictions at any price. Those who do, are worthless, shiftless sorts of people on the government hand-out dole forever. Obama is a fool if he thinks that money will buy him the election. Steve Forbes also ran for President and he could not buy it either. I like Steve Forbes and most likely would have voted for him and that remark is not meant to cast doubt on his character in any way. Only to compare rich black men running for President to rich white men runnning for President. Here is the sum-up as I see it today:
McCain is :
a prolifer
a christian
a veteran who served honorably and endured persecution for it;
a man who was raised by a family of a married man and his wife;
not trying to buy your votes
has a powerful VP who is also prolife 100%
Obama is:
a man who avoided military service as beneath him-- a John Kerry type of failure;
a man from a broken home --another Bill Clinton abomination;
a prodeather who voted for infanticide and abortion on every vote contrary to GOD's laws;
a man who is most likely muslim in his heart since raised in the largest muslim country of the world=Indonesia;
a man who cast off his pastor when he became inconvenient to his campaign;
a socialist who admitted that Karl Marx was his role model as far back as college;
It's a no-brainer in my opinion.
Vote prolife, vote republican, vote McCain-Palin!
/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist.Denver CO 80203
Also read the article about Obama's socialism at this link:
Update as of 5:12 pm,MT:
There is an article in the Lifesite news for Monday Oct 27, 2008 that all should read, on the topic of the duty of governments:

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Colorado bragging about ignorant population

There is an article today in the Rocky Mountain News that is bragging about how 61% of the Colorado population is ignorant of medical science because they brag that 61% of the population does not think a human embryo is human. I wanted to add my comments but being prolife they tried to censor me. But here they are:
Of course, the human embyro then later the fetus is a human. The poll only shows that 61 % of Coloradoans are ignorant of scientific knowledge of the child in the womb. Is that statistic something to brag about? A population 61% ignorant of science?
Human Anatomy and Physiology is a science and IF it were taught in the Colorado public schools, then most people would know what doctors and RNs know i.e. that humans in the womb, are human from human parents. In fact, that is the ONLY way humans are reproduced--from human sperm from a man and human eggs from a woman.
Ignorant and/or wicked people have made the rules too long, and it is time for a turn-around in Colorado. I believe that If Colorado fails to vote prolife by voting for Amendment 48 to protect innocents humans in the womb, that the wrath of GOD will come down on this state like a hammer cracking a walnut! And the reason I believe that is the Holy Scriptures. GOD does not ever condone child sacrifice and that is what abortion is. The Old Testament is full of examples where GOD totally destroyed nations for allowing/condoning child sacrifice. It is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked. For whatsoever a man soweth,that shall he also reap." {Galatians 6:7] A nation or state that sows destruction and killing will reap that also. There are dozens of baby-killing centers in Colorado especially in Denver and Englewood areas and they are abomination to GOD. GOD is real and HE is not mocked.
Some try to explain away that evil by saying JESUS did not address the issue, but HE did. HE said, 'even so it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish."{Matthew 18:14}
Update at 8:56pm, MT:
Read this article about Obama being a Marxist [socialist]:
/s/ gloria poole, RN, and artist, Denver CO 80203

Monday, October 27, 2008

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Matthew Bills!

I am the very happy mother of the bride today. My youngest daughter,[Leigh Josey] became Mrs Matthew Bills this past weekend. They met in the Peace Corps and fell in love. You may see the wedding photos I took at:

There were two professional photographers there also and their photos will be more extensive but probably will not posted on line. The photo of the ceremony that is slightly blurred is because I was crying so hard [for joy] when I took it! But there is another one not blurred of the ceremony at a different moment.

Many of their friends from the Peace Corps attended, and family and friends. The wedding was in the Ozarks area of Missouri; and it was spectacularly beautiful and also gave a Christian witness of their public profession of faith in JESUS, THE MESSIAH.

The photos should open in a large format but you may be asked if you want to open the photo and click 'yes' if so. They are all decent images, not to worry!
/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203, but originally from GA.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prolifers Win! YEA, Praise GOD!

Here is an example of faith in action, and let us all pray that living by
one's faith that there is a GOD,catches on in America:;_ylt=A0wNdOhMIv9IZGAA_ASs0NUE/
6:59 AM 10/22/2008
I want to thank prolife Pharmacy Manager Robert Semler for taking
a bold, decisive stand for human life.
Also, what is shocking about a mother wanting her children with her? This discussion about whether Sarah Palin should be allowed to take her children with her
on state business at the state's expense is nonsense. That debate would not be happening if she were male. Did the AP question Obama using the Secret Service motorcade to drive his two kids to school? NO; indeed I don't think they even noticed but expected it of him because after all he is male accustomed to usurping privilege. Could you spell anti-woman discrimination in the 'choice' of AP to try to turn the public against Sarah Palin while smacking their lips at Obama's tossing money to the Presses campaign PR in disguise--paid for political ads? That article in the Yahoo today entitled, "AP Investigation:Alaska funded Palin's kids
travels" should evoke a 'so what ? " attitude, since that should come with the territory and does come with the territory for men leaders.
And on the subject of McCain-Palin, I would much prefer two prolifers running the nation than two prodeathers! Get a grip on the real issues, learn to distinguish between those who take big contributions from killing organizations [Obama from Planned Unparenthood] and those who do not {McCain-Palin}. Also notice how the Press is trying to spin the propaganda to try to trick you into thinking it is news. Notice the photo-ops of Obama show him always on the right side of the photo or the
right side of the computer screen whereas he is really waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to the left, near to communism in his beliefs and philosophy. If you bother to read the Communist Manifesto you will see the principles of Obama's are not new, they are straight from that communist doctrine.

The tricks and treachery of big money is not going to
win the election for Obama because GOD is opposed to killing of humans and that is what the Obama ticket is based upon. Vote REPUBLICAN, vote prolife.
Update as of 7:52 am, MT, these news articles:
And here is some good news,in the BBC today, I think that indicates the Arabic powers are coming into their own
and deciding to get along :
And this is good news in the Rocky Mountain News today:
about the feds capturing and charging a bad bunch of people with drug trafficking, murders,gang activity under racketeering laws. And the reason I am very glad is because it says they captured some of them in Colorado! I dream of a place where crime is not the norm. Also I am anxiously awaiting the Feds arrest of those who work in abortion clinics murdering the innocents by the millions for crimes against humanity and charge them under the RICO laws also. I am praying every day for that event to happen and be splashed across the headlines. Can't you see it in your mind's eye: Faye Wattleton charged with crimes against humanity, or Bill Clinton arrested and charged with crimes against humanity, or Obama arrested for sedition and promoting annihilation of citizens? Those headlines would make me jump for joy! When the wicked are punished in the US, then GOD will triumph! GOD WILL TRIUMPH I am certain of that according to Scripture.

signed gloria poole,RN and artist,Denver CO 80203

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Wages of Sin is death, so says Bible

This article:
"Suicide Rates Rise Among Baby Boomers:
Middle-aged white women at increasing risk, study finds
Posted October 21, 2008
By Steven Reinberg
in the US News HealthDay Reporter today 8:20 AM 10/21/2008
raises some questions in my mind as a Registered Nurse, and as a
Christian. I suspect it has to do with women who aborted their children
and now are facing old age with no children and no family. It is one
of the national tragedies because many of them were deceived,
thinking they were building careers that would give them lifelong
satisfaction only to find that it was not so.

