Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Queen Likes Google- I love Google!Prolife News

The Queen of England visits and Likes Google,article on BBC:
Also note there was illegal interference -->hacking into my computer
overnight it seems, since the sound on the video has been disabled
AGAIN for the 4-5th time. That happens every time there is a
political event in the US that the demoncrats want to suppress to the
Republicans who blog! I hate the democratic-socialists!
9:00 AM 10/16/2008
Update at 9:33am:
I checked all my settings for my sound and they are ok, unless someone broke into
my dwelling while I was shopping yesterday and stole the sound card in the computer, which happened once before a couple of years ago. Breaking and entering is the way Denverites enrich themselves it seems and the Denver Police hold out their hands for the hush money.
Here's what else I found also: a "tmp" file that has the ending .edb that is suspicious enough and that Microsoft raised a warning about. It is a well known fact that the Dept of Education that has links to computers all over the world and the Microsoft Corp are both Democratic-Socialist in philosophy, and virtually every time a Presidential Debate happens the sound on my computer is 'killed' from a distance and guess by whom? The demoncratic-socialist party that is the group that has suppressed news to the people unless it is the canned, scripted and demoncrat-version of lies, and propaganda, since there was a Socialist party. Do not vote Democrat, they are a bunch of evil, people who kill babies, suppress the news, hack into privately owned computers, and destroy lives. They are from h----.
Also, I almost forgot this news also, the is also disabled this am. That is the way the demoncratically controlled FCC suppresses who is able to update their blogs and who is able to blog. Of course, who stands to gain from suppressing the people-controlled news [the citizen journalists,bloggers] ? The dinosaur news that has controlled the press for decades and used push-polls to influence the elections. The propaganda those groups write is paid for by guess whom? Obama! My computer is controlled externally every time that a demoncrat appears in public to give a speech and every time there is a Presidential debate. I was told by several computer repairs shops in Denver that the only entity known to be able to order the computer jamming that scrambles code is the US Pentagon and that it takes an order from the US Senate or somewhere to accomplish that. So there you go...abuse of power by the democrats. The Republicans would have no reason to suppress my speech--I am on their side!
Update as of 6:26pm, MT:
In article written by Steven Ertelt in the Lifenews today, entitled "prolife groups
say McCain outperformed Obama on Abortion [topic] ..." is this summary:

Obama believes in freedom to kill innocents:

"I hope the American people notice that while Barack Obama
misled them about his past record on abortion, he also refused to
mention what he promised Planned Parenthood in July 2007 -- that the first thing he would do as President is sign the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA)," she said. [end quote] Remember the so called "freedom of choice" gives no choice to the unborn child to live, no choice to the bona-fide medical doctor or Registered Nurse to refuse to participate in killing,no choice of any thing good,but only evil. Since Obama is in the pocket of organized killing groups, he should not be President of any thing!
Quote from article about Presidential Debate last evening:

6:16 PM 10/16/2008
Also, another article entitled "Black Catholic Bishop Holley: Abortion
Exploits African-American Community" is a very good article. It
points out what many of us prolifers have said for decades, that
abortion is genocide and it targets the minority populations of Black
people. Read that article at:
6:24 PM 10/16/2008

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203 'gloriapoole' on the web


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