Sunday, April 18, 2010

Most Persecuted Group in America: Christians

In the Google news today is an article that is from the Washington Post today, about the Christian Legal group suing the Hastings Law School in California for discrimination against Christians. Well, that is one topic I certainly want to weigh in on behalf of Christians. The publicly funded University of which Hastings Law School is a part discriminates every time it makes a decision to admit anyone to any college. It disciminates by skin color [affirmative action] and it discriminates by IQ [supposedly wanting the brighter,'gifted' students', and it disciminates by social class. But when it comes to allowing Christians to actively be a part of their campus they try to say OH NO we don't want CHRISTIANS on our campus. They allow clubs that promote alcoholism-- a bad bad policy since chronic alcoholism causes cirrhosis of the liver and death; and they allow all sorts of pervert groups [those who flaunt GOD's laws about the course of nature and what GOD anointed as the only relationships HE recognizes as heterosexual marriages of one man and one woman. And they allow the groups from the Middle East that have certainly been profiled in every event in the nation since the Twin Towers event. But Christians meeting on their campus? Oh, they consider not-acceptable. What do you born again Christians say about this?
Because I say it is unconstitutional for any publicly funded organization to discriminate against Christians in any fashion. We Christians also have First Amendment liberties to associate with those with whom we please, and NOT associate with those we find morally repugnant. We Christians, individually and collectively, also have civil liberties to decide whom and what beliefs are acceptable to us, and what we will NOT accept under any terms.
I will not accept sodomy or abortion as a so-called 'right' under any situation, since GOD said both of those are sins, and in Leviticus 18:22 HE said sodomy was abomination. An abomination means that the persons involved cannot go to heaven, that GOD has washed HIS hands of them and appointed them to hell when they pass away from this physical earth. That is serious !
And I will not accept a nation that routinely tries to kill its most innocent tiniest citizens as a 'right' of government either any more than I would have found acceptable a policy of systematic, planned annihilation of the Jews, or Muslims, or Sikhs, or Buddhists, or any other classification of humans. GOD wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill' as one of the original commandments and the Jews recognize that in their Torah, and the Muslims have a holy book and the Christians have a Holy Book called the Bible.
I see this as the crux of the problems that exist in America. Will the United States be united against belief in a Messiah? Or will they repent? Will the US become a secular godless nation where all scripture is expunged from public settings and GOD's name is not allowed in any place outside the catacombs [hidden secretive meeting places as in ancient Roman times] ? Will it become the sort of place where Christians are fed to the lions ? Or gunned down in the streets, with no action taken against their assassins? Or killed with drugs by government licensed killers? What is the future of America? IS America in decline because GOD has withdrawn the blessings and protections of GOD ALMIGHTY from a nation with a godless Supreme Court? IS the so-called Supreme Court truly supreme or is GOD?
When any nation tries to declare a right what GOD has clearly and repeatedly labeled abomination, that nation will lose the blessings and protections of GOD, and GOD warned that HE HIMSELF will destroy the nation. GOD is doing that city by city. California had fires, earthquakes, and Northeast had torrential flooding, and snows, and West Virginia had mine disaster and now self anointed "King Obama" is set to seek and destroy the mines and the livelihoods of much of West Virginia as his next cause of destroying business and self-reliant family structure in America.
Hastings College does discriminate against Christians, and so does every other law school in America. And every school that teaches teachers that demand that potential teachers adhere to a secular humanistic religion of godless worship of humans. And so does every University. The only group in America that is a majority in numbers [Protestant Christians] is treated worst than the smallest minority, worst than the illegal immigrants, worst then the most heinous sinner and evil violent man. I know that for certain since several courts in Colorado totally ignored my pleas for help when a pagan violent man was trying to annihilate me and seemed to be intent on enabling him to do that. And I moved to a safer place. The Bible says when they persecute you in one city, flee to another. The root cause of all migrations I am sure.
It will be a decisive vote for the Supreme Court whichever way it goes. It will either uphold the First Amendment liberties for Christians also, or it will destroy the first amendment for all people.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 10:31 AM, 18th-April-2010


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