I know for certain that MDs have been warned about asking relevant
questions about if there was an abortion in the past that could be
causing depression and anxiety, because I witnessed some interviews
with patients in my capacity as nurse; and have done a fair amount of citizen lobbying and read their statements and doctrines. But not all MD's are prodeathers. There is a prolife OB-GYN group and a Prolife Surgeons group also.
I also know that the fertility clinics do not ask that question [of whether woman seeking IVF had an abortion ?] because it would document the link between abortion and sterility and that is the worst thing that could happen to the prodeathers in the AMA and the political PACs of most corrupt politicians, because they use their lie to trick women into thinking that there are no consequences to artificially dilating the mouth of their womb and then sticking into a sterile, normally closed soft flesh pear-shaped object foreign objects to shred/dice the human living there[ as is always the case in abortion]. The wicked don't want to lose their source of blood money. It is written, that the wages of sin is death but the gift of GOD is eternal life through JESUS.[Romans]. and that is probably the cause of the suicidal tendencies in all people, not confessing their sins to GOD nor repenting of them. The cure is to repent and turn away from sin and get a new born-again perspective on your life and future.
Also, here is a wonderful article about birthing and raising
many children:;_ylt=A0wNdNwP5v1IAXMBGROs0NUE/
It is entitled, "Thanks to Angelina Jolie,having lots of kids is hip" by
Meagan Francis in the Christian Science Monitor and also Yahoo.
My oldest daughter [Jennifer Josey Borelli] has five children and I adore them all!
They give me so much fun and joy in my life when I am with them.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203

Monday, October 20, 2008

Did C.Powell include his resume w/paid ad??

Oh the fawning presses over the fake 'endorsement' by Colin Powell, turncoat and traitor. Is he an example of what black leadership is like--take money from the Republican party and an appointment for YEARS of pay and perqs then turncoat and 'endorse' the opposing side? Is that supposed to bring comfort to Americans--vote black? Vote traitor? Vote those who sell out for the color of one's skin? And how convenient that Obama is going to reward/pay Powell for his 'endorsement.' That endorsement is nothing but job-hunting with an eye on the future for Powell. It should be classified by the FCC as a contribution to Obama's campaign with the required statement of Obama approved that ad.

Also, while I am on this topic, why do you make of the news items in Yahoo that a Republican was arrested for falsely registering to vote in California, when it is California based "ACORN" a democratic arm [PAC I think] that registered made up cartoons [Mickey Mouse] to pad the roles there? Were they arrested? I think they were promoted to Obama's HQ. And I am certain Colorado is padding its roles since I registered to vote in my maiden name [Gloria Poole] last year after divorce and received phony 'credentials' in the wrong name but not as I registered proving that someone tampered with my voter registration; and received more government 'credentials' with a bizarre spelling of G-L-O-R-I-A with a misspelled last wrong name too. And of course, if you have ever visited the Post Offices in Denver metro in person, you will see that they have an appalling lack of work ethic or standards or integrity, or sense of duty to deliver the US Mail. The dems are rigging the election with that trick 'mail in ballot' by guess what? If you are Republican the bar code on your mailer will reveal that and your vote won't be delivered in time,if at all. Colorado is the big time election rigging state, and the Secretary of State's office staff is on the payroll of Planned Unparenthood for certain.
The good news is that in Wales some elected Legislators there who happen to be women admitted that they had also suffered domestic violence [the good news is that they admitted it, and created a way to help]. They have started a blog for victims of domestic violence to tell about what happened and it is called, 'Stories behind the stats" . If you are a victim of domestic violence as I am, then tell somebody. You might want to read where I told at: and see the third tab entitled, "I'm Telling Someone".I hope it encourages you to tell too, if you have been injured in an intimate relationship. The man who injured me was my husband at the time, and then when he would not prove he was off cocaine I would not lift mandatory restraining order against him, and he filed for divorce. That was one of the best days of my life,when he finally left for good and filed for divorce to find his next victim {not for the next victim but for me!] Read more about whole topic of what women should do when their husbands abuse them on another blog of mine at entitled " A Virtuous Woman'.
signed gloria poole, RN, and artist, Denver CO 80203

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Farrakhan Endorses Obama;British Princes Fund-Raising for Children

Here are the articles so far that interest me today:

Farrakhan endorses Obama:
9:28 AM 10/18/2008
British Princes Fundraising for children's causes:
9:30 AM 10/18/2008
And time your CPR to the beat of "Staying Alive" to help you get in the correct number of
chest compressions. Read article at:
9:37 AM 10/18/2008
McCains Considered as Presidential :
9:47 AM 10/18/2008
Mayor Bloomberg supports some children's needs [Harlem Children's Zone and SafeSpace]:
9:51 AM 10/18/2008
Also let me state for the record that this 'white baby-boomer woman' is for McCain and Palin! Because they are prolife and bold about it.
Update as of 10:43 am, MT:
Update :
This is an it's-about-time-this-happened, event:
About a Spanish Judge named Baltasar Garzon who is ordering investigations into the
mass murders of the Franco Fascist that was depicted by Picasso's Guernica painting.
Read article, about a Judge who wants to end crimes against humanity by punishing those guilty and revealing the truth. In today's BBC news.
10:22 AM 10/18/2008
Also, Scotland is fighting hospital acquired infections as a primary goal [and that is good!] at:
10:26 AM 10/18/2008
And very good news--China is allowing more liberties for journalist to report the news there, or from there; read article at:
10:37 AM 10/18/2008
but Viet Nam punishes two reporters who exposed corruption, [not good].Read article at:
10:40 AM 10/18/2008
Update at 3:25 pm, MT:
quote from Concerned Women of America via email:


Marilyn Musgrave has been championing our strong pro-life and family values in Congress since 2002.

Now she faces the most brutal re-election campaign of her career.

Her stand for marriage and life enrages liberal homosexual multi-millionaire Tim Gill and others like him who are pouring hundreds of thousands of dollars every week into negative ads against Marilyn Musgrave. Their overall plan is to defeat as many pro-life, pro-family conservatives as possible, but it is clear Marilyn Musgrave is their prize.

As you know, Congresswoman Musgrave defended the family as the original sponsor of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which defines marriage between one man and one woman.

And as a leader of the Pro-life caucus, Marilyn battles to protect the lives of unborn children from the pro-abortion forces that today control Congress.

Because of her strong stand for the family and life on Capitol Hill, Congresswoman Musgrave must endure relentless attacks from liberal Democrats and their special-interest groups.

In fact, the Democratic Party’s Red to Blue campaign recently added Marilyn Musgrave to their target list and plans to spend another million dollars to defeat her." [end quote]
Let us all call for an investigation into Tim Gill who seems to be trying to buy the election-- a clear violation of federal campaign laws. Where are the feds and the NY Times investigative reporters on Tim Gill, Democrat Donor who is corrupt?
Update as of 3:52 pm but from yesterday :
Read the article about how young white males love Sarah Palin at "Among Rock Ribbed Fans of Palin, Dudes Rule" by Mark Leibovich from Bangor Maine:
3:54 PM 10/19/2008

signed gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203

Friday, October 17, 2008

NYT, be ashamed!Also,aboutCybercrime-Stoppers

I do not know who is right or who is wrong in this case written about in the NY Times about a "GOP Donor' who also is a contractor to supply fuel to the US Military and that is the real story; but one thing I do know
is the the US Dept of Defense budget pays more to Planned Parenthood than to
"GOP Donor' who transported fuel to the US Military across Jordan, that they are trying to tar and feather for making a profit less than that the entire US Congress just provided to Wall Street extortioners and crooks .
I know that it is a federal violation to support abortion so why does the US Dept of Defense and the NY Times not write about the billions that flow to Planned Parenthood killing org? It is not an act of charity to kill innocents with premeditation.
And I do not know whether the Jordanian partner, who is brother-in-law to Jordan's King Abdullah, was treated fairly. I do know that the Arabic people seem to be shrewd businessmen of the exact same cloth as the Jews literally being blood-brothers from Abraham. What I am protesting is the spin the NY Times put on this
article trying to tie it in someway to John McCain. The Democratic-Socialist twists
and pervert everything!
Read the article entitled "GOP Donor is Accused of Ovecharging the Pentagon" by James Glanz and Michael Luo, at:
6:49 AM 10/17/2008
Update as of 9:17 am, MT:
I am glad to read in the BBC that the UK and EU nations are tracking and arresting the cybercriminals who defrauded people of much money.
Article, "International Police tracking cybercriminals," and arresting them:
and another entitled "Fraudsters' website shut in swoop" at:
8:43 AM 10/17/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Queen Likes Google- I love Google!Prolife News

