Saturday, May 29, 2010

Obama's Afraid of the Rain?

The news that the morally bankrupt Congress is voting to allow homosexuals to serve in the Military is very upsetting to me. I think according to the Bible, that will bring about the wrath of GOD on the nation, and make the US military impotent in all meanings of that word.
The few homosexual men I have unwittingly been exposed to in my life, were not of saviour mindsets. They would not die for anybody. They would not serve the goals of the military; but be sabotaging it. They would be trawling for s-e-x while the straight men were fighting the battles. And they'd be trying to kill the straight people for vengeance.
In the Bible GOD warned that HE does not tolerate it when the entire nation allows homosexuality to run rampant. Read the Biblical record of Sodom and Gomorrha for proof.
And then think about the cities that have legalized that and look at the so-called 'natural disasters' they have had since then. Fires, earthquakes in California, flooding in Maasachusetts, near car bombing in NY,
I think it is the turning point that will cause GOD to bring HIS wrath upon the nation. And that will cause a massive exodus from America to other nations where sin is the not the major export.
I don't feel safer in America knowing the military is going to be the pimping grounds for perverts.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 7:17 AM, 29_May-2010
Update on 31_May-2010:
I attended the airshow in Missouri on Saturday that is a celebration of the lives and work of the U S and Canadian Military for Memorial Day.They honored the living and dead by introducing some of the top brass of the military some active some retired, and by calling the names of those from Missouri who gave their lives to the nation. I photographed much that happened that day and added those photos to my blogs. And I listed where they are on this blog of mine: and the photos are very interesting of fighter jets, the harrier jet, and even a robot. And the honored guests and the photos of those men firing the 21 gun salute. See the blog above because I added them to several blogs since i could not add all of them to any one blog.
Also, I read in the news that Obama opted out of any Memorial day celebration because of the rain in Chicago. I thought it must be very hard for a man to send anyone into combat when he himself is afraid of a thunderstorm. It is very clear to me that he has no sense of duty to this nation. And is totally out of touch with this nation. Perhaps where he was born in Kenya, African continent doesn't do military memorials?
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 3:49 PM, 31_May-2010

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just vote NO to Kagan

In case you Senators missed the issues at hand:
1) USA Today reports that the American public does not want Kagan on Supreme Court;
2) she is not prolife. A court packed with prodeathers bodes an ill wind for America.
3) She is from Harvard U. Did you like that Prof Gates idiot? and how about ignorant of everything but politics and scams Obama? They are both Harvard products of brainwashing.
4) We don't need any more Harvard alums on Supreme Court. We need someone from a REAL University that teaches something other than 'politically correct" poop and that teaches the REAL U. S Constitution as it is written not as Harvard spins it.
Just Vote NO to Kagan. Try to follow what the feds so often try to ramrod onto private businesses of 'diversity' in hiring etc. Try to think outside the Harvard box.
Try to find a candidate not from the Northeast, not from an Ivy Leaque University, not from the Jewish or Catholic 'faiths' and not a former classmate/friend/lover/business partner of Obama's.
Just do it.
Gloria Poole, at my home in Missouri; 9:07 AM, 27-May-2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Reposting My Comments Opposing Sodomy

