Friday, October 17, 2008

NYT, be ashamed!Also,aboutCybercrime-Stoppers

I do not know who is right or who is wrong in this case written about in the NY Times about a "GOP Donor' who also is a contractor to supply fuel to the US Military and that is the real story; but one thing I do know
is the the US Dept of Defense budget pays more to Planned Parenthood than to
"GOP Donor' who transported fuel to the US Military across Jordan, that they are trying to tar and feather for making a profit less than that the entire US Congress just provided to Wall Street extortioners and crooks .
I know that it is a federal violation to support abortion so why does the US Dept of Defense and the NY Times not write about the billions that flow to Planned Parenthood killing org? It is not an act of charity to kill innocents with premeditation.
And I do not know whether the Jordanian partner, who is brother-in-law to Jordan's King Abdullah, was treated fairly. I do know that the Arabic people seem to be shrewd businessmen of the exact same cloth as the Jews literally being blood-brothers from Abraham. What I am protesting is the spin the NY Times put on this
article trying to tie it in someway to John McCain. The Democratic-Socialist twists
and pervert everything!
Read the article entitled "GOP Donor is Accused of Ovecharging the Pentagon" by James Glanz and Michael Luo, at:
6:49 AM 10/17/2008
Update as of 9:17 am, MT:
I am glad to read in the BBC that the UK and EU nations are tracking and arresting the cybercriminals who defrauded people of much money.
Article, "International Police tracking cybercriminals," and arresting them:
and another entitled "Fraudsters' website shut in swoop" at:
8:43 AM 10/17/2008
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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