Friday, April 02, 2010

Scott Roeder saved human lives in Kansas & world

Scott Roeder said, "I stopped him so he could not dismember another innocent baby," ... "Wichita is a far safer place for unborn babies without George Tiller."
And also this quote from article today in the Yahoo news :
"Roeder accused Wilbert* of "duplicity" and said his trial was a
miscarriage of justice because he wasn't allowed to present testimony
then about the evils of abortion. He also said God's judgment
against the U.S. will "sweep over this land like a prairie wind."
Read entire AP article today entitled ...uses sentencing as a forum" .

* footnote: District Judge Warren Wilbert
6:33 AM 4/2/2010

This case a mock trial since the appropriate defense should have been what Roeder did was 'justifiable homicide" since he stopped a grown man from killing innocent human babies. There was no real defense of him since the Judge did not allow in the trial any meaningful presentation of the horrors of abortion or of the resistance of the people of Kansas to it. A good question would be to seek and find how much money the Judge gets from Planned Parenthood for his reelection campaigns and how much in the past he received from them?
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 6:39 AM, 2-April-2010


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