The Queen of England visits and Likes Google,article on BBC:
Also note there was illegal interference -->hacking into my computer
overnight it seems, since the sound on the video has been disabled
AGAIN for the 4-5th time. That happens every time there is a
political event in the US that the demoncrats want to suppress to the
Republicans who blog! I hate the democratic-socialists!
9:00 AM 10/16/2008
Update at 9:33am:
I checked all my settings for my sound and they are ok, unless someone broke into
my dwelling while I was shopping yesterday and stole the sound card in the computer, which happened once before a couple of years ago. Breaking and entering is the way Denverites enrich themselves it seems and the Denver Police hold out their hands for the hush money.
Here's what else I found also: a "tmp" file that has the ending .edb that is suspicious enough and that Microsoft raised a warning about. It is a well known fact that the Dept of Education that has links to computers all over the world and the Microsoft Corp are both Democratic-Socialist in philosophy, and virtually every time a Presidential Debate happens the sound on my computer is 'killed' from a distance and guess by whom? The demoncratic-socialist party that is the group that has suppressed news to the people unless it is the canned, scripted and demoncrat-version of lies, and propaganda, since there was a Socialist party. Do not vote Democrat, they are a bunch of evil, people who kill babies, suppress the news, hack into privately owned computers, and destroy lives. They are from h----.
Also, I almost forgot this news also, the is also disabled this am. That is the way the demoncratically controlled FCC suppresses who is able to update their blogs and who is able to blog. Of course, who stands to gain from suppressing the people-controlled news [the citizen journalists,bloggers] ? The dinosaur news that has controlled the press for decades and used push-polls to influence the elections. The propaganda those groups write is paid for by guess whom? Obama! My computer is controlled externally every time that a demoncrat appears in public to give a speech and every time there is a Presidential debate. I was told by several computer repairs shops in Denver that the only entity known to be able to order the computer jamming that scrambles code is the US Pentagon and that it takes an order from the US Senate or somewhere to accomplish that. So there you go...abuse of power by the democrats. The Republicans would have no reason to suppress my speech--I am on their side!
Update as of 6:26pm, MT:
In article written by Steven Ertelt in the Lifenews today, entitled "prolife groups
say McCain outperformed Obama on Abortion [topic] ..." is this summary:

Obama believes in freedom to kill innocents:

"I hope the American people notice that while Barack Obama
misled them about his past record on abortion, he also refused to
mention what he promised Planned Parenthood in July 2007 -- that the first thing he would do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)," she said. [end quote] Remember the so called "freedom of choice" gives no choice to the unborn child to live, no choice to the bona-fide medical doctor or Registered Nurse to refuse to participate in killing,no choice of any thing good,but only evil. Since Obama is in the pocket of organized killing groups, he should not be President of any thing!
Quote from article about Presidential Debate last evening:

6:16 PM 10/16/2008
Also, another article entitled "Black Catholic Bishop Holley: Abortion
Exploits African-American Community" is a very good article. It
points out what many of us prolifers have said for decades, that
abortion is genocide and it targets the minority populations of Black
people. Read that article at:
6:24 PM 10/16/2008

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 'gloriapoole' on the web

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The How is Important, I agree

"Why How Matters" by Thomas L. Friedman, in the NY Times today is
a very good article, stating the reality that integrity is not an accident
but something built with every transaction, whether business or social,
or destroyed with every transaction. That is my summary of his article.
I am always it seems writing somewhere trying to inject moral principle
into the American reading public. I have confronted evil, and in some ways
overcome it; and I have experienced big time, the attitude that a person
is not a person but an object to be fleeced, and then dumped, and I
thought that was a personal thing toward me and no doubt it was to a large
degree. But it is also a sign of the times in America,where retailers
assume that if you live in a certain zip code, you are not buying, and don't
even wait on you. And where in other stores you have to walk around the
store looking for a clerk and shouting literally 'does ANYONE work here?"
to create enough disturbance for a clerk to finally come after 15-20 minutes
of waiting. [These events happened to me.] And where when you have
a 'contract' and it has the terms defined, that the seller of the services does not provide them or provides a fraction of what you paid for,
and then has a 'sue me' attitude if you complain and does not care whatsoever
whether you get any services if they got your money, because they know the
system. They know that lawyers say "$5000 upfront" for any kind of case
and who is likely to pay that fee to collect on things that did not cost $5000 a pop?
The lack of integrity in America is what appalls me the most. The culture of
deceit, treachery, dishonest 'contracts' and MBAs who had zero training in moral
behaviour set a plan to fleece as many customers as possible. Oh, yea, there is without a doubt, certain sections of a city, where to even be there, waiting on anything is so stressful because it is almost as if the 'regulars' [ crime element] there have signs on their backs, saying 'demon in training' or 'Joe the Ripper" that anxiety is so high that a woman raised to be law-abiding cannot function from fear, anxiety and stress.
These events along with many,many horrible others I have endured since 2002 when I came to Colorado, where GOD's NAME is not revered and if you hear it at all, it is likely to be a curse word, have shaped my opinion in many ways, that even I do not like. I do not think I had much of an opinion about some groups before because I had not lived amongst them, and they were as foreign to me as any one from say, Afghanistan would have been. But after six years of living amongst those who have no respect for any law, GOD's or otherwise, no respect for the NAME of GOD, and no knowledge whatsoever of GOD, I realize that the only god that they revere is money, and would do anything to get it. Colorado is as close as I ever want to come to a truly heathen environment, and if I had to sum up what I have learned by liviing here, it would be that the 'how you live your life, matters!" because it determines where you spend eternity.
Iraq; please release your hostages:
8:50 AM 10/13/2008
NATO to fight opium trade, and thank GOD!
Read article at:
7:13 PM 10/10/2008
Added after I found the article again, and added because the 'how' is illustrated by this article especially the last sentence in the article:
This article "Poems for the Prophet" written by Frederica Boswell, for
the BBC Focus on Africa, is so well written that it made me want to
see the performance of the 'art form ..Maulidi ya Homu" , which
seems to be from reading about it a rhythmic coordinated dance
and chanting. It is also has a most wonderful photo of the Arabic
crescent with the moon shining through it.Read it at:
10:40 AM 10/15/2008

signed Gloria Poole, 'gloriapoole' Denver CO 80203

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bell Tolls for Thee, America

The Bell Tolls for Thee, America??
Good article entitled "Amusing but not funny" by Bob Herbert in the
NY Times today. Read it at:
9:04 AM 10/14/2008
And I beg to differ again with Paulson's plan to keep extending credit
and encouraging Americans to borrow money. You cannot borrow
your way out of debt! It does not ever work. That article is also in the
NY Times today entitled, "Paulson says banks must deploy capital". If however
what he means is restoring to the citizens the losses they suffered for
trusting in the system, that is a different thing. If the government guaranteed
banks,or incomes, they should pay up.
9:06 AM 10/14/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, etc,Denver CO 80203