These are my comments that I wanted posted to the NY Times article
today 28-Feb-2010, that was written by NY Times' columnist
Nicholas Kristof about differences in religion. I am posting them
in several places to make sure that they are in the public :
I take exception with N Kristof on several issues including health care.
This topic of how Christianity impacts the world is very relevant.
It is Christians who helped save some of the Jews from annihilation
during Nazi Germany's annihilation efforts. It is Christians who care
enough and who believe that there is a hell,
and don't want anyone to go there. Christians don't want total
strangers to go to hell and suffer torment for eternity.
Secular atheists on the other hand try to cause as many as possible
to be dispatched into eternity without GOD. And Christians are
motivated by the Word of GOD that there is a heaven and there is a hell,
heaven for believers and hell for those who reject GOD. As for the
use of Kristof's column to promote homosexuality, I am opposed to
the legaliization of homosexuality for these reasons:
1) GOD said it is abomination in Leviticus 18:22 and in Romans
chapter one [I read the King James Holy Bible], 2) it is medically
devastating causing AIDS and rectal tears and incompetent sphincters
and a sequaelae of medical events for years, 3) it is perverse,
unnatural, ungodly. It involves men putting their male member
into the backsides of other men and that spot on them has a
different natural function not designed to receive that;
and by doing that they acquire fecal matter and bacteria that
swims upstream into blood supply. 4) If the nation legalized it
and as so-called legal it became more acceptable the nation
would cease to exist because it would depopulate, and because
GOD would destroy it. Christians and I speak for myself,
as Christian since age of seven, feel a duty to 'evangelize'
to tell others what GOD has told us either through the Bible
or directly via prayer. We believe that JESUS is the way, the truth
and the life and that no one gets to heaven except by accepting JESUS
as the promised Messiah, Redeemer. Because JESUS Himself said to go
and teach all nations what I have commanded you [paraphrase of
Matthew 28 :18-20] we consider it a direct commandmet from GOD
to teach the Scriptures. Therefore no matter how long the NY Times
or any other government controlled entity tries to prevent us,
we true believers will not forsake the teaching of the Bible,
nor the obedience to the Words/ Commandments of GOD. Persecution
and harassment is as old as time itself, and even JESUS HIMSELF
was crucified for challenging the Roman empire that was smashing
in the heads of infants to save Caesar's place in history [they thought]
. Persecution does not stop Christians. It empowers them because
then they have to seek GOD's help and GOD's plan to go forward
and when they do that, and when they are obedient to the words of GOD,
the world is turned upside down. With only 12 disciples JESUS
changed history. He even changed the recording of time to BC and AD.
He changed the eternal perspective by saying it is what is in one's
heart that determines if that one goes to heaven or to hell.
He changed the expectations to love your enemy, care whether or not
your enemy goes to heaven or to hell, and to 'feed my sheep',
and to 'raise the dead'. In the US particularly, the present health
care debate is not about raising the dead at all but dispatching them
to hell early on in their disease. It is about deliberately murdering
innocent humans in the womb [abortion]. It is about giving massive
doses of legally recognized by US FDA and NIH, and Medicare/caid
agencies drugs, to cause one to cease breathing and have what is
then labeled spontanous cardiac arrest, but of course was drug-induced
death. The so-called Obama plan of death delivery must be defeated,
and that is one of my goals as a Christian. This nation must NEVER
legalize abortion in any way, with any sleight of hand tricks,
or with any trick wording. Obams'a fake reform is trying to redefine
medical killing as the duty of the nation and as such, it is totally
unacceptable to any true Christian. This discussion is about Christians,
what they believe and why they believe it and I write for myself.
I am Christian and I will never apologize for the words of JESUS
or of GOD the FATHER as spoken in the Old Testament, and I will NEVER
apologize for doing what GOD commanded of teaching the scriptures
and commandments or of adhering to the Commandments or of publishing
the WORD of GOD [Bible.] When the NY Times and other liberal rags
start apologizing to the Christians for illegal censorship, trying
to discredit them publicly, making fun of their beliefs,
labeling them as nuts or their many efforts to stifle, prevent,
hinder Christians from communicating with the readers of NY and
elsewhere, then this nation might have a future. Christianity
will not go away. The Christians who truly believe will go to
heaven and those who mock and defy GOD will go to hell.
That it is the Bible. And homosexuals will also go to hell because
they mock and defy GOD's words in Genesis 1:26-28. They are wrong.
Gloria Poole, R.N. 8:28 AM 2/28/2010

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named Tapestry of LIFE TV, and also the LLP of Life Media & Publishing

LLP in Denver Colorado years ago but it does NOT exist in Colorado
any more. It will continue in Missouri since I moved to Missouri
on Oct 31, 2009 and moved all of my missions [ LLPs of
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Saturday, May 22, 2010

