Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Prolifers Win! YEA, Praise GOD!

Here is an example of faith in action, and let us all pray that living by
one's faith that there is a GOD,catches on in America:;_ylt=A0wNdOhMIv9IZGAA_ASs0NUE/
6:59 AM 10/22/2008
I want to thank prolife Pharmacy Manager Robert Semler for taking
a bold, decisive stand for human life.
Also, what is shocking about a mother wanting her children with her? This discussion about whether Sarah Palin should be allowed to take her children with her
on state business at the state's expense is nonsense. That debate would not be happening if she were male. Did the AP question Obama using the Secret Service motorcade to drive his two kids to school? NO; indeed I don't think they even noticed but expected it of him because after all he is male accustomed to usurping privilege. Could you spell anti-woman discrimination in the 'choice' of AP to try to turn the public against Sarah Palin while smacking their lips at Obama's tossing money to the Presses campaign PR in disguise--paid for political ads? That article in the Yahoo today entitled, "AP Investigation:Alaska funded Palin's kids
travels" should evoke a 'so what ? " attitude, since that should come with the territory and does come with the territory for men leaders.
And on the subject of McCain-Palin, I would much prefer two prolifers running the nation than two prodeathers! Get a grip on the real issues, learn to distinguish between those who take big contributions from killing organizations [Obama from Planned Unparenthood] and those who do not {McCain-Palin}. Also notice how the Press is trying to spin the propaganda to try to trick you into thinking it is news. Notice the photo-ops of Obama show him always on the right side of the photo or the
right side of the computer screen whereas he is really waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to the left, near to communism in his beliefs and philosophy. If you bother to read the Communist Manifesto you will see the principles of Obama's are not new, they are straight from that communist doctrine.

The tricks and treachery of big money is not going to
win the election for Obama because GOD is opposed to killing of humans and that is what the Obama ticket is based upon. Vote REPUBLICAN, vote prolife.
Update as of 7:52 am, MT, these news articles:
And here is some good news,in the BBC today, I think that indicates the Arabic powers are coming into their own
and deciding to get along :
And this is good news in the Rocky Mountain News today:
about the feds capturing and charging a bad bunch of people with drug trafficking, murders,gang activity under racketeering laws. And the reason I am very glad is because it says they captured some of them in Colorado! I dream of a place where crime is not the norm. Also I am anxiously awaiting the Feds arrest of those who work in abortion clinics murdering the innocents by the millions for crimes against humanity and charge them under the RICO laws also. I am praying every day for that event to happen and be splashed across the headlines. Can't you see it in your mind's eye: Faye Wattleton charged with crimes against humanity, or Bill Clinton arrested and charged with crimes against humanity, or Obama arrested for sedition and promoting annihilation of citizens? Those headlines would make me jump for joy! When the wicked are punished in the US, then GOD will triumph! GOD WILL TRIUMPH I am certain of that according to Scripture.

signed gloria poole,RN and artist,Denver CO 80203


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