Thursday, April 29, 2010

P-H-I-S-H-I-N-G caller Esta Sol I reported your number

Public notice:
there is a p-hi-sh-ing company or person that shows up as "Esta Sol" on caller ID and that has an area code of 206 and number of 397-5005 and I am 99.9% sure it is a scam because ir recurs on days that my exhusband is off his job and it is a pretense at getting confidential information by using names that he knows I recognize in a different context to trick me into answering.

This is a public warning about that number. Also notice to phi-shers: I reported your number as being a phi-shin-g attempt to trick me into revealing information.

To Law Enforcement: I reported it to my telephone company for my landline phone.They also have a recording of when a fraud intercepted a phone call intended for me and I gave them permission to use it in Court. That call was intercepted by breaking into/hacking into a skype phone call made to me, but answered by criminals, but it was recorded by my landline. The telephone company has the recording and the details of when call made etc. I have the telephone repairman's name if you need it, who repaired the tampered with phone of mine that allowed criminals to intercept my calls.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 4:20 Pm, 29-April-2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summing Up What I have learned internet hosting

I want to preface this entry with this info:
I am not a novice computer person, but somewhere between novice and expert. I had computer programming at UGA and I had some Microsoft training [before married and divorced the second time] and I have worked on computers for the past 25 years, including having to maintain my own computers, software, and I.T for me personally but also for my LLPs of Life Media & Publishing LLP and also words that WORK,LLP. These are my entities still as they were mine and my two grown daughters who are Jennifer Borelli of Nebraska and Leigh Bills of Missouri, and those two daughters never lived in Colorado at any time. They were born to my FIRST marriage and in no way related to the evil man I was married to the second time[ and now divorced from, thank GOD.]
I want to sum up what I have learned about internet accounts the hard way:
1) Even if you went online on your own personal computer and ordered a domain with your real name as the purchaser, and paid for it with your own money with your own personal unshared account, and put your real life info in the contact info and on the who is info, and created your own websites from ground up with your own content and put your own real name on your websites as creator /owner of websites and contact, and maintained it by updating it periodically, that the hosting company registrar will actually register it in YOUR name. It seems to be controlled by either politics or criminals--not by any of the factors mentioned here.
2) don't assume you have any protections from a debit card with a federal chartered approved financial institution, --you probably do not.
3) don't assume that generally acceptable rules of finance or business law, or contracts apply to hosting companies or their contracts--they don't seem too.
4) don't assume hosting companies will protect your name or reputation or accounts or financial info, or your copyrighted content--they probably won't.
5) don't assume that hosting companies hire only people who had background checks.
6) don't assume that hosting companies staff speak/write/comprehend English as a first language--they probably don't.
7) don't assume that hosting companies feel any sense of fiduciary duty toward their paying customers--most likely they would sell your domain and copyrighted content to the highest bidder in an auction EVEN while it is registered to you.
8) don't assume that hosting company has any way of verifying you the owner of your account when you contact them online--they don't. They may block your emails and communicate with criminals trying to steal your acct.
9) don't assume that they do not store your bank/financial info and reuse it. They do store in most cases and they do reuse it when they want too. Even stores your info on file in a 'cloud' which is multiple computers storing it and there are literally hundreds of thousands of criminal-hackers who know more than Microsoft and more than Apple about breaking into computer software.
10) don't assume a one time transaction that you agree too is only one time. In my situation a one time agreement was duplicated several times by them either switching cards billed on and billing it on two cards they kept on file, or billing it again and it being paid again within 24 -48 hrs after first transaction clears. The banks and financial institutes know to watch for simultaneous transactions but they do not watch for repeat transactions 24-48 hrs later; and they don't ask questions and don't necessarily verify who owns the account.
11) don't walk away from your computer while it is downloading anything or installing any program. There is a file named 'unattended' that allows the installing group to take over your computer and install other stuff also and stuff you probably don't want on your computer. Run your anti-virus software and watch as the files being scanned whiz by and you will be astonished what it is on your computer that was hidden from you by sneaky installations.
