Thursday, October 09, 2008

United Soviet Socialist of America Coming ???

I read the articles and they are not encouraging. The idea of nationalizing the banks is a bad one--straight out of the Communist Manifesto. Of course is anyone surprised? The US Congress-- that 535 group of highly paid worthless to the nation, felons, embezzlers, con-men and women, spies, and perverts, has been trying to do the US in, for decades. Look at their 'members': sodomites, investors into killing of the innocent via premediated murders of the preborn by the hundreds of millions around the world, spies of Hillary and Obama *, con-men think of Bill Clinton pardoning all the crooks he did business with even as he raided/plundered the White House to furnish his crooks provided dwellings.
And of course, let us not forget that the so-called "Kashkary" [is that a pseudonym for carry the cash of the US taxpayers out the door?] guy suggested to 'head' the new communist deal is from the "Wall Street Welfare"** team of fraudsters and embezzlers, one of the "insiders' trying to hijack the federal budget.
Do not blame Pres Bush for the bailout! If you remember that photo of his face when he was told by CZAR Paulson that he 'had to go along to get along' you will remember it was not his idea. And do blame that bad, bad, worst Congress money could buy of 535 felons,perverts, fraudsters, con-men, and incompetents who went along to get along with the abortionists,and the perverts, and the wicked and the embezzlers, and the Wall Street Gang of Pyramid schemes.

* What is the connection between the spy who hacked Gov Palin's Yahoo email and the Democratic Party ?? If you are not blind or stupid, you could figure that out.
**That phrase was in one of the comments on the NY Times today.
Update as of 2:13 pm:
here is an interesting blog entry with comments on the topic of debt swapping:
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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