Monday, October 13, 2008

NYTimes would have approved of gassing Jews too

I read the op-ed piece written by a Planned Parenthood staffer, no doubt, in this morning's Times, and as always when I read that propaganda I remind myself that they would have also approved of gassing the Jews in Nazi Germany. The wicked of every society promote death as a 'solution", when in fact, the end of life should be in GOD's decision-making and not humans'. The article in the NY Times is a thinly disguised promo for abortion, and who is surprised? Does not the HQ of two of the absolute most evil ngos in the entire world reside in Manhattan, right on or near Wall St, and they would be that baby-killing horror of Planned Unparenthood, which should be its name, and the legal arm of it, Center for Reproductive Killing [they call it "rights" but GOD calls it sin]? The NY Times should be ashamed of itself promoting the killing of the innocents as a so-called right. Of course, if they were located in Afghanistan the US government would be going after them with the US military force and the US bombs, and the force of the US government if there is any of that left. Of if they were in Iraq or Iran promoting op ed pieces to kill American citizens, but since it is that liberal, ungodly, run-by-killing-groups-NY-Times promoting and advocating the premeditated killing of US citizens in the womb, why they plan to give the ngos and Wall St $700 BILLION to accomplish the depopulation of the nation! Fools! They are all fools.
Do I need to write that I am in favor of Amendment 48 in Colorado defining humans in the womb, legally as persons? The only folks opposed to that Amendment 48 are the "braindead" or wicked in America, or ignorant of medical knowledge, or those paid by Planned Unparenthood and their gang of medical assassins. Amendment 48 should have happened decades ago, because it is medical fact that humans in the womb, from a human father and a human mother are HUMAN. SURPRISE!-- all you staffers of Planned Parenthood on the NY Times: humans reproduce humans! If you want to know more of the facts about human development, then visit one of my websites at:
Also, Catholic Bishop John Steinbock of California, you did the right thing in removing that homosexual priest named Farrow, from the Priesthood! Thank you for the sake of all the children in that Parish and in the Church. Also, do you have any influence on the State of Colorado and if so, could you exert it on Gov Ritter who while giving double-speak, says he is prolife but opposes a Prolife Amendment in Colorado. Corrupt Politicians who want to kill off the population have no place in any position in the US, and those who are known* to be catholic as he is, should support the Church's teaching. Could you chastise him or remove him from power too? If so, get it done please for the sake of Colorado and the nation. That Amendment 48 is an absolute good, a win-win for the nation.

* Politicians known to be Southern Baptist or Episcopal, Anglican, should also support Amendment 48 and oppose abortion consistently, faithfully, unapologectically.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Saturday, October 11, 2008

IS GOD punishing America" Iran says yes.

"Iran Celebrates Global Meltdown" an article written by Jon Leyne,
for the BBC, from Tehran is an interesting thought raising the question,
"is GOD punishing America? Here is the exact quote from it:
"We are very happy that America's economy is in jeopardy and
they are paying the price for their misdeeds. God is punishing them."

That is the verdict from Ayatollah Jannati, one of the most senior clerics in Iran."
[end quote from BBC]. And the President of Iran suggests it the moment
leading to the Iranians being in worldwide leadership of financial markets.

Read the article at:
12:02 PM 10/11/2008

Also it seems Egypt is also gloating over the financial markets crashing
according to this article entitled,"US enemies in Mideast gloat over
financial crisis" written by Paul Schemm for the Associated Press: at 12:12 PM 10/11/2008. Here is one of the quotes from that article in the online earthlink news today:
"We are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire," Hamas
prime minister in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, told worshippers
during Friday prayers. "What's going on in America is a result of
the violation of the rights of people in Palestine, Somalia, Iraq,
Afghanistan and Muslims around the world." And also this one:
"God has responded to the supplications of the oppressed people,"
Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheik Mohammed Ali al-Jouzo told the
state-run news agency Thursday. "It is the curse that hits every
arrogant power."
What a fool is the lawyer quoted here:"Anti-choice activists will
stop at nothing to prevent a woman from getting an abortion,
but trying to manipulate a woman's decisions about her own life
and health goes beyond the pale," Stephanie Toti, staff attorney
in the U.S. legal program of the advocacy
group and lead attorney on the case, said in a statement." The reason that lawyer Toti is a fool is because it is NOT the woman's life that is destroyed by an abortion; but a separate human's; and IF the lawyer
had a real education in sciences, she would know that. Stupid lawyers combined with evil, is the root cause of abortion. Read article about another wicked lawsuit challenging the Oklahoma law that
requires an ultrasound before allowing an abortion at an article in the earthlink news today.
2:10 PM 10/11/2008
Ask yourself why an organization that has no purpose but advocating the
premeditated killing of innocents has not-for-profit status? And why such
evil is being subsidized by U.S. taxpayers ? And why such an organization
exists at all, and is not tracked down and hunted like Osama bin Ladin, since the
Center for Reproductive Rights is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more evil than
Osama bin Ladin, who focused his attacks on those able to fight back.
The wicked ngos like Center for Reproductive Killing headquartered on Wall Street along with the more wicked planned parenthood, killing fields, are the reason the US is coming apart at the seams and the reason GOD is angry, I am sure. It is written, 'be not decieved. GOD is not mocked,for whatsoever a man [or ngo]soweth that shall he also reap." Galatians 6:7. Death and destruction is on its way to the Center for Reproductive Killing also known as 'rights'. There is NO right to kill innocents and GOD willing, there never will be. And I am praying that THE ALMIGHTY GOD proves HIMSELF greater and more powerful than those wicked killers!
Defeat the Nazi killing groups and get America back on track.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203

Thursday, October 09, 2008

United Soviet Socialist of America Coming ???

I read the articles and they are not encouraging. The idea of nationalizing the banks is a bad one--straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Of course is anyone surprised? The US Congress-- that 535 group of highly paid worthless to the nation, felons, embezzlers, con-men and women, spies, and perverts, has been trying to do the US in, for decades. Look at their 'members': sodomites, investors into killing of the innocent via premediated murders of the preborn by the hundreds of millions around the world, spies of Hillary and Obama *, con-men think of Bill Clinton pardoning all the crooks he did business with even as he raided/plundered the White House to furnish his crooks provided dwellings.
And of course, let us not forget that the so-called "Kashkary" [is that a pseudonym for carry the cash of the US taxpayers out the door?] guy suggested to 'head' the new communist deal is from the "Wall Street Welfare"** team of fraudsters and embezzlers, one of the "insiders' trying to hijack the federal budget.
Do not blame Pres Bush for the bailout! If you remember that photo of his face when he was told by CZAR Paulson that he 'had to go along to get along' you will remember it was not his idea. And do blame that bad, bad, worst Congress money could buy of 535 felons,perverts, fraudsters, con-men, and incompetents who went along to get along with the abortionists,and the perverts, and the wicked and the embezzlers, and the Wall Street Gang of Pyramid schemes.

