Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ACLU calls homosexual advocates Nazis;Obamas a FOOL

I never thought I'd ever agree with anything the American Civil Liberties Union said but their comparison of gay rights activists to Nazis, I agree with. The gay rights terrorists tried to destroy everything I had built up in 19 years by destroying 153 of my paid for from my own money, Christian websites because I did and still do oppose sodomy and homosexuality with Bible verses. And last evening they tried to lock me out of my own computer by a sneak attack via a fake link to a trick software program, but I got my computer back!
Here is the quote I am referring too about the American Civil Liberties Union :
"But a supporting brief filed by the American Civil Rights Union,
a group that says it supports “all constitutional rights, not just
those that might be politically correct,” warned that openness
could have dire consequences and likened gay rights activists to Nazis."
From article in the NY Times today: 10:27 AM 4/20/2010 @
Former Federal Judge Michael McConnell is representing the Christian Legal Society
in the Supreme Court debate over whether those who oppose sodomy and
homosexuality have the right to exclude from their associations those
who do not oppose it. The issues are could a taxpayer supported University
discriminate against Christian beliefs?
Also read my entry before this one for more on this topic.
I insist that Christians also have First Amendment liberties to NOT associate with those they find morally repugnant. And that Christians also have the First Amendment liberties to hold, live by, write, speak their beliefs in any public place also.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; 10:36AM, 20-April-2010
Update to keep above on top of blog:
There is a news article a few minutes ago about how Obama is planning to pack the Supreme Court with those who believe killing is a right, and how he showed his ignorance when he said women who abort have 'bodily integrity". It is not their body that is aborted but ANOTHER human's in the womb.If Harvard was a real university teaching facts instead of politcally correct poop nonsense and lies, Obama would know that a human in the womb is NOT the same as the mother. Of course, what could you expect from a University paid by Planned Unparenthood in kickbacks, bribes, and 'dividends' for killing as Harvard U is?
Obama is not only a fool but a stupid fool. Or he thinks all Americans are. Either way he is the worst president in history.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 12:41 PM, 21-April-2010


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