12) don't assume that prepaid cards have integrity or financial backing of government recognized entities. One of the companies also withdraws money for themselves and inflates your purchase amount and then siphons off the difference and any amount left on your card. And keeps your previous cards that you asked them to close and reissues new card to you to fool you but then switches the card after they withdraw money to the previous card that they have the info on,and pockets the money. And their other routine trick to siphon money out of the US is to seek refunds for what they did not pay and put it on the card that is secretive from you the account owner and then spend it before you find out and delete it from your transactions history.
13) Don't assume that your isp is honest either. They are as much or so, politically controlled than any bona-fide news agency would be. They are controlled by FEC, FCC, Congress,FTC, and those in Congress who abuse their powers by applying the war powers act in the wrong way to censor/control/manipulate what citizens write about them and where and when. Some of them for instance earthlink outsources to the Phillipines and their loyalty is the catholic church and hispanics not to Americans who pay their salaries indirectly by signing up for services with them. Earthlink padded my bill every month since July 2007 and they provided services to people who I was NOT related too, not married too, not living with and not in any way associated with my missions and not authorized on any account of mine, at my expense. They are dishonest totally it seems to me after months of haggling with them over fees that were outrageous, unexplainable and fraudulent.
Remember that I had a long work history as Registered Nurse before that disastrous second marriage and then necessary divorce from a con-man criminal homosexual man that I did not know was homosexual before that scam marriage took place. And remember that I lobbied as a citizen, wrote poems, painted as artist all before that event in 2002 of moving to Colorado. I have moved away from Colorado now.
It is necessary to constantly remind the public of this since it seems people who should know my whereabouts are confused apparently and it has to be perfectly clear: I am divorced since Oct 2007 from evil man Dana Ben Pappas [his aliases are Dean Papas, Dana Papas, Dana Pappas, Dana B Pappas, Dana Benn Papas, Ben Parsons, Dana B Papas, Doris Parsons, Doris Pappas,Dena Papas, Dena Pappas, Dona Papas, Dona Pappas, Dena Parsons, and with unknown versions of these names]. He said in about 2004 that he buys new identity at Mexican identity shop every time he is arrested or his car is confiscated.] That con-man is NOT in any way associated with any thing I do or ever did. He was NEVER authorized on any internet hosting account of mine or cell phone of mine,and he was removed from all financial accounts of mine in 2005 two years before divorce proceedings by him when I refused to lift the restraining order against him and wanted him out of my life forever. He has deceived a lot of people.
I moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009 and moved into my apt here.
This content is intended to help those unsuspecting persons who are honest and trying to build a legitimate business on the internet and not intended to help criminals in any way.
Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri; 9:32 AM, 27-April-2010
Updated on 28th-April-2010 at 5:54 PM after I thought on this some more and after it took three tries to add my own original photos to one of my own websites because criminals had hacked it.
Points about internet hosting to be continued:
14) don't assume that just because it was a big issue that then-Gov Palin's yahoo email acct was hacked and the college student who intended to destroy her, is on trial that those sort of low-down dishonest tricks ended. They didn't. It is routine for criminals to search databases to find your info, it seems to me. Did you know your mother's maiden name [if you are not illegitimate] is in many government databases: DMV, school, college, work places you worked or she worked, military records if she married a man in military, your birth records, her birth records, blah, blah, blah. It is a very unacceptable security word for anything because of that. So to get around that make up a code or pass phrase instead and put it on records in different ways. Don't use the same password or pass phrase for anything but one thing or else they will read it as your mother's maiden name.
15) Don't assume that the big computer companies like Microsoft do any better at protecting your websites and content than the smallest companies do. An example of that is today I added three of my original photos of what appears to be a green alien spaceship to one of my spaces [Microsoft] blogs and I had to add the same photos THREE times because the first two times they were stolen right off the page as I was typing the explanations and words. You may see that site at and read my comments on these sites of mine that are supposed to be in MY NAME of Gloria Poole only but that seem to routinely admit criminals to log into it:
and if for reason not visible there [stolen again by criminals logging in unauthorized] then they are at:
I photographed a spaceship I think and I uploaded my original photo
to my site at
today :4:17 PM 4/28/2010
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; time is 6:06PM, 28-April-2010.
4:42 PM 4/28/2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ACLU calls homosexual advocates Nazis;Obamas a FOOL

