Sunday, April 04, 2010

13 States suing Feds over State's rights, individual rights

This quote from the Houston Chronicle article today [see info below] :"In filing a lawsuit last week challenging the new health care law's
mandate that everyone must have health insurance,
the 13 state attorneys general — including Greg Abbott of Texas
— cited the same legal reasoning that went into the Lopez* ruling.

At issue in both cases is the Constitution's commerce clause,
which limits the regulatory powers of Congress to matters involving
interstate commerce...Upholding the federal government's right to
control guns in school zones would give Congress "a general police
power of the sort retained
by the states," Rehnquist wrote for the majority."
How NOT buying a product makes an individual citizen in any way involved in
interstate commerce is a huge leap of imagination by the democrats who
wrote the bill to federalize all individual buying in the country.

And also:
"Still, the attorneys general are hedging their legal bets. They also
argue that the health care law's insurance mandate for individuals
violates the 10th Amendment, which states that powers not specifically delegated to Congress by the
Constitution are "reserved to the states respectively, or to the people."

Read article in the Houston Chronicle at :
* case info I would guess is ?? US vs Alfonso Lopez Jr in 1992 when a Texas high school student
was arrested for taking a handgun to school.
8:28 PM 4/4/2010
Of course you know I always thought the overreach by the democrats was unconstitutional on the face of it, and that it is bad public policy also because it is harmful to the continuity of the nation by subsidizing abortion that kills the future of the nation if only 'most' women followed the bad public policy.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 8:30 PM, 4-April-2010.


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