* What is the connection between the spy who hacked Gov Palin's Yahoo email and the Democratic Party ?? If you are not blind or stupid, you could figure that out.
**That phrase was in one of the comments on the NY Times today.
Update as of 2:13 pm:
here is an interesting blog entry with comments on the topic of debt swapping:
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thank You Forbes Magazine, for exposing Scams

Article written by William Pentland, in Forbes Magazine on today's earthlink online news about the Top Five scams in
America including the phony mortgages that are widely advertised everywhere:
2:30 PM 10/8/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lehman Fraud exposed, Financial Meltdown Con't

And look at CEO of Lehman's Mr Fuld's face in this article, he looks cold, mean and hardened like the devil himself:
and then note that he asked Congressman Waxman if his testimony
pleased him? Does that sound a bit suspicious to you? Because it does to me.
8:22 AM 10/7/2008
Ricocheting through the world like the fired bullet is the financial meltdown,
and how did Washington think that would not happen when the
entire world knows the US borrows money already to meet its obligations,
and when they know the so-called bail-out plan was depending upon borrowed money?
Also when many nations invested in the US only to discover that their
investors were also bilked out of their returns and their principle also?
Read this summary of events in the BBC today:
8:29 AM 10/7/2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

My Christian Comments:NY Times censored

JESUS said, 'render to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and to GOD the things that are GOD's"
in Mark 12:17 and also Matthew 22:21. If the US government gives not for profit status to any group,
it must also give them to the Churches, otherwise they would create
a hostile environment to Churches, which of course is what they have done since Johnson's edict
illegally imposed on the nation. The churches and all citizens should
of course pay their lawful taxes, but so should those vile organizations like
Planned Parenthood that earns billions in the sale of human flesh
and blood from aborted babies,for phony medical research, and from tax-exempt government money from many
portions of the US federal budget also illegally. Premeditated killing of innocents is certainly not a charity and it should not have not-for-profit status, yet it does, through that Planned Unparenthood
killing group. It is blatantly immoral and the US has to recognize that.
Which interpretation of the law better serves the longevity and perpetuity of the nation, killing the future taxpayers with tax provided monies, or funding religions that teach not to kill? It is obvious to all but the most stupid and the
most wicked.
And by the way, the email address of gloriapooleRN at belongs to me and always has. That demonic exhusband of mine apparently used fraud to try to steal it, but I am the Registered Nurse it belongs too, and always has belonged
to for ten or eleven years before I ever knew him. I want the public to know this because the NY Times blocked my comments to an article about whether the US Government should allow tax exemptions to churches in today NY Times, while
allowing the comments of those who were not Christian. Censorship most blatant is repugnant! My yahoo email is intended to mean 'gloriapoole' "RN" and the RN is a worldwide designation of Registered Professional Nurses and I have a current and active license in the State of Colorado; and the reason he tried to steal it was because it was linked to some of my online accounts, so I am posting it here to alert the world that is my real name and my real professional status and you may not use it in any way to promote your causes. Legal Notice to the NY Times to cease and desist censorship of my speech or face lawsuit for violation of my First Amendment liberties of freedom of press and speech and religion.

I am posting my comments here so the world will know for what reason they censored me, to my blog that began when married but now divorced from that devil who tried to kill me.
signed gloria poole, RN, Denver CO 80203
PS this is my second writing of this since the first was deleted. The NY Times hates educated prolife nurses!
10:09 AM 10/6/2008
And here is news that will turn your stomach as you realize how corrupt some people are-- guess what? If you totally ruin a financial company, you get
$20 MILLION dollar bonus!
Read article at:
Update as of 11:57 am,MT:
Billionaire Financier Bloomberg says all it not lost, "cheer up";
Read article at:
11:58 AM 10/6/2008
Also be sure to read the previous entry for today also, as it is important and was my original intent to post today.

Pres Bush wants Judges to uphold written constitution, and thank GOD, according to this quote in the google news today:

"With the next president all but certain to get a chance to name one
or more justices, Mr. Bush said, as he has many times before, that
he likes justices who believe “that the Constitution means what it
says,” rather than jurists who believe in a “living Constitution”
that gives them license to
create “new laws and policies without accountability to the people.”
Read article at:
2:22 PM 10/6/2008
Update as of 4:33 pm, MT:
Markets need morals, says British PM Brown, and he is right! I agreed with what
he said, and I am very glad he said it.
Read and/or listen to his speech at:
4:34 PM 10/6/2008
And more historic events in the world, as a Jewish Rabbi addresses
the Catholic Bishops;
Quote from article:'A Jewish cleric has addressed a worldwide
gathering of Roman Catholic Bishops for the first time.

Shear-Yashuv Cohen, chief rabbi of the Israeli city of Haifa,
explained to the Pope and his bishops the importance of the Bible
to Jewish believers."
Please read entire article at:
4:39 PM 10/6/2008
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has told Germans that their deposits
are safe, and that those guilty of crimes will be held accountable.You could
read the article and also listen to her speech via a translator at :
4:44 PM 10/6/2008
And read how the head of Lehman Brothers that destroyed a business
that was 158 yrs old according to one source, got paid $300 MILLION
over eight years time. Read that article and then ask yourself again
why he is not in prison for swindling shareholders, and fraud?
Article at:
4:46 PM 10/6/2008
There is another article that reminds me of the question I always ask myself when in the presence of Jews and Muslims simultaneously,and that is, 'why can't they get along? They have the same GOD, the same Patriarch, the same blood lines, the same customs?" Read the article in the BBC about 'kosher cell phones' and then realize that the Haredi Jews have much in common with the Muslims, they should join ranks not fight each other! Article at:
5:08 PM 10/6/2008
Update at 7:42pm.MT:
"Congressional lawmakers investigating Wall Street's failures are
among the politicians who have benefited from Lehman's success
over the years. Since 1989, Lehman employees have given $9.2 million to federal
candidates and their parties, with 54 percent of that going to
Democrats. In the current Congress, 271 lawmakers have collected
a total of $3 million. Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton of New
York and Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate,
top the list of all-time recipients, collecting $410,000 and
$395,600 respectively, the Center for Responsive Politics reported."
7:30 PM 10/6/2008
That quote is from Bloomberg News ,tonight at 7:30 PM 10/6/2008

The very same Congressional folks who were on the take from Lehman are now the ones supposedly pretending to chastise them, at:
If they were really after Justice the US Dept of Justice and or the FBI would arrest them all! For theft by conversion, fraud, violation of banking laws, embezzlement.

The Word of GOD is flowing over the heavens!

I absolutely agree with this quote from the the BBC News article today
entitled, "Pope criticizes pursuit of wealth", since it corresponds with what the Bible says in paraphrase, that money makes itself wings and flies away, and also with the scripture in I Timothy 6:10 as written, 'for the love of money is the root of all evil, which while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows". The quote is:

"The head of the Roman Catholic Church said that the
disappearance of money as banks collapsed showed that wealth
meant "nothing".

The Pope said that people should instead base their lives on God's
Please read entire article at:
8:27 AM 10/6/2008
And in the Jewish News today also on Google is the article,"Pope kicks
off Bible reading" with this opening paragraph:
"Reading aloud the first words of Genesis, Pope Benedict XVI
kicked off a week-long televised reading of the Bible."
Read article at:
8:30 AM 10/6/2008
And from the Sydney Morning Herald thanks to Google, is the very
good and uplifting article entitled, "The Bible [read] by Benedict,Benigni,
and many more' written by Maria de Cristofaro and Sebastian Rotella in Rome:
"POPE BENEDICT XVI began by reading: "In the beginning God
created the heavens and the Earth." And millions of viewers
watching him on Italian television saw that it was good." and also this
quote from the same article:
"The Vatican had invited people of many faiths and ethnic groups
to participate in the event at the Basilica of the Holy Cross in
Jerusalem. They included an Algerian writer and five other Muslims
, the Israeli ambassador to the Vatican, a survivor of the Auschwitz
concentration camp, and 14 other Jewish readers.