I never thought I'd ever agree with anything the American Civil Liberties Union said but their comparison of gay rights activists to Nazis, I agree with. The gay rights terrorists tried to destroy everything I had built up in 19 years by destroying 153 of my paid for from my own money, Christian websites because I did and still do oppose sodomy and homosexuality with Bible verses. And last evening they tried to lock me out of my own computer by a sneak attack via a fake link to a trick software program, but I got my computer back!
Here is the quote I am referring too about the American Civil Liberties Union :
"But a supporting brief filed by the American Civil Rights Union,
a group that says it supports β€œall constitutional rights, not just
those that might be politically correct,” warned that openness
could have dire consequences and likened gay rights activists to Nazis."
From article in the NY Times today: 10:27 AM 4/20/2010 @
Former Federal Judge Michael McConnell is representing the Christian Legal Society
in the Supreme Court debate over whether those who oppose sodomy and
homosexuality have the right to exclude from their associations those
who do not oppose it. The issues are could a taxpayer supported University
discriminate against Christian beliefs?
Also read my entry before this one for more on this topic.
I insist that Christians also have First Amendment liberties to NOT associate with those they find morally repugnant. And that Christians also have the First Amendment liberties to hold, live by, write, speak their beliefs in any public place also.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; 10:36AM, 20-April-2010
Update to keep above on top of blog:
There is a news article a few minutes ago about how Obama is planning to pack the Supreme Court with those who believe killing is a right, and how he showed his ignorance when he said women who abort have 'bodily integrity". It is not their body that is aborted but ANOTHER human's in the womb.If Harvard was a real university teaching facts instead of politcally correct poop nonsense and lies, Obama would know that a human in the womb is NOT the same as the mother. Of course, what could you expect from a University paid by Planned Unparenthood in kickbacks, bribes, and 'dividends' for killing as Harvard U is?
Obama is not only a fool but a stupid fool. Or he thinks all Americans are. Either way he is the worst president in history.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 12:41 PM, 21-April-2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Most Persecuted Group in America: Christians

In the Google news today is an article that is from the Washington Post today, about the Christian Legal group suing the Hastings Law School in California for discrimination against Christians. Well, that is one topic I certainly want to weigh in on behalf of Christians. The publicly funded University of which Hastings Law School is a part discriminates every time it makes a decision to admit anyone to any college. It disciminates by skin color [affirmative action] and it discriminates by IQ [supposedly wanting the brighter,'gifted' students', and it disciminates by social class. But when it comes to allowing Christians to actively be a part of their campus they try to say OH NO we don't want CHRISTIANS on our campus. They allow clubs that promote alcoholism-- a bad bad policy since chronic alcoholism causes cirrhosis of the liver and death; and they allow all sorts of pervert groups [those who flaunt GOD's laws about the course of nature and what GOD anointed as the only relationships HE recognizes as heterosexual marriages of one man and one woman. And they allow the groups from the Middle East that have certainly been profiled in every event in the nation since the Twin Towers event. But Christians meeting on their campus? Oh, they consider not-acceptable. What do you born again Christians say about this?
Because I say it is unconstitutional for any publicly funded organization to discriminate against Christians in any fashion. We Christians also have First Amendment liberties to associate with those with whom we please, and NOT associate with those we find morally repugnant. We Christians, individually and collectively, also have civil liberties to decide whom and what beliefs are acceptable to us, and what we will NOT accept under any terms.
I will not accept sodomy or abortion as a so-called 'right' under any situation, since GOD said both of those are sins, and in Leviticus 18:22 HE said sodomy was abomination. An abomination means that the persons involved cannot go to heaven, that GOD has washed HIS hands of them and appointed them to hell when they pass away from this physical earth. That is serious !
And I will not accept a nation that routinely tries to kill its most innocent tiniest citizens as a 'right' of government either any more than I would have found acceptable a policy of systematic, planned annihilation of the Jews, or Muslims, or Sikhs, or Buddhists, or any other classification of humans. GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill' as one of the original commandments and the Jews recognize that in their Torah, and the Muslims have a holy book and the Christians have a Holy Book called the Bible.
I see this as the crux of the problems that exist in America. Will the United States be united against belief in a Messiah? Or will they repent? Will the US become a secular godless nation where all scripture is expunged from public settings and GOD's name is not allowed in any place outside the catacombs [hidden secretive meeting places as in ancient Roman times] ? Will it become the sort of place where Christians are fed to the lions ? Or gunned down in the streets, with no action taken against their assassins? Or killed with drugs by government licensed killers? What is the future of America? IS America in decline because GOD has withdrawn the blessings and protections of GOD ALMIGHTY from a nation with a godless Supreme Court? IS the so-called Supreme Court truly supreme or is GOD?
When any nation tries to declare a right what GOD has clearly and repeatedly labeled abomination, that nation will lose the blessings and protections of GOD, and GOD warned that HE HIMSELF will destroy the nation. GOD is doing that city by city. California had fires, earthquakes, and Northeast had torrential flooding, and snows, and West Virginia had mine disaster and now self anointed "King Obama" is set to seek and destroy the mines and the livelihoods of much of West Virginia as his next cause of destroying business and self-reliant family structure in America.
Hastings College does discriminate against Christians, and so does every other law school in America. And every school that teaches teachers that demand that potential teachers adhere to a secular humanistic religion of godless worship of humans. And so does every University. The only group in America that is a majority in numbers [Protestant Christians] is treated worst than the smallest minority, worst than the illegal immigrants, worst then the most heinous sinner and evil violent man. I know that for certain since several courts in Colorado totally ignored my pleas for help when a pagan violent man was trying to annihilate me and seemed to be intent on enabling him to do that. And I moved to a safer place. The Bible says when they persecute you in one city, flee to another. The root cause of all migrations I am sure.
It will be a decisive vote for the Supreme Court whichever way it goes. It will either uphold the First Amendment liberties for Christians also, or it will destroy the first amendment for all people.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 10:31 AM, 18th-April-2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Supreme Club" add Protestant Southerner from UGA

