Monday, October 13, 2008

NYTimes would have approved of gassing Jews too

I read the op-ed piece written by a Planned Parenthood staffer, no doubt, in this morning's Times, and as always when I read that propaganda I remind myself that they would have also approved of gassing the Jews in Nazi Germany. The wicked of every society promote death as a 'solution", when in fact, the end of life should be in GOD's decision-making and not humans'. The article in the NY Times is a thinly disguised promo for abortion, and who is surprised? Does not the HQ of two of the absolute most evil ngos in the entire world reside in Manhattan, right on or near Wall St, and they would be that baby-killing horror of Planned Unparenthood, which should be its name, and the legal arm of it, Center for Reproductive Killing [they call it "rights" but GOD calls it sin]? The NY Times should be ashamed of itself promoting the killing of the innocents as a so-called right. Of course, if they were located in Afghanistan the US government would be going after them with the US military force and the US bombs, and the force of the US government if there is any of that left. Of if they were in Iraq or Iran promoting op ed pieces to kill American citizens, but since it is that liberal, ungodly, run-by-killing-groups-NY-Times promoting and advocating the premeditated killing of US citizens in the womb, why they plan to give the ngos and Wall St $700 BILLION to accomplish the depopulation of the nation! Fools! They are all fools.
Do I need to write that I am in favor of Amendment 48 in Colorado defining humans in the womb, legally as persons? The only folks opposed to that Amendment 48 are the "braindead" or wicked in America, or ignorant of medical knowledge, or those paid by Planned Unparenthood and their gang of medical assassins. Amendment 48 should have happened decades ago, because it is medical fact that humans in the womb, from a human father and a human mother are HUMAN. SURPRISE!-- all you staffers of Planned Parenthood on the NY Times: humans reproduce humans! If you want to know more of the facts about human development, then visit one of my websites at:
Also, Catholic Bishop John Steinbock of California, you did the right thing in removing that homosexual priest named Farrow, from the Priesthood! Thank you for the sake of all the children in that Parish and in the Church. Also, do you have any influence on the State of Colorado and if so, could you exert it on Gov Ritter who while giving double-speak, says he is prolife but opposes a Prolife Amendment in Colorado. Corrupt Politicians who want to kill off the population have no place in any position in the US, and those who are known* to be catholic as he is, should support the Church's teaching. Could you chastise him or remove him from power too? If so, get it done please for the sake of Colorado and the nation. That Amendment 48 is an absolute good, a win-win for the nation.

* Politicians known to be Southern Baptist or Episcopal, Anglican, should also support Amendment 48 and oppose abortion consistently, faithfully, unapologectically.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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