Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lehman Fraud exposed, Financial Meltdown Con't

And look at CEO of Lehman's Mr Fuld's face in this article, he looks cold, mean and hardened like the devil himself:
and then note that he asked Congressman Waxman if his testimony
pleased him? Does that sound a bit suspicious to you? Because it does to me.
8:22 AM 10/7/2008
Ricocheting through the world like the fired bullet is the financial meltdown,
and how did Washington think that would not happen when the
entire world knows the US borrows money already to meet its obligations,
and when they know the so-called bail-out plan was depending upon borrowed money?
Also when many nations invested in the US only to discover that their
investors were also bilked out of their returns and their principle also?
Read this summary of events in the BBC today:
8:29 AM 10/7/2008


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