I read the op-ed piece by Timothy Egan entitled "Supreme Club" and I am very grateful he wrote it and that the NY Times published it. It makes the point that there are NO protestants on the Supreme Court and also no "justices' from any law schools except Harvard or Yale. It does not make the point that there are NO southern born Justices { I don't think, not positive] nor are there any prolife justices on the Supreme Court. I would like to see a true Protestant Southern Born [not H Clinton though--she is more communist than Southern]person like for an example a University of Georgia law school educated person. So when Obama says he wants diversity don't be deceived by his slick words and PR presentations. His beliefs do not include /recognize that prolifers are in the majority for some months now, nor does he recognize/include those who grew up in families where the husband/father was present in the home, nor does he recognize the christian faith at all. I am drawing my conclusions from the extensive efforts by his administration to spy on me for publishing Bible scriptures and their extensive efforts to prevent me from opposing Obama in any written media. I oppose him for his deeds--his giving $100 MILLION of US taxpayers monies to the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb, around the world, and at a time when the US cannot feed its own indigent, or out of work population. That shows his priorities as killing of innocents, not tending to the nation that gave him the opportunity to go around the world apologizing for America, [shamefully].
In fact, regarding that last sentence, the Canadian Free Press [that I get sent to me via email] called his bow to the Chinese leader the "Judas kiss, ...the Obama bow" in servitude to a foreign leader.
Maybe it is because Obama went there begging for more debt for the Chinese to assume to support his lifestyle of throwing money to evil causes like abortion and sodomy and sins? Obama has made the US Presidency a shame and disgrace, a mockery. He is nothing more than a polished P.R. snake-oil con-man.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 9:50 AM, 15-April-2010;
Update at 3:57 PM same day after reading yahoo news article that showed the Obamas gloating over their bribes and kickback money. The President's salary and perqs is $400,000 so where did he earn that 5.5 MILLION as the article reported? Could you spell B-I-G- A-B-O-R-T-I-O-N- K-I-C-K-B-A-C-K-S? and also B-I-G P-H-A-R-M-A-C-E-U-T-I-C-A-L B-R-I-B-E-S??
Where is the disclosure of who he sold his influence too?

Friday, April 09, 2010

Stupak who betrayed innocents,;GOD is not mocked

I read an article in the NY Times this am about how Catholic Pelosi and other mainstream abortionists-enabling legislators convinced mealy-mouthed, two-timing fake prolifer Bart Stupak not to run again since it would be bad for the proabort party. Actually he is a proabort so I don't reason that his reelection would harm their prodeath party in any way. But common sense is not common to Congress or that evil Pelosi who only thinks of all the blood money she gets from killed babies.