Organisers at the Vatican said they wanted to make it clear
"the Bible belongs to everyone, without any discrimination or
cultural or ideological barrier".
This is very good news for the entire world because the Word of GOD
[The Holy Bible or The Book] would bring peace and goodwill on
earth to all humans, and it provides detailed instructions on how to
get along on the earth.
Read the article at:
8:36 AM 10/6/2008/
And I have to admit that Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are very good
PROLIFERS [adopting three children birthing three] and their testimonies about the joys of parenting are bringing new life and hope to many around the world. The women who were taught the false doctrine that children were to be done away with, will see that having children brings radiant happiness! And love abundantly.. The Jolie-Pitt article I read that caused me to rethink her role for the UN is:
I completely understand a mother's joy because for years I wore the
baby photos of my two daughters in a gold locket around my neck. Ms Jolie or is
it Pitt yet?, tattooed evidence of their births on her arm, and though
I do not advocate tattoos, I understand her statement. Read the article
as it is a very positive statement about parenting; and hopefully will
help women around the world see that they are blessed by children, not
ruined by them; and that they will have success based upon their altitude toward GOD's ways;and attitude toward hard work in their field.
8:44 AM 10/6/2008
/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Sunday, October 05, 2008

When you vote, remember, "thou shalt not kill"

I am not catholic, but Southern Baptist. The catholic church when it follows the teachings of The Holy Bible, gets no quarrel from me,but when it doesn't, it does!
The prolife issues are the MOST IMPORTANT ISSUES OF THE COMING ELECTION. A nation that does not allow for, promote, and encourage, facilitate the births of many more
children, has no future. And the church that does its own thing, without regard to the Commandments of GOD, or the Words of GOD, or the statutes [the ordinances given by GOD] in the Holy Bible, also has no future, because then it is merely a worldly club of like believers in something and usually the something they gather for is social events. I read the NY Times and the BBC almost every day; and also the Google and Yahoo news too,because they have learned that one of their most important and valuable services to America is providing a News source that is not the parroted version of the mainstream, canned scripted news. In other words, Google and Yahoo both provide an unregulated Press far more often than the mainstream News Media services. Not to get off topic I read this article today in the NY Times and because it speaks both to the validity of religion today and the prolife issues that are the absolute pivot of any election I am posting some quotes from that article here. I am not posting the link to the article for a reason, because the article shows a photo of an idol, and I do not post images of idols/images that in some artist's mind is supposed to look like GOD. The Commandments of GOD in Exodus chapter twenty tell all of us humans not to make or bow down to images or graven images [statues] of GOD. The quotes convey the message I want you to learn from this entry.

Read these quotes from the article in the NY Times today entitled,
"A Fight Among Catholics Over Which Party Best Reflects Church
Teachings" by David A Kirkpatrick :

"In Scranton, Pa., every Catholic attending Mass this weekend will
hear a special homily about the election next month: Bishop Joseph
Martino has ordered every priest in the diocese to read a letter
warning that voting for a supporter of abortion rights
amounts to endorsing “homicide."

"The Cathedral of St. Peter in Wilmington, Del., where Mr. Biden
lives, is promoting a video produced by the conservative Catholic
group Fidelis that is intended to persuade Catholic voters to put
opposition to abortion rights and same-sex marriage above all
other issues."

“Many issues are at stake,” a caption reads as the video displays a fetus and choral music swells. “Some are more important than others.”

"...parishes had distributed millions of copies of a voter guide
created by a group called Catholic Answers that highlighted
five “nonnegotiable” issues: abortion, stem-cell research,
human cloning, euthanasia and same-sex marriage. "
8:15 AM 10/5/2008
Update as of 10:28 am:
Article in the BBC about the Pope and nation of Italy emphasizing the importance of Scripture:
Quotes from article in the BBC news today promoting Scripture reading by Pope,:
"To mark the opening of the synod, Italian state television will be
broadcasting a marathon reading of the whole Bible for the next
six days and nights.

The Pope himself will start off the reading with the Book of Genesis.

He will be followed by hundreds of other readers, including Italian
politicians, celebrities from the world of entertainment and sport,
as well as ordinary Italians - who have never been such enthusiastic
readers of the Bible as Christians in Protestant countries."
10:17 AM 10/5/2008
Read article at:
And about the news of the Cathedral in Chichester England being 1000 Years Old!
This quote:
"To be celebrating that is, I think, a big thing for the whole
community not just the Church."

He added: "It means that the Christian faith has been part of
the scene here for a very long time - very visibly, very powerfully."
Read that article at:
10:26 AM 10/5/2008
And of continuing interest in the financial meltdown that affected many
nations, Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel says Germany will
guarantee Germans' savings. Read that article at:
And Japan's Prime Minister Taro Aso, a friend of the U.S., in his one week old duties has agreed to 'stimulate their economy" also.
Quote from article,"In his speech, Mr Aso said his diplomatic
priority was to strengthen ties with close ally Washington while
working with China and other neighbours for regional stability,
and called for extending a naval mission in support
of US-led operations in Afghanistan."
Read article at:
10:23 AM 10/5/2008

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Praise GOD, Episcopals returning to BIBLE! YES!

Pennsylvania Episcopals leave liberal church to realign with Scripture
and join the Anglicans. Read this quote as stating why the Episcopal Diocese voted to leave the liberal church that defied Bible teaching by tolerating sodomy :"The church became as gray as the culture," said Alison McFarland, who voted for the split.
"Undefined Christianity became the problem,and now the church is indistinguishable from the world."

Well, you know I am absolutely opposed to homosexuality because GOD calls sodomy an abomination in Leviticus 18:22. If all the Churches in America would turn back to GOD and to the written words of the Bible and teach them, think what would happen in this nation and what GOD would do! It is written,'if MY people which are called by MY NAME, shall humble themselves and pray,and seek MY FACE and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land." II Chronicles 7:14, King James Holy Bible.
Read article in the Yahoo News today.
4:40 PM 10/4/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Definitions of Finance Terminology by BBC

A Glossary of Business Finance terms explained by the BBC, click the word to see the definition of it at this link:
7:34 AM 10/4/2008


Of course, it would have been more helpful to have this BEFORE the US leaped off into
outer space of swapping private debt for public debt! But better late than never.
/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Friday, October 03, 2008

Fraudster arrested and Calif wants bailout too!

Update as of 11:31 am, MT:
Now you're talking: Fraudster Tom Petters arrested in Minneopolis:
11:25 AM 10/3/2008 In my opinion, arresting the crooks and replacing them with honest people in the banking, finance industries would do more for the public's confidence than a swindle by Congress.
And State of California wants bailout too--where does it end?
This quote:
"Absent a clear resolution to this financial crisis that restores
confidence and liquidity to the credit markets, California and
other states may be unable to obtain the necessary level of
financing to maintain government operations and may be forced
to turn to the Federal Treasury for short-term financing,"
Schwarzenegger said in a letter to Paulson dated Oct. 2 and
provided to Reuters on Friday." Read entire article at:
11:28 AM 10/3/2008
And don't forget that Citigroup is planning to hold Wachovia to its
earlier legal agreement to do a deal with them. Unless some adults
interpose some real rules of finance and expect the financiers to
abide by them,the nation of the US is history!

Update as of 10:14 AM MT:
I listened to segments of the debate last evening and I am Republican and back the McCain Palin ticket for many reasons. One of those reasons is that while pretending to be the solution to America's problems Senator Joe Biden said a statement that is very accurate and very apropos to the situation of the bail-out. He said, 'the money was left behind..we didn't fund it'. That is exactly, precisely the problem with the phony bail-out:it is not funded, it includes perqs and benefits to those companies that had nothing whatsoever to do with the Wall Street mess in an effort to 'buy' their loyalties, and it does not punish the wicked who swindled and embezzled monies and it does not change the status quo to prevent more of that from happening, and it is a debt swap: swap the debts on the books of the crooks and put it on the books of the taxpayers. It is still a bad deal! Don't do it!
Update as of 10:43 AM, MT, why is the U.S. news avoiding the topic of the G8 summit scheduled in D.C. next week? Read this bit of news from the BBC:
Quote from article, 'EU leaders to discuss bank crisis" in the BBC News today:
"A European financial summit to discuss the current global crisis
is set to take place in Paris on Saturday.

