Saturday, October 11, 2008

IS GOD punishing America" Iran says yes.

"Iran Celebrates Global Meltdown" an article written by Jon Leyne,
for the BBC, from Tehran is an interesting thought raising the question,
"is GOD punishing America? Here is the exact quote from it:
"We are very happy that America's economy is in jeopardy and
they are paying the price for their misdeeds. God is punishing them."

That is the verdict from Ayatollah Jannati, one of the most senior clerics in Iran."
[end quote from BBC]. And the President of Iran suggests it the moment
leading to the Iranians being in worldwide leadership of financial markets.

Read the article at:
12:02 PM 10/11/2008

Also it seems Egypt is also gloating over the financial markets crashing
according to this article entitled,"US enemies in Mideast gloat over
financial crisis" written by Paul Schemm for the Associated Press: at 12:12 PM 10/11/2008. Here is one of the quotes from that article in the online earthlink news today:
"We are witnessing the collapse of the American Empire," Hamas
prime minister in the Gaza Strip, Ismail Haniyeh, told worshippers
during Friday prayers. "What's going on in America is a result of
the violation of the rights of people in Palestine, Somalia, Iraq,
Afghanistan and Muslims around the world." And also this one:
"God has responded to the supplications of the oppressed people,"
Mufti of Mount Lebanon Sheik Mohammed Ali al-Jouzo told the
state-run news agency Thursday. "It is the curse that hits every
arrogant power."
What a fool is the lawyer quoted here:"Anti-choice activists will
stop at nothing to prevent a woman from getting an abortion,
but trying to manipulate a woman's decisions about her own life
and health goes beyond the pale," Stephanie Toti, staff attorney
in the U.S. legal program of the advocacy
group and lead attorney on the case, said in a statement." The reason that lawyer Toti is a fool is because it is NOT the woman's life that is destroyed by an abortion; but a separate human's; and IF the lawyer
had a real education in sciences, she would know that. Stupid lawyers combined with evil, is the root cause of abortion. Read article about another wicked lawsuit challenging the Oklahoma law that
requires an ultrasound before allowing an abortion at an article in the earthlink news today.
2:10 PM 10/11/2008
Ask yourself why an organization that has no purpose but advocating the
premeditated killing of innocents has not-for-profit status? And why such
evil is being subsidized by U.S. taxpayers ? And why such an organization
exists at all, and is not tracked down and hunted like Osama bin Ladin, since the
Center for Reproductive Rights is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar more evil than
Osama bin Ladin, who focused his attacks on those able to fight back.
The wicked ngos like Center for Reproductive Killing headquartered on Wall Street along with the more wicked planned parenthood, killing fields, are the reason the US is coming apart at the seams and the reason GOD is angry, I am sure. It is written, 'be not decieved. GOD is not mocked,for whatsoever a man [or ngo]soweth that shall he also reap." Galatians 6:7. Death and destruction is on its way to the Center for Reproductive Killing also known as 'rights'. There is NO right to kill innocents and GOD willing, there never will be. And I am praying that THE ALMIGHTY GOD proves HIMSELF greater and more powerful than those wicked killers!
Defeat the Nazi killing groups and get America back on track.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist,Denver CO 80203


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