Stupak sold out the future of America after weeks of pretending to be a hold-out for the innocents, saying he was going to stop the whole process unless there were protections for the unborn/preborn, then doing nothing to stop the process. An executive order is an illegal usurpation of power by any President and it is not enforceable and has no more weight in any state's laws than if he had done nothing. Stupak knew that. So does every one else. So what were the real terms of the deal Stupak made with catholic Pelosi and evil Obama that evening at the White House? Did it benefit him personally or the state of Michigan or the catholic church? What group benefited from his time with the devils of Pelosi and Obama?

Stupak ought to hang his head in shame at how easily he folded to pressure of the wicked to sell out the innocents of America and therefore the future of America for a piece of paper with an autograph on it. Maybe his real reason for quitting is his guilty conscience?
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 9:29 AM, 9-April-2010
Update Saturday 10-April-2010 after reading two articles on this topic and on the topic of the so-called 'health reform bill". First this article:
And quoting from article:
"No sooner had Obamacare passed than the White House discovered that
someone goofed. Despite all of Obama's promises and talking points,
Obamacare as passed by Congress does not require insurers to cover
children with expensive pre-existing medical conditions." [end quote]
That article makes four other points not revealed to the public before:
2) that IRS will be able to seize tax refunds due for failure to comply with Big Brother government mandate;
3) that ski resorts will be put under huge burden of punitive fees of $2000 if they do not provide insurance for employees that work only 120 days per year;
4) that Medicaid expanded hugely to include not only the indigent but also the merely poor [different definitions] and is sort of like saddling an overburdened buckling camel [or donkey,horse,mule] with a 2 tons of bricks.
and one other. Read the article.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
8:03 AM 4/10/2010
And in the NY Times is a propaganda op-ed piece that is an effort to make little of the betrayal of Bart Stupak who sold out the unborn/preborn innocents for an autograph and face time with an evil man. Sort of like those Hitler cronies who followed him around and oohed-aahed every time he promised another wild ungodly scheme to rid the nation of the then scapegoats [the Jews ] but in the Obama version the scapegoats are the unborn/preborn children of the nation, and indeed all children, since his plan is to annihilate them not protect them.
Also I realized that the events are unfolding sort of like the Biblical account of how the Jews were led out of Egypt by Moses [the Exodus] in which GOD sent a man to tell the Pharoah to let the people live and return to the nation that GOD led them too but the Pharoah was determined to keep them in bondage and making bricks for the government. In that series of events each time GOD sent a message to the Pharoah of the punishment GOD would inflict on the nation if the Pharoah continued to ignore GOD and let the people leave in freedom. And each time the plaque came and they got progressively worst until the final outcome was that the Pharaoh and his legions of armed soldiers with their weapons and chariots were drowned in the sea, totally destroying the then form of government of Egypt. GOD has sent warning after warning to Obama, and each time there was a 'plague". California had an earthquake, California, once home to evil Pelosi who as much as Obama created that plan from hell, suffered for it.And the Northeast had floods to make them suffer for the sins of their legislators who voted to kill innocents. And then W Virginia had a mine collapse killing 29, and on and on reads the news. I don't think Obama would repent and turn away from his evil plan even if as in the Bible GOD destroyed his first born child. That is what is scary to me--that he thinks he is god but he is a false god, full of himself and big ego, as was Hitler who killed 6 Million in his quest to exert power and defy GOD.BUT GOD took him down and with him, also Germany. Keep those lessons in mind. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.
The sooner they impeach him for crimes against the nation, [treason of trying to depopulate and destroy the nation] the better off this nation will be.
Gloria Poole at home in Missouri; 8:17 AM, 10-April-2010
This update on 12th, April after reading article in NY Times about how the 'reform' bill banned members of Congress from the federal health care plan [insurance] :
"The law apparently bars members of Congress from the federal employees
health program, on the assumption that lawmakers should join many
of their constituents in getting
coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges."
from article: /
That's a tiny bit of justice since it also banned children with preexisting conditions and children in the womb. I think if Congress intends to try to force the rest of the nation to have to buy something, they should also have to buy the same sort of something and in the same scenario as the rest of the nation.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

WSJ article says States implementing plans to avoid funding abortions

There is an article in the Wall St Journal that I think is a first of its kind, and
you should read it. It discusses the states that are creating state laws to prevent the funding of abortions with taxpayer money, and the situation as it is and not as
the wicked Obama administration said it was. Read article at:

Also, I encourage you to also read this site:
for info on what it takes to be a good Christian.

