Friday, April 09, 2010

Stupak who betrayed innocents,;GOD is not mocked

I read an article in the NY Times this am about how Catholic Pelosi and other mainstream abortionists-enabling legislators convinced mealy-mouthed, two-timing fake prolifer Bart Stupak not to run again since it would be bad for the proabort party. Actually he is a proabort so I don't reason that his reelection would harm their prodeath party in any way. But common sense is not common to Congress or that evil Pelosi who only thinks of all the blood money she gets from killed babies.

Stupak sold out the future of America after weeks of pretending to be a hold-out for the innocents, saying he was going to stop the whole process unless there were protections for the unborn/preborn, then doing nothing to stop the process. An executive order is an illegal usurpation of power by any President and it is not enforceable and has no more weight in any state's laws than if he had done nothing. Stupak knew that. So does every one else. So what were the real terms of the deal Stupak made with catholic Pelosi and evil Obama that evening at the White House? Did it benefit him personally or the state of Michigan or the catholic church? What group benefited from his time with the devils of Pelosi and Obama?

Stupak ought to hang his head in shame at how easily he folded to pressure of the wicked to sell out the innocents of America and therefore the future of America for a piece of paper with an autograph on it. Maybe his real reason for quitting is his guilty conscience?
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 9:29 AM, 9-April-2010
Update Saturday 10-April-2010 after reading two articles on this topic and on the topic of the so-called 'health reform bill". First this article:
And quoting from article:
"No sooner had Obamacare passed than the White House discovered that
someone goofed. Despite all of Obama's promises and talking points,
Obamacare as passed by Congress does not require insurers to cover
children with expensive pre-existing medical conditions." [end quote]
That article makes four other points not revealed to the public before:
2) that IRS will be able to seize tax refunds due for failure to comply with Big Brother government mandate;
3) that ski resorts will be put under huge burden of punitive fees of $2000 if they do not provide insurance for employees that work only 120 days per year;
4) that Medicaid expanded hugely to include not only the indigent but also the merely poor [different definitions] and is sort of like saddling an overburdened buckling camel [or donkey,horse,mule] with a 2 tons of bricks.
and one other. Read the article.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
8:03 AM 4/10/2010
And in the NY Times is a propaganda op-ed piece that is an effort to make little of the betrayal of Bart Stupak who sold out the unborn/preborn innocents for an autograph and face time with an evil man. Sort of like those Hitler cronies who followed him around and oohed-aahed every time he promised another wild ungodly scheme to rid the nation of the then scapegoats [the Jews ] but in the Obama version the scapegoats are the unborn/preborn children of the nation, and indeed all children, since his plan is to annihilate them not protect them.
Also I realized that the events are unfolding sort of like the Biblical account of how the Jews were led out of Egypt by Moses [the Exodus] in which GOD sent a man to tell the Pharoah to let the people live and return to the nation that GOD led them too but the Pharoah was determined to keep them in bondage and making bricks for the government. In that series of events each time GOD sent a message to the Pharoah of the punishment GOD would inflict on the nation if the Pharoah continued to ignore GOD and let the people leave in freedom. And each time the plaque came and they got progressively worst until the final outcome was that the Pharaoh and his legions of armed soldiers with their weapons and chariots were drowned in the sea, totally destroying the then form of government of Egypt. GOD has sent warning after warning to Obama, and each time there was a 'plague". California had an earthquake, California, once home to evil Pelosi who as much as Obama created that plan from hell, suffered for it.And the Northeast had floods to make them suffer for the sins of their legislators who voted to kill innocents. And then W Virginia had a mine collapse killing 29, and on and on reads the news. I don't think Obama would repent and turn away from his evil plan even if as in the Bible GOD destroyed his first born child. That is what is scary to me--that he thinks he is god but he is a false god, full of himself and big ego, as was Hitler who killed 6 Million in his quest to exert power and defy GOD.BUT GOD took him down and with him, also Germany. Keep those lessons in mind. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.
The sooner they impeach him for crimes against the nation, [treason of trying to depopulate and destroy the nation] the better off this nation will be.
Gloria Poole at home in Missouri; 8:17 AM, 10-April-2010
This update on 12th, April after reading article in NY Times about how the 'reform' bill banned members of Congress from the federal health care plan [insurance] :
"The law apparently bars members of Congress from the federal employees
health program, on the assumption that lawmakers should join many
of their constituents in getting
coverage through new state-based markets known as insurance exchanges."
from article: /
That's a tiny bit of justice since it also banned children with preexisting conditions and children in the womb. I think if Congress intends to try to force the rest of the nation to have to buy something, they should also have to buy the same sort of something and in the same scenario as the rest of the nation.


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