Monday, October 20, 2008

Did C.Powell include his resume w/paid ad??

Oh the fawning presses over the fake 'endorsement' by Colin Powell, turncoat and traitor. Is he an example of what black leadership is like--take money from the Republican party and an appointment for YEARS of pay and perqs then turncoat and 'endorse' the opposing side? Is that supposed to bring comfort to Americans--vote black? Vote traitor? Vote those who sell out for the color of one's skin? And how convenient that Obama is going to reward/pay Powell for his 'endorsement.' That endorsement is nothing but job-hunting with an eye on the future for Powell. It should be classified by the FCC as a contribution to Obama's campaign with the required statement of Obama approved that ad.

Also, while I am on this topic, why do you make of the news items in Yahoo that a Republican was arrested for falsely registering to vote in California, when it is California based "ACORN" a democratic arm [PAC I think] that registered made up cartoons [Mickey Mouse] to pad the roles there? Were they arrested? I think they were promoted to Obama's HQ. And I am certain Colorado is padding its roles since I registered to vote in my maiden name [Gloria Poole] last year after divorce and received phony 'credentials' in the wrong name but not as I registered proving that someone tampered with my voter registration; and received more government 'credentials' with a bizarre spelling of G-L-O-R-I-A with a misspelled last wrong name too. And of course, if you have ever visited the Post Offices in Denver metro in person, you will see that they have an appalling lack of work ethic or standards or integrity, or sense of duty to deliver the US Mail. The dems are rigging the election with that trick 'mail in ballot' by guess what? If you are Republican the bar code on your mailer will reveal that and your vote won't be delivered in time,if at all. Colorado is the big time election rigging state, and the Secretary of State's office staff is on the payroll of Planned Unparenthood for certain.
The good news is that in Wales some elected Legislators there who happen to be women admitted that they had also suffered domestic violence [the good news is that they admitted it, and created a way to help]. They have started a blog for victims of domestic violence to tell about what happened and it is called, 'Stories behind the stats" . If you are a victim of domestic violence as I am, then tell somebody. You might want to read where I told at: and see the third tab entitled, "I'm Telling Someone".I hope it encourages you to tell too, if you have been injured in an intimate relationship. The man who injured me was my husband at the time, and then when he would not prove he was off cocaine I would not lift mandatory restraining order against him, and he filed for divorce. That was one of the best days of my life,when he finally left for good and filed for divorce to find his next victim {not for the next victim but for me!] Read more about whole topic of what women should do when their husbands abuse them on another blog of mine at entitled " A Virtuous Woman'.
signed gloria poole, RN, and artist, Denver CO 80203


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