Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The How is Important, I agree

"Why How Matters" by Thomas L. Friedman, in the NY Times today is
a very good article, stating the reality that integrity is not an accident
but something built with every transaction, whether business or social,
or destroyed with every transaction. That is my summary of his article.
I am always it seems writing somewhere trying to inject moral principle
into the American reading public. I have confronted evil, and in some ways
overcome it; and I have experienced big time, the attitude that a person
is not a person but an object to be fleeced, and then dumped, and I
thought that was a personal thing toward me and no doubt it was to a large
degree. But it is also a sign of the times in America,where retailers
assume that if you live in a certain zip code, you are not buying, and don't
even wait on you. And where in other stores you have to walk around the
store looking for a clerk and shouting literally 'does ANYONE work here?"
to create enough disturbance for a clerk to finally come after 15-20 minutes
of waiting. [These events happened to me.] And where when you have
a 'contract' and it has the terms defined, that the seller of the services does not provide them or provides a fraction of what you paid for,
and then has a 'sue me' attitude if you complain and does not care whatsoever
whether you get any services if they got your money, because they know the
system. They know that lawyers say "$5000 upfront" for any kind of case
and who is likely to pay that fee to collect on things that did not cost $5000 a pop?
The lack of integrity in America is what appalls me the most. The culture of
deceit, treachery, dishonest 'contracts' and MBAs who had zero training in moral
behaviour set a plan to fleece as many customers as possible. Oh, yea, there is without a doubt, certain sections of a city, where to even be there, waiting on anything is so stressful because it is almost as if the 'regulars' [ crime element] there have signs on their backs, saying 'demon in training' or 'Joe the Ripper" that anxiety is so high that a woman raised to be law-abiding cannot function from fear, anxiety and stress.
These events along with many,many horrible others I have endured since 2002 when I came to Colorado, where GOD's NAME is not revered and if you hear it at all, it is likely to be a curse word, have shaped my opinion in many ways, that even I do not like. I do not think I had much of an opinion about some groups before because I had not lived amongst them, and they were as foreign to me as any one from say, Afghanistan would have been. But after six years of living amongst those who have no respect for any law, GOD's or otherwise, no respect for the NAME of GOD, and no knowledge whatsoever of GOD, I realize that the only god that they revere is money, and would do anything to get it. Colorado is as close as I ever want to come to a truly heathen environment, and if I had to sum up what I have learned by liviing here, it would be that the 'how you live your life, matters!" because it determines where you spend eternity.
Iraq; please release your hostages:
8:50 AM 10/13/2008
NATO to fight opium trade, and thank GOD!
Read article at:
7:13 PM 10/10/2008
Added after I found the article again, and added because the 'how' is illustrated by this article especially the last sentence in the article:
This article "Poems for the Prophet" written by Frederica Boswell, for
the BBC Focus on Africa, is so well written that it made me want to
see the performance of the 'art form ..Maulidi ya Homu" , which
seems to be from reading about it a rhythmic coordinated dance
and chanting. It is also has a most wonderful photo of the Arabic
crescent with the moon shining through it.Read it at:
10:40 AM 10/15/2008

signed Gloria Poole, 'gloriapoole' Denver CO 80203


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