If you have ever read any blog entry of mine, then you know I am absolutely prolife.
It cannot be a 'right' to kill innocents in the womb. It is a heinous sin against GOD and a crime against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg Code of international law that was widely accepted as truth when Hitler and his murderous subordinates murdered 6 million Jews and Christians. The Nuremberg Code of laws stated principles for human research and some of those principles were that death and disfigurement could not be the end result of human experimentation and that if that was a risk then the human experimentation had to stop. What happens in an abortion? Disfigurement, decapitation often, and death are the expected outcomes of an abortion and as such it is heinous evil event. It is certainly NOT a right, and it is my sincere prayer that THE ALMIGHTY GOD never allows the United States of America to ever codify any such evil as public law, and if that means the end of the "United" States and states have to secede from the Union, so be it. Let GOD save the innocents in the womb and destroy the wicked murderous regime!
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 8:57 AM, 8th-April-2010
Update at 7:57 PM same day after reading more of news :
In the Huffington Post [blog] entry for today in the google news,one of their writers named Dino Laverghetta explains the realities of the massive rewrite of the
health care industry that the congress passed into [bad public] law. It makes the point that merely be being alive and in America and NOT buying a product mandated by
congress, a person would become a law-breaker. New health care courts will flourish to go along with the so-called 'drug courts' that exist to prevent cocaine-addicts from going to prison and enable them to wreak havoc on law-abiding citizens, and along with the so-called 'district' courts and state courts, and civil courts and criminal courts,and divorce divorce and family courts, and tax courts and military tribunals, blah, blah,blah. A nation of courts but one of the most lawless citizenry ever!
The good news that encourages me is that the State of Arizona's legislature approved the right for citizens to bear arms even if concealed. That means that Arizona probably has much less crime there than other states. In Colorado you need you a weapon to protect yourself from cocaine addicts looking to steal, plunder and kill to support their drug habits.

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

A Miracle: NYT published positive article about Christianity

There is an interesting book review by Joh Meacham who is the editor of Newsweek, in
article entitled, "Thine is the kingdom" in the NY Times today,but
says article was first published on April 1st 2010.It has a photo at top of article
of the famous painting "Supper at Emmaus" of JESUS and followers
that was painted by Caravaggio in the year 1601. The article by Meacham is a book review of the book "Christianity, The First Three Thousand Years" written
by Diarmaid MacCulloch, Illustrated of Viking Publishers. I am amazed
the NY Times published the review and I am grateful also for it presents
Christianity in a positive light.
Read it at:
6:19 AM 4/6/2010.
I love the articles in several places in the past few days about Christianity and
with Bible verses included.
Thanks to Jon Meacham and the NY Times and to Diarmaid MacCulloch for his book
detailing Christian events for 3 thousand years.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 6:24 AM, 6-April-2010
Update at 6:42 Am after reading more of the NY Times today in particular the article [op-ed] by Bob Herbert entitled "Turning our back on Heroes' about the veterans of
the US Military who have suffered much for America's cause. It's at:
I walkabout some and I am very grateful that I am able to walk because I had a close encounter with catastrophe in July 2006, and I have some problems still as a result of it. I have always loved the veterans because my daddy did and he understood the extraordinary sacrifices they are called on to make every time they leave their regiment of protection in any way. I wrote some about my own tribute to veterans on a Memorial Day blog entry on this same blog in the year 2006 I think so read that also. And not long ago as a I walked about I saw a poster in a store that I do business with, about veterans and I wish I had written the exact words down on a note, but it said something like this: a veteran is a person who wrote a blank check to America pledging his assets, his time, his blood and his very life to the cause of America.
I thought about that statement and I realized it is the truth. So why then does America's Congress treat veterans so shamefully? Their so-called 'pensions' are not enough to afford housing on, and eat, at the same time. Many many veterans are homeless because of it. I am grateful Bob Herbert wrote that article about veterans and I hope it makes a difference.

