Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Agents of "change" =socialistic buzz words

I read about how Obama is going to buy his time on the networks this evening, with his public relations agents and his bag of money and tricks. However, most people do not sell out their convictions at any price. Those who do, are worthless, shiftless sorts of people on the government hand-out dole forever. Obama is a fool if he thinks that money will buy him the election. Steve Forbes also ran for President and he could not buy it either. I like Steve Forbes and most likely would have voted for him and that remark is not meant to cast doubt on his character in any way. Only to compare rich black men running for President to rich white men runnning for President. Here is the sum-up as I see it today:
McCain is :
a prolifer
a christian
a veteran who served honorably and endured persecution for it;
a man who was raised by a family of a married man and his wife;
not trying to buy your votes
has a powerful VP who is also prolife 100%
Obama is:
a man who avoided military service as beneath him-- a John Kerry type of failure;
a man from a broken home --another Bill Clinton abomination;
a prodeather who voted for infanticide and abortion on every vote contrary to GOD's laws;
a man who is most likely muslim in his heart since raised in the largest muslim country of the world=Indonesia;
a man who cast off his pastor when he became inconvenient to his campaign;
a socialist who admitted that Karl Marx was his role model as far back as college;
It's a no-brainer in my opinion.
Vote prolife, vote republican, vote McCain-Palin!
/s/ gloria poole, RN and artist.Denver CO 80203
Also read the article about Obama's socialism at this link:
Update as of 5:12 pm,MT:
There is an article in the Lifesite news for Monday Oct 27, 2008 that all should read, on the topic of the duty of governments:


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