Friday, October 31, 2008

All States:reject legalized homicide,reject abortion

Today there is in the NY Times an article about Washington State voters voting in this election whether to legalize killing by doctors and pharmacists. That was always a BAD BAD BAD idea. There are many reasons why it is a bad idea, and I am listing them here but not in any particular order of importance/ranking :
1) GOD wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill.' Period. Thou shalt not kill humans/persons in the womb. Thou shalt not kill the sick and elderly and or handicapped. Thou shalt not kill those of a different color or religion than you. Thou shalt not kill oneself's either.
2) If the public loses confidence in MDs and RPh's [pharmacists] then they will abandon them in droves and seek 'alternative medicines'. Some alternative medicines are actually good but some are not. Therefore the general population's health care over all would decline to self-prescribed.
3) Legalizing homicide by anyone sends the message that a human acting individually has the so-called right to decide when someone dies. That message will ricochet through the society like a bullet fired into an open air market, striking down everyone in its path. The wicked think if a sick person has the 'right' to kill the self, then I have the 'right' to kill too. The wicked have no concept of GOD or HIS words, or if they did, they rejected GOD. Premeditated killing of humans must always be a crime.
4) The purpose of the nation paying for MD's to be educated [student loans] and licensing them to practice through State Regulatory Agencies and Federal Regulatory Agencies was for the purpose of promoting wellness, and life; and not for the purpose of killing off the citizens. No bona-fide MD would knowingly or willingly write a prescription for a lethal dose of anything-it would violate every principle of health care, and regulatory laws to protect human life. Therefore those prescriptions for death would get sloughed off to less than educated MD's and to those practicing under the radar, and their use would be indiscriminate.
5) The nature of MD's offices is that a patient usually has the privilege of calling in to get a refill or ask for a refill and the receptionist in some offices,depending upon office policy, calls in the Rx for them. In other offices, an LPN [who has usually only 9 months of schooling in tasks only skills] may call it in. The schedules of medical offices where some see 30-50 patients in an 8 hour day [allocating about 10 minutes per patient for each doctor] is hectic and there are not a lot of safety-net procedures built in. The close supervision of the MD on site visualizing the patient and often the procedures as they are done, is supposed to be the fail safe system. However, I have worked in MD offices and it was my conscientousness that often made the difference in mediocre patient visits and meeting all standards visits. Therefore if MDs were authorized to write lethal prescriptions then the person actually writing them might be an LPN or a medically untrained receptionist.who would then ask for the MD's absent-minded signature, or apply a MD signature stamp. It is a very dangerous practice!
6) I know from having worked in a private home setting for a patient declared 'terminal' by that state's hospice program that the hospice program in and of itself does all in its power to hasten the death of the victim by administering whopping doses of IV morphine,causing respiratory failure, and also sometimes thyroid drugs not needed, and sometimes insulin not needed, to make sure that the patient dies quickly-- often within 24 hours after admission to their program's center. The hospice 'nurses' start a killing IV and wham, the patient who was walking about, talking, praying is dead. That happened to my aunt in Pensacola Florida and also to my uncle on the coast of GA also according to my family. The hospice motive is money. The feds pay them for a six month set of 'services' though I do not consider killing a service and they get the money if the patient dies within 24 hrs or 6 months. Do the math. If the patient dies within 24 hrs, then for 179 days of the six month contract they gain profit by dispensing no 'services'. It is legalized fraud, deceit and treachery and it should be illegal! Killing off the sick is Nazi-version medicine exactly the same as Hitler gassing those who were considered too sick, after being examined on the train platform for about a five second physical by a Nazi MD. Those too sick or too old, or likely to become sick and considered unable to work for his 'program' of socializing the world were triaged to the gas chambers. I oppose that type of 'health care delivery' and I oppose hospice and they know it. I refused to administer killing doses of morphine and I notified the pharmacist in the case I spoke of, and his reply was that the 'hospice nurse insisted upon it' even though he repeatedly questioned the dose and told her it would be lethal and he said that she replied that the patient was in much pain and demanded it as a lethal dose in every teaspoon of elixir. That patient was not in pain as I was with her around the clock whereas the hospice nurse dropped in about once a week to check on her to see if she was still alive. I was living in there and read to her from the Bible, and I spoon-fed her, and I prayed, believe me I prayed for her to be healed!