Sunday, April 04, 2010

13 States suing Feds over State's rights, individual rights

This quote from the Houston Chronicle article today [see info below] :"In filing a lawsuit last week challenging the new health care law's
mandate that everyone must have health insurance,
the 13 state attorneys general β€” including Greg Abbott of Texas
β€” cited the same legal reasoning that went into the Lopez* ruling.

At issue in both cases is the Constitution's commerce clause,
which limits the regulatory powers of Congress to matters involving
interstate commerce...Upholding the federal government's right to
control guns in school zones would give Congress "a general police
power of the sort retained
by the states," Rehnquist wrote for the majority."
How NOT buying a product makes an individual citizen in any way involved in
interstate commerce is a huge leap of imagination by the democrats who
wrote the bill to federalize all individual buying in the country.

And also:
"Still, the attorneys general are hedging their legal bets. They also
argue that the health care law's insurance mandate for individuals
violates the 10th Amendment, which states that powers not specifically delegated to Congress by the
Constitution are "reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

Read article in the Houston Chronicle at :
* case info I would guess is ?? US vs Alfonso Lopez Jr in 1992 when a Texas high school student
was arrested for taking a handgun to school.
8:28 PM 4/4/2010
Of course you know I always thought the overreach by the democrats was unconstitutional on the face of it, and that it is bad public policy also because it is harmful to the continuity of the nation by subsidizing abortion that kills the future of the nation if only 'most' women followed the bad public policy.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 8:30 PM, 4-April-2010.

Friday, April 02, 2010

This Sunday is Resurrection Sunday= Easter

There is a very good explanation article about Easter in the Salt Lake City Tribune written by Corey Hodges. It is located at:

Also there are some of the scriptures about easter on these sites of mine:

Gloria Poole ; Missouri; time is 6:33 PM, 2-April-2010
Update Easter [Resurrection Sunday] morning after reading this article:
"Born again..." Larry Hurtado of Slate
Read article at:
Warning to criminals :
An Aside to the criminals who have continued to try to slam my phone number and acct, who speak Spanish apparently: you are going to get caught and you are going to prison.

Scott Roeder saved human lives in Kansas & world

Scott Roeder said, "I stopped him so he could not dismember another innocent baby," ... "Wichita is a far safer place for unborn babies without George Tiller."
And also this quote from article today in the Yahoo news :
"Roeder accused Wilbert* of "duplicity" and said his trial was a
miscarriage of justice because he wasn't allowed to present testimony
then about the evils of abortion. He also said God's judgment
against the U.S. will "sweep over this land like a prairie wind."
Read entire AP article today entitled ...uses sentencing as a forum" .

* footnote: District Judge Warren Wilbert
6:33 AM 4/2/2010

This case a mock trial since the appropriate defense should have been what Roeder did was 'justifiable homicide" since he stopped a grown man from killing innocent human babies. There was no real defense of him since the Judge did not allow in the trial any meaningful presentation of the horrors of abortion or of the resistance of the people of Kansas to it. A good question would be to seek and find how much money the Judge gets from Planned Parenthood for his reelection campaigns and how much in the past he received from them?
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 6:39 AM, 2-April-2010

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sarah Palin & Tea Party--best hope of America?

"I remain more convinced than ever of the soundness of Buckley's quip,
* in the spirit of which I hereby declare that I would rather be ruled
by the Tea Party than by the Democratic Party, and I would
rather have Sarah Palin sitting in the Oval Office than Barack Obama. "
This quote from Norman Podhoretz " In Defense of Sarah Palin"
in online Wall St Journal today.

* William Buckley said "he would rather be ruled by the first
2,000 names in the Boston phone book than by the combined
faculties of Harvard and MIT" and though I never thought I
would ever agree with him on anything, that expresses my
sentiments exactly. And so does My Pohhoretz's quote today in the article in the Wall St Journal online. Read article please.
6:19 PM 4/1/2010

I also wrote a couple of times of why I think Scott Roeder is a hero for unborn/preborn children. You could read those at
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 6:22 PM, 1-April-2010