Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Summing Up What I have learned internet hosting

I want to preface this entry with this info:
I am not a novice computer person, but somewhere between novice and expert. I had computer programming at UGA and I had some Microsoft training [before married and divorced the second time] and I have worked on computers for the past 25 years, including having to maintain my own computers, software, and I.T for me personally but also for my LLPs of Life Media & Publishing LLP and also words that WORK,LLP. These are my entities still as they were mine and my two grown daughters who are Jennifer Borelli of Nebraska and Leigh Bills of Missouri, and those two daughters never lived in Colorado at any time. They were born to my FIRST marriage and in no way related to the evil man I was married to the second time[ and now divorced from, thank GOD.]
I want to sum up what I have learned about internet accounts the hard way:
1) Even if you went online on your own personal computer and ordered a domain with your real name as the purchaser, and paid for it with your own money with your own personal unshared account, and put your real life info in the contact info and on the who is info, and created your own websites from ground up with your own content and put your own real name on your websites as creator /owner of websites and contact, and maintained it by updating it periodically, that the hosting company registrar will actually register it in YOUR name. It seems to be controlled by either politics or criminals--not by any of the factors mentioned here.
2) don't assume you have any protections from a debit card with a federal chartered approved financial institution, --you probably do not.
3) don't assume that generally acceptable rules of finance or business law, or contracts apply to hosting companies or their contracts--they don't seem too.
4) don't assume hosting companies will protect your name or reputation or accounts or financial info, or your copyrighted content--they probably won't.
5) don't assume that hosting companies hire only people who had background checks.
6) don't assume that hosting companies staff speak/write/comprehend English as a first language--they probably don't.
7) don't assume that hosting companies feel any sense of fiduciary duty toward their paying customers--most likely they would sell your domain and copyrighted content to the highest bidder in an auction EVEN while it is registered to you.
8) don't assume that hosting company has any way of verifying you the owner of your account when you contact them online--they don't. They may block your emails and communicate with criminals trying to steal your acct.
9) don't assume that they do not store your bank/financial info and reuse it. They do store in most cases and they do reuse it when they want too. Even amazon.com stores your info on file in a 'cloud' which is multiple computers storing it and there are literally hundreds of thousands of criminal-hackers who know more than Microsoft and more than Apple about breaking into computer software.
10) don't assume a one time transaction that you agree too is only one time. In my situation a one time agreement was duplicated several times by them either switching cards billed on and billing it on two cards they kept on file, or billing it again and it being paid again within 24 -48 hrs after first transaction clears. The banks and financial institutes know to watch for simultaneous transactions but they do not watch for repeat transactions 24-48 hrs later; and they don't ask questions and don't necessarily verify who owns the account.
11) don't walk away from your computer while it is downloading anything or installing any program. There is a file named 'unattended' that allows the installing group to take over your computer and install other stuff also and stuff you probably don't want on your computer. Run your anti-virus software and watch as the files being scanned whiz by and you will be astonished what it is on your computer that was hidden from you by sneaky installations.
12) don't assume that prepaid cards have integrity or financial backing of government recognized entities. One of the companies also withdraws money for themselves and inflates your purchase amount and then siphons off the difference and any amount left on your card. And keeps your previous cards that you asked them to close and reissues new card to you to fool you but then switches the card after they withdraw money to the previous card that they have the info on,and pockets the money. And their other routine trick to siphon money out of the US is to seek refunds for what they did not pay and put it on the card that is secretive from you the account owner and then spend it before you find out and delete it from your transactions history.
13) Don't assume that your isp is honest either. They are as much or so, politically controlled than any bona-fide news agency would be. They are controlled by FEC, FCC, Congress,FTC, and those in Congress who abuse their powers by applying the war powers act in the wrong way to censor/control/manipulate what citizens write about them and where and when. Some of them for instance earthlink outsources to the Phillipines and their loyalty is the catholic church and hispanics not to Americans who pay their salaries indirectly by signing up for services with them. Earthlink padded my bill every month since July 2007 and they provided services to people who I was NOT related too, not married too, not living with and not in any way associated with my missions and not authorized on any account of mine, at my expense. They are dishonest totally it seems to me after months of haggling with them over fees that were outrageous, unexplainable and fraudulent.
Remember that I had a long work history as Registered Nurse before that disastrous second marriage and then necessary divorce from a con-man criminal homosexual man that I did not know was homosexual before that scam marriage took place. And remember that I lobbied as a citizen, wrote poems, painted as artist all before that event in 2002 of moving to Colorado. I have moved away from Colorado now.
It is necessary to constantly remind the public of this since it seems people who should know my whereabouts are confused apparently and it has to be perfectly clear: I am divorced since Oct 2007 from evil man Dana Ben Pappas [his aliases are Dean Papas, Dana Papas, Dana Pappas, Dana B Pappas, Dana Benn Papas, Ben Parsons, Dana B Papas, Doris Parsons, Doris Pappas,Dena Papas, Dena Pappas, Dona Papas, Dona Pappas, Dena Parsons, and with unknown versions of these names]. He said in about 2004 that he buys new identity at Mexican identity shop every time he is arrested or his car is confiscated.] That con-man is NOT in any way associated with any thing I do or ever did. He was NEVER authorized on any internet hosting account of mine or cell phone of mine,and he was removed from all financial accounts of mine in 2005 two years before divorce proceedings by him when I refused to lift the restraining order against him and wanted him out of my life forever. He has deceived a lot of people.
I moved to Missouri on Oct 31,2009 and moved into my apt here.
This content is intended to help those unsuspecting persons who are honest and trying to build a legitimate business on the internet and not intended to help criminals in any way.
Gloria Poole; @ home in Missouri; 9:32 AM, 27-April-2010
Updated on 28th-April-2010 at 5:54 PM after I thought on this some more and after it took three tries to add my own original photos to one of my own websites because criminals had hacked it.
Points about internet hosting to be continued:
14) don't assume that just because it was a big issue that then-Gov Palin's yahoo email acct was hacked and the college student who intended to destroy her, is on trial that those sort of low-down dishonest tricks ended. They didn't. It is routine for criminals to search databases to find your info, it seems to me. Did you know your mother's maiden name [if you are not illegitimate] is in many government databases: DMV, school, college, work places you worked or she worked, military records if she married a man in military, your birth records, her birth records, blah, blah, blah. It is a very unacceptable security word for anything because of that. So to get around that make up a code or pass phrase instead and put it on records in different ways. Don't use the same password or pass phrase for anything but one thing or else they will read it as your mother's maiden name.
15) Don't assume that the big computer companies like Microsoft do any better at protecting your websites and content than the smallest companies do. An example of that is today I added three of my original photos of what appears to be a green alien spaceship to one of my spaces [Microsoft] blogs and I had to add the same photos THREE times because the first two times they were stolen right off the page as I was typing the explanations and words. You may see that site at and read my comments on these sites of mine that are supposed to be in MY NAME of Gloria Poole only but that seem to routinely admit criminals to log into it:
and if for reason not visible there [stolen again by criminals logging in unauthorized] then they are at:
I photographed a spaceship I think and I uploaded my original photo
to my site at http://gloriapoole.com/questionable-sky-object-photo/
today :4:17 PM 4/28/2010
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; time is 6:06PM, 28-April-2010.
4:42 PM 4/28/2010


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