Thursday, April 08, 2010

WSJ article says States implementing plans to avoid funding abortions

There is an article in the Wall St Journal that I think is a first of its kind, and
you should read it. It discusses the states that are creating state laws to prevent the funding of abortions with taxpayer money, and the situation as it is and not as
the wicked Obama administration said it was. Read article at:

Also, I encourage you to also read this site:
for info on what it takes to be a good Christian.

If you have ever read any blog entry of mine, then you know I am absolutely prolife.
It cannot be a 'right' to kill innocents in the womb. It is a heinous sin against GOD and a crime against humanity as defined by the Nuremberg Code of international law that was widely accepted as truth when Hitler and his murderous subordinates murdered 6 million Jews and Christians. The Nuremberg Code of laws stated principles for human research and some of those principles were that death and disfigurement could not be the end result of human experimentation and that if that was a risk then the human experimentation had to stop. What happens in an abortion? Disfigurement, decapitation often, and death are the expected outcomes of an abortion and as such it is heinous evil event. It is certainly NOT a right, and it is my sincere prayer that THE ALMIGHTY GOD never allows the United States of America to ever codify any such evil as public law, and if that means the end of the "United" States and states have to secede from the Union, so be it. Let GOD save the innocents in the womb and destroy the wicked murderous regime!
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 8:57 AM, 8th-April-2010
Update at 7:57 PM same day after reading more of news :
In the Huffington Post [blog] entry for today in the google news,one of their writers named Dino Laverghetta explains the realities of the massive rewrite of the
health care industry that the congress passed into [bad public] law. It makes the point that merely be being alive and in America and NOT buying a product mandated by
congress, a person would become a law-breaker. New health care courts will flourish to go along with the so-called 'drug courts' that exist to prevent cocaine-addicts from going to prison and enable them to wreak havoc on law-abiding citizens, and along with the so-called 'district' courts and state courts, and civil courts and criminal courts,and divorce divorce and family courts, and tax courts and military tribunals, blah, blah,blah. A nation of courts but one of the most lawless citizenry ever!
The good news that encourages me is that the State of Arizona's legislature approved the right for citizens to bear arms even if concealed. That means that Arizona probably has much less crime there than other states. In Colorado you need you a weapon to protect yourself from cocaine addicts looking to steal, plunder and kill to support their drug habits.


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