Leaders from Britain, Germany and Italy, together with the
president of the European Commission and European Central Bank
chief, will be attending". Creating a disadvantage as stated:

European leaders are keen to agree a co-ordinated response

ahead of next week's meeting of the G8 finance ministers and
central bank governors in Washington."

Read entire article at:
And this topic is discussed also in
Mark Mardell's Euroblog, about French President Sarkozy
not including U.S. in the plan:

"He wants the leaders of Britain, Italy, Germany, the Commission and
the European Central Bank to join him in Paris this weekend."
Read entry at :
10:31 AM 10/3/2008
And this quote about Angela Merkel, chancellor of Germany:
"According to The Times Ms Merkel said that Germany could not
and would not issue a blank cheque for all banks, ?regardless of
whether they behave in a responsible manner or not?."
from the comment to that blog there by MaxSceptic at 2:36pm.
I tried to find some details of the new Senate version of the so-called bailout plan but they seem to have the same flaws as before. The mark the asset to the fair market value of it [mark to market] is common sense, and in any other industry it would not be questioned. Does insurance ever pay more than something was worth at the today's value to replace it? NO. When you go into a retail store do you pay the price as it is marked today [yea, in some countries you could barter the price down, haggle over it, but the US does not do that] or do you pay the price for what it will be worth in one year? Because you see, some assets depreciate in one year, including vehicles, houses, [have to be maintained, roofs, lawns,furnaces,etc] and some real property may appreciate in value but if not maintained which is often the case with public housing properties, they depreciate like letting the air out of a balloon. Here are some quotes from people who are more knowledgeable on these subjects than I am. I write as a woman who has a business degree from the University of Georgia and studied banking and finance there, but not an expert by any means on these topics. Quotes:

This quote from CNN Money today:
"I would advise our clients and the investing public that owning
any financials that failed to disclose their holdings accurately is
no longer an investment. It is pure speculation,
with more in common to spinning a roulette wheel," he [Barry
Ritholtz] said'.
Read entire article entitled,'The Accounting Rule you should care about" by
Chris Isidore at:
8:57 AM 10/3/2008
Warren Buffett's plan :
"Under Buffett's plan, Treasury would lend hedge funds, Wall Street
firms or any other investors 80% of the price for distressed assets.
Investors would benefit from borrowing at lower rates available to the Treasury. But the government would get first claim on the sale of those assets, which means it would get its loan back plus interest
and possibly turn a profit. Only then would investors see a penny.
Now you have someone with 20% skin in the game," explained Buffet
t. "Believe me, I won't be overpaying if I'm buying with that kind
of leverage." Quote from article in CNN Money, entitled, "Buffet:my fix
for the economy" by Chris Isidore. Read entire article at:
9:02 AM 10/3/2008
Update as of 9:52 am MT:
There is a well written article about the SEC failure to regulate and oversee, and the change that allowed the reserves against the debt [debt to earnings ratio type info] to be loaned on bad stuff also, is gist of this
article in the NY Times today, entitled, "Agency's 04 Rule Let Banks
Pile Up New Debt and Risk" by Stephen Labaton.

Quote from it:The commission’s most public role in policing Wall
Street is its enforcement efforts. But critics say that in recent years
it has failed to deter market problems. “It seems to me the
enforcement effort in recent years has fallen short of what one
Supreme Court justice once called the fear of the shotgun behind
the door,” said Arthur Levitt Jr., who was S.E.C. chairman in the
Clinton administration. “With this commission,
the shotgun too rarely came out from behind the door." and this quote
about Christopher Cox head of the SEC:"Mr. Cox dismantled a risk
management office created by Mr. Donaldson that
was assigned to watch for future problems." and also this quote by
Mr Cox: "He [Mr Cox] said that because the commission did not have
the authority to curtail the heavy borrowing at Bear Stearns and
the other firms, he and the commission were powerless to stop it.

“Implementing a purely voluntary program was very difficult
because the commission’s regulations shouldn’t be suggestions,”
he said. “The fact these companies could withdraw from voluntary
supervision at their discretion diminished the mandate of the
program and weakened its effectiveness. Experience has shown that
the S.E.C. could not bootstrap itself into authority it didn’t have.”
Update as of 11:16 am, MT:
This quote from Live Blogging:
12:07 p.m. | "Twenty traitors: Representative Steven LaTourette,
a Republican from Ohio, berated “twenty Republicans” for their
votes on a recent procedural rule that he says prevented the House
from removing pork from the bailout bill. (He also noted that a
$192 million subsidy for rum has thankfully ensured politicians
“the pirate vote” for November.) " and this quote from the 9:35 am entry:
9:53 a.m. | History on his side: Representative Mike Pence, a
Republican from Indiana, says that “When the government
chooses winners and losers in the marketplace, everyone loses.” He
enlists the support of a number of historical figures — the founding
fathers, Teddy Roosevelt — in his belief that the bill will “place on
the American public a responsibility which is not theirs,
” to rescue big financial institutions."[end quote]
Read article at:
11:11 AM 10/3/2008

9:43 AM 10/3/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Thursday, October 02, 2008


"The tax provisions added more than $100 billion to the cost of the
bill. From a three-page proposal by the Treasury Department
10 days ago, the bill has swelled to 451 pages of legislation."
from article in the Baltimore Sun News in the Google online news today;
7:09 AM 10/2/2008; also note when reading that the stupid Senate proposes to increase the national debt by more than the budget of the Dept of Defense or the Social Security system while at the same time, cutting taxes. Could you do that in your home-increase your debt by billions but not increase your income by billions? It is a failing and stupid legislation from that band of fools called the US Senate.
Read article at:,0,7917580.story

Also read this quote from NY Times article entitled "Deposit Plan will cost
banks more" after saying that for 10 years the FDIC did not collect
the premiums banks were supposed to pay into the system to
ensure against loss:
"The F.D.I.C. insures roughly $4.5 trillion in deposits,
and has $45.2 billion in its fund." To help you comprehend that in
numbers you could relate too, that is equivalent to insuring/guaranteeing no loss of $45,000 with $45.00! Do you see the problem? A Bail-out for fraud is not a solution no matter how many 'sweeteners' and tricks they throw in?
Read article for explanation of part of the problem, government agencies
that appeased bankers instead of public, at:
7:12 AM 10/2/2008
Update as of 7:30 am MT:
This quote from BBC article today entitled,"Will the Public buy a new bail-out plan?" by Steve
"According to polling by the Pew Research Center, support for a
bail-out plan has actually fallen from 57% to 48% in the past week
(surveys conducted between 19-22 September and 27-29
September). "[end quote]
Read article at:
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

NO BAILOUT TRICKSTER SENATE:Make no deal with the devil! NO 'bailout"

