Monday, October 06, 2008

My Christian Comments:NY Times censored

JESUS said, 'render to Caesar the things which are Caesar's and to GOD the things that are GOD's"
in Mark 12:17 and also Matthew 22:21. If the US government gives not for profit status to any group,
it must also give them to the Churches, otherwise they would create
a hostile environment to Churches, which of course is what they have done since Johnson's edict
illegally imposed on the nation. The churches and all citizens should
of course pay their lawful taxes, but so should those vile organizations like
Planned Parenthood that earns billions in the sale of human flesh
and blood from aborted babies,for phony medical research, and from tax-exempt government money from many
portions of the US federal budget also illegally. Premeditated killing of innocents is certainly not a charity and it should not have not-for-profit status, yet it does, through that Planned Unparenthood
killing group. It is blatantly immoral and the US has to recognize that.
Which interpretation of the law better serves the longevity and perpetuity of the nation, killing the future taxpayers with tax provided monies, or funding religions that teach not to kill? It is obvious to all but the most stupid and the
most wicked.
And by the way, the email address of gloriapooleRN at belongs to me and always has. That demonic exhusband of mine apparently used fraud to try to steal it, but I am the Registered Nurse it belongs too, and always has belonged
to for ten or eleven years before I ever knew him. I want the public to know this because the NY Times blocked my comments to an article about whether the US Government should allow tax exemptions to churches in today NY Times, while
allowing the comments of those who were not Christian. Censorship most blatant is repugnant! My yahoo email is intended to mean 'gloriapoole' "RN" and the RN is a worldwide designation of Registered Professional Nurses and I have a current and active license in the State of Colorado; and the reason he tried to steal it was because it was linked to some of my online accounts, so I am posting it here to alert the world that is my real name and my real professional status and you may not use it in any way to promote your causes. Legal Notice to the NY Times to cease and desist censorship of my speech or face lawsuit for violation of my First Amendment liberties of freedom of press and speech and religion.

I am posting my comments here so the world will know for what reason they censored me, to my blog that began when married but now divorced from that devil who tried to kill me.
signed gloria poole, RN, Denver CO 80203
PS this is my second writing of this since the first was deleted. The NY Times hates educated prolife nurses!
10:09 AM 10/6/2008
And here is news that will turn your stomach as you realize how corrupt some people are-- guess what? If you totally ruin a financial company, you get
$20 MILLION dollar bonus!
Read article at:
Update as of 11:57 am,MT:
Billionaire Financier Bloomberg says all it not lost, "cheer up";
Read article at:
11:58 AM 10/6/2008
Also be sure to read the previous entry for today also, as it is important and was my original intent to post today.

Pres Bush wants Judges to uphold written constitution, and thank GOD, according to this quote in the google news today:

"With the next president all but certain to get a chance to name one
or more justices, Mr. Bush said, as he has many times before, that
he likes justices who believe “that the Constitution means what it
says,” rather than jurists who believe in a “living Constitution”
that gives them license to
create “new laws and policies without accountability to the people.”
Read article at:
2:22 PM 10/6/2008
Update as of 4:33 pm, MT:
Markets need morals, says British PM Brown, and he is right! I agreed with what
he said, and I am very glad he said it.
Read and/or listen to his speech at:
4:34 PM 10/6/2008
And more historic events in the world, as a Jewish Rabbi addresses
the Catholic Bishops;
Quote from article:'A Jewish cleric has addressed a worldwide
gathering of Roman Catholic Bishops for the first time.

Shear-Yashuv Cohen, chief rabbi of the Israeli city of Haifa,
explained to the Pope and his bishops the importance of the Bible
to Jewish believers."
Please read entire article at:
4:39 PM 10/6/2008
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel has told Germans that their deposits
are safe, and that those guilty of crimes will be held accountable.You could
read the article and also listen to her speech via a translator at :
4:44 PM 10/6/2008
And read how the head of Lehman Brothers that destroyed a business
that was 158 yrs old according to one source, got paid $300 MILLION
over eight years time. Read that article and then ask yourself again
why he is not in prison for swindling shareholders, and fraud?
Article at:
4:46 PM 10/6/2008
There is another article that reminds me of the question I always ask myself when in the presence of Jews and Muslims simultaneously,and that is, 'why can't they get along? They have the same GOD, the same Patriarch, the same blood lines, the same customs?" Read the article in the BBC about 'kosher cell phones' and then realize that the Haredi Jews have much in common with the Muslims, they should join ranks not fight each other! Article at:
5:08 PM 10/6/2008
Update at 7:42pm.MT:
"Congressional lawmakers investigating Wall Street's failures are
among the politicians who have benefited from Lehman's success
over the years. Since 1989, Lehman employees have given $9.2 million to federal
candidates and their parties, with 54 percent of that going to
Democrats. In the current Congress, 271 lawmakers have collected
a total of $3 million. Democratic Senators Hillary Clinton of New
York and Barack Obama, the Democratic presidential candidate,
top the list of all-time recipients, collecting $410,000 and
$395,600 respectively, the Center for Responsive Politics reported."
7:30 PM 10/6/2008
That quote is from Bloomberg News ,tonight at 7:30 PM 10/6/2008

The very same Congressional folks who were on the take from Lehman are now the ones supposedly pretending to chastise them, at:
If they were really after Justice the US Dept of Justice and or the FBI would arrest them all! For theft by conversion, fraud, violation of banking laws, embezzlement.


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