6)There is already too much of the attitude of killing in this nation and it is not right. Murderers' rights are 'protected' by Courts while victims are treated as if they did not exist because their existence proves untimely and bothersome to the fast track deathers. People who were not wicked to begin with are brain-washed at taxpayer expense in the public schools by mega-bucks killing organizations like Planned Unparenthood and Center for Reproductive Killing [Rights they call it, I call it sin] and Congressional Politicians and their Aides who are on the take from killing organizations, and slip in the funding of the'killing rights' in nearly every bill while they hold out their hands for the kickback money.
There is no right to kill anyone. Killing is a sin against GOD that GOD does not condone. You cannot legalize what GOD said not to do, and get away with it. Those states that think they have gotten away with it think that because stats are hidden and the truth is perverted/twisted to make their case. That is what propaganda is all about, twisting the truth of GOD into a lie, for the monetary or political power.
Washington State and every State vote NO to legalized killing in any form. Also, in Colorado and South Dakota vote for the Amendments defining humans in the womb as persons and outlawing abortions because they are premeditated murders. Honor the Commandment of GOD not to kill, to bring the blessings of GOD on your state and on the nation. Disobey the devil, and obey GOD. It is written, 'blessed is the nation whose GOD is THE LORD." Psalms 33:12a,KJV
Update as of 9:37 to add my comments to an article in the Rocky Mountain News about sodomite priests being bailed by the Denver Archdiocese, that I think were deleted from the online RMN because you see Denver is a catholic false doctrine stronghold of sin and vice:
I am not catholic and I write that often. I am Southern Baptist/ Anglican/Episcopal [the true one not the phony one] and Bible believing. I state what is perceived by the heathens as my 'bias' upfront so you know. IF the laws of all states punished the child molestors instead of letting them pay their way out of crimes,then the catholic crimes would cease, would they not? So is not the real culprits the legal system that tries to justify crimes for money and bribes and kickbacks? A corrupt legal system in Colorado is the reason abortuaries flourish since after all abortions are premeditated murders of innocents, and also the reason child molestors wearing frocks get bailed by the diocese's and every parishioner who pays into their system of 'indulgences' and never get any real punishment. The money flows from the poor who pay their indulgences thinking they are buying their way into heaven, and the sodomite priests are never really punished for child abuse and forcing sodomy on children.
Put the blame where it belongs. Sodomite priests should be defrocked and expelled from any Church because Leviticus 18:22 is very clear that such behaviour is 'abomination' to GOD, and they should be prosecuted in the laws as anyone else molesting children would be. It is written, 'but whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in ME, {JESUS speaking} it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offenses! for it must needs be that offenses come, but woe to that man by whom the offense cometh!" Matthew 186-7,KJV.
Update at 10:02 am MT about the creeping socialism that is erroneously named 'liberalism' in America and Obama's role in it, at:;_ylt=AtOhN.ak2zV0ufIave8KGbGs0NUE/
Article by Donald J Boudreaux in the Christian Science Monitor and the Yahoo News today,9:59 AM 10/31/2008
Mr Boudreaux is Professor of Economics at the George Mason University in Fairfax, VA
Update Nov 4,2008 at 6:48 am MT:
Joe Biden thinks McCain would be a better President, saying he is already tested and tried and proved true whereas his opponent is not:
in article by John H. Hinderaker and Scott W Johnson in the Christian
Science Monitor.
6:45 AM 11/4/2008
Another update at 7:08 am, Nov 4 2008 Election Day:
from the Rocky Mountain News:
The Arabs think Obama better serves their purposes in most Arabic nations
according to Ali Barada who is the chief Beirut correspondent for the Dubai
daily news Al-Bayan, and the Associate Editor of the Lebanese newspaper An-Nahar.
7:06 AM 11/4/2008
Also please remember that McCain and Palin are the PROLIFE ticket in this election. I ask you to please always vote prolife for a future for the nation. A nation that depopulates has no political future and no power amongst nations that reproduce themselves and their beliefs.
Update as of 9:07 am, MT:
President for Africa=Obama???; Read
9:05 AM 11/4/2008
Quote from that article:
Obama, being partly African, has the moral obligation to intervene
in Africa," said Samuel Conteh, Managing Editor of The New Citizen,
an independent local newspaper in Freetown, Sierra Leone.
"The aspirations of Africans are very high, believing
that he will change the social and economic situations of Africans."[end quote]
Update as of 10:45 am,MT:
California is charging a transplant surgeon with hastening the death of a patient:
This article points out why laws legalizing medical killing are wrong and so dangerous. Read it.

signed gloria poole,RN and artist,Denver CO 80203 [scriptures about human life from GOD's Word, The Holy Bible] [medical facts about how humans develop in womb from moment of fertilization of human egg with human sperm]


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