Update as of 5:53pm, MT:
I read an article about how the US Senate was 'sweetening the pot" and thought what an appropriate phrase for those gangsters. They are not taking any risks. They are only so 'brave' and 'bold' because they know the US HOUSE Has already defeated the bill, and the senate is only half the equation to get it passed into law. The smarter unit of Congress is the elected Reps who change every two years or are voted on every two years and have their fingers more closely on the pulse of America than that elite club named the Senate. The Senate is ancient Greece also failed because of corruption, fraud and wickedness. MY what big lies you have, US Senate,my what big dice throwers you are US Senate, my what big PR staffs you have US Senate. You are all a bunch of frauds. You know it is not going to happen because the average citizen in the US is smarter than the so-called leaders of the US Senate!
UPdate as of 4:13pm, MT:
Update as of 4:46pm:
Remember that the reason banks crashed is because they held no actual cash money and they made loans that they knew the people could not pay back. It does not have anything whatsoever to do with Wall Street. The crooks that were there and embezzled the money from the banks will still be there if the Senate puts up bail for them. And the idea that a bank could take in your money, tell you its in your account then
secretly loan it out so it is not really in your account but only numbers, is the reason the US and every nation is in a mess that relies upon that system of 'reserves' instead of actual deposits. If they don't change that, the fraudsters
would soak up the $700 billion before the day was over.
And I was intending to make you think with the lottery ad above. If a shyster came to you and said if you give me $700 BILLION dollars I will sell you the Brooklyn Bridge you'd probably be astute enough to recognize the swindle. But substitute in the word 'bank' or "wall Street' and you could fool 100 fools in the US Senate or maybe not 100 of them maybe only the wicked fools. Let us all pray that the righteous see the light of sanity before plunging the US into mountains of debt that is nothing better than buying a pig in a poke or the Brooklyn Bridge from a con-man.
Also these quotes:"Still, labor unions, civil rights groups and “community organizers”
are coming out against the $700 billion bailout in anticipation of
U.S. Senate approval of the Bush administration measure later Wednesday".
4:37 PM 10/1/2008
Quote from article in the Business news.
Another quote in the Bloomberg News article,:
"Barton, who voted against the measure in th'Senate Sets Bank-Rescue
Vote, House may act Friday" House, said the
changes made by the Senate won't alter his vote.

The Same Bill

``The bill that they are going to send back is the same bill that I
voted against two days ago,'' Barton said in an interview with
Bloomberg Television. ``Why would I turn around and vote for it?"
Read entire article at:
and another quote from the same article:
"Other lawmakers say their constituents are still opposed, and
they have no regrets about killing the plan that was presented
to the House. ``One of the best votes of my career,''
said Representative Peter DeFazio, an Oregon Democrat."

How to Rig Wall Street Stocks:
1) hold them off the market;
2) create panic by publishing rumors that they are falling;
3) get an "altar boy" who is the paramour of the local Priest to pirate/raid the computers locally of those who oppose crime and killing;
4) dump all shares on the market at once;
5) send a carrier stooge pigeon to US Senate and whisper to Ted, and Hillary and Obama that they are going to lose their billions in the abortion business;
6) bid up the price with stocks you don't own;
7) sell stocks you don't own in massive numbers;
8) put fraudulent information about the stocks in the prospectus;
9) invest in killing;
10) invest in weapons;
11) invest in sodomy;
12) invest in the devil's plan for america to depopulate it and destroy it, then tell the American citizens how you control the economy to create panic in fools.
This update at 12:33pm MT, gloriapoole,RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 written in spite of computer jamming from the Pentagon authorized by Ted,Hillary and Obama!
This update at 12:59 pm, MT:

Quote from article: "Senators to vote Today on the Bailout Plan"
in the NY Times and posted to Google news also;

"The senators issued no details of their proposal.
The lawmakers were gambling.."[ as we all KNOW!] Secretive governments ruin all countries where they exist, and the entire stock market is a casino, nothing more and nothing less.
12:54 PM 10/1/2008
Read entire article at:
Update at 1:06 pm Wednesday oct 1,2008:
This quote from article "Buffett's Time Bomb goes off on Wall St":
"But on Wall Street, specialized insurance known as a credit default
swaps are turning a bad situation into a catastrophe." And this quote
from the same article: "But what they didn't factor in was the risk
that the sellers of this protection wouldn't pay ... That's what
we're seeing now."

Read entire article at:
1:07 PM 10/1/2008
And don't forget a Senate that will spy on me and try to prevent me
from opposing them will do the same to you. VOTE NO BAIL-out period.

Update as of 10:53 am MT:
The US Senate operates like the KGB. It hacks into privately owned computers, steals passwords, defraud citizens of services they pay for, [internet] blocks cell phones, corrupts browsers via microsoft and spies on those citizens who oppose them. I know how they operate--I was married to a demoncrat [but now DIVORCED and thank GOD!] for five years who hurt me to take away the car keys and the car after swindling me, then told people I did not drive. It is the same trick with the US Senate, they hold a gun to the head of the Wall St and vice versa and then they vote how they tell them. The stock market is an old, old trick and it is manipulated every day and you know it. And the country knows it. And the SEC knows it and that is why they conveniently banned short selling fraud just long enough to try to make it appear as if the Senate was a solution. The US Senate is the most corrupt government on the earth and they manipulated the whole thing., Remember Obama saying he controlled the economy in his week before last trick? Yea, him and the other 99 wicked Senators with their hand in the till of the Wall Street dirty dozen abortion providers. Liars, thieves and reprobates every one of them! NO bail-out, NO deals with the devil! NEVER!

I read some of the news articles today and I am still convinced that if the ability of the US government to run on debt is impaired, that is a good thing most likely. The US government already postpones payments of debts that go back 25-30 years to people in this nation who paid in wages to a system called social security to secure help in old age or disability; and to veterans who fought for this nation. They already issue credit cards to servicemen to take ordinary flights to whereever putting the civilians at risk because they cannot afford a proper military. The issue at hand of whether the US will operate on debt or real money seems to be the crux of the matter. Is the entire US bankrupt? The citizens, the people have a right to know that, or is the idea of a bankrupt nation a sham, a pretense to shift the priorities to protecting the assets of those with at least $250,000 in the bank?
As I read the news this am about the US Senate voting their secretive proposal, it still seems like pie in the sky to me, consisting of tax cuts for some, guaranteeing wealth for others avoiding prosecution for Wall Street crooks and swindlers, and continuing running the government on debt. The way I know that is from this article, with my comments:
Bail Wall St or protect the nation??
US Dept of Defense budget is LESS THAN the $700 Billion but is the
US able to afford both?
This quote from article in the Yahoo News,"From 2003 through the
end of fiscal year 2009, Congress has appropriated $606 billion
for military operations and other activities associated with the
war in Iraq, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO)".
The entire military budget for fiscal 2008 is $481.4 billion."
or this quote: "Social Security is a $608 billion annual program".
Putting U.S. Values to the test : will the US honor the commitments and the
investments of people who for decades paid into a system
Social Security, or will they bail Wall St from prison for violating already written laws, creating an environment of their own
making? Or put another way, will the US defend the nation, or pay big salaries to
criminals on Wall Street who ignored written laws of banking and
finance and swindled their wages and salaries through fraud?
Read the article entitled "How much is 700 billion?" by Jenna Bryner,
7:19 AM 10/1/2008
this below is the code that is showing when I try to sign into my godaddy account that i have owned and paid for five years and when I try to sign into my earthlink account today; and I am sure it is Obama's and Hillary's hackers on the job illegally trying to block my computer with radaremissions as last year when Hillary's hackers broke into my [scroll to the entries messed up by Hillary's hackers and read the words 'hillary's hackers on the job] to try to scramble my blog. Did I forget to mention that earthlink based in the catholic run state of the Phillippines does the bidding of that Senator from hell named Kennedy? The US senate is voting on their secretive bill to pad their pockets and they hate it when I try to write against their evil. But,I am posting the code here as proof:
The https;// is giving fraudulent messages or maybe they are correct saying there are invisible characters showing in the captcha for godaddy. Also there is a fake
website of as well, that steals passwords.
Please report it to them because they think I don't know what I am
talking about but they are also the same folks that tried to steal
my domain and the images of my paintings as I uploaded them before and
I reported them to the FBI. signed gloria poole Denver CO 80203
9:50 AM 10/1/2008
and proof of fraud by earthlink at :9:51 AM 10/1/2008
HTTP Status 500 -

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at wam.Login.getDomain(Unknown Source)
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Apache Tomcat/4.1.24

signed gloriapoole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203