JESUS for Jews, Muslims, Catholics too, all people

I read in the Christian news today that the founder of Jews for JESUS, died recently. His mission was to bring the gospel of JESUS the Messiah to the Jews. I know it also must be told everywhere, around the world.
And to Muslims, catholics,infidels, pagans, heathens, whatever name they are called by.
I use those words pagans, heathens, infidels to mean 'one who does not acknowledge GOD" and or 'one who is neither Jewish, Christian, or Mohammedan". Definitions from the Winston's English Dictionary published by John C Winston Company.
There is a political tendency in the US to listen to one pervert, or one heathen,or one pagan, or one atheist --whatever you call them to meaning is the same. It means those who deny, reject, refuse GOD and the Commandments and laws of GOD. But the United States will not continue to have the blessings of GOD if it turns away from GOD collectively to molly-coddle pagans, heathens, perverts, --those condemned to hell, by the word of GOD.
I accepted JESUS as my Saviour at the age of seven. I have not turned back from that. I do not intend too. I have endured a lot of persecution because of it, lost a lot of money, a lot of friends, careers, influence, status. But I have no regrets.

Here are some scriptures I want to share with you today:
"And THE LORD shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto HIS heavenly Kingdom. To Whom be glory forever and ever. Amen." II Timothy 4:18

"Nevertheless, the foundation of GOD standeth sure, having this seal:

"Let every one that named the Name of [JESUS] Christ depart from iniquity." II Timothy 2:19

['Trust] in THE LIVING GOD, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy that they do good, that they be rich in good works, ready to distribute, willing to communicate;
laying up in store for themselves a good foundation against the time to come, that
they may lay hold on eternal life." I Timothy 6: 17e, 18,19
All Scripture from King James Holy Bible.

"Wherefore I put thee in remembrance that thou stir up the gift of GOD ...which is in thee...For GOD hath not give us the Spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. Be not thou therefore ashamed of the testimony of our LORD [JESUS] ...II Timothy 1: 6a, 7-8a

JESUS said, 'As thou { O FATHER GOD] hast given HIM {JESUS} power over all flesh, that HE should give eternal life to as many as THOU hast given HIM." John 17:2

"JESUS said unto her, "I AM the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in ME, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever believeth in ME, shall never die. Believest thou this?" John 11: 25-26

JESUS said, " I and my FATHER [GOD] are one." John 10:30

I pray that these few verses will inspire you to seek GOD today, and to repent of your sins that your name may be written in the Book of LIFE in GOD's heaven.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 12:30 PM, 22-May-2010

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twenty states filing lawsuits to stop usurpation of auth by feds

Twenty States filed lawsuits to stop the unconstitutional 'health care" usurpation of
federal power act.
Read an op-ed in the NYTimes on this subject, but remember that the NY Times is
ALWAYS on the far left politically:
9:28 AM 5/20/2010
My comments on this as a Registered Nurse who worked in health care for 26 years are:
1) requiring those that are too poor to pay premiums to pay fines into courts for being poor is not a solution.
2) Fining and putting stains on a person's background checks that are mandatory for many jobs, for the cause of being poor is not going to help the job market or the citizenry, but instead create a market where the numbers of unemployable rise and the courts are jammed with cases for poverty.
3) Twisting the U S Constitution into a forced product buying service and a forced marketing tool for some products and services essentially shuts down those products and services not on the government's list of 'approved' solutions.
4) Taking money by edict from one generation to give to another generation is one of the basic planks of the communist manifesto. It is intergenerational transfer of wealth. The concept of the elderly giving to their own children either before they die or afterwards is turned upside to the young child-bearing ages, who are employed being taxed with force to give to the old. It is the duty of churches to take care of the sick,the orphans and the widows according to the Bible. Or the duty of the old to make a plan to provide for themselves in old age [private annuities, Social Security is a public annuity, insurances] .
5) The so-called reform bill does not do anything good for health care. It admits that the sick children were not covered, and that the sick older groups will have to pay higher premiums. Wasn't that what they were supposed to be 'curing' with they huge expansion of every component of the federal government that they euphemistically labeled health care reform?
6) The 2000+ page rewrite of the US Constitution masquerading as health care reform is a bill to implement socialism into America and to allow the federal govenment to define every aspect of life in America including how you spend your money it leaves you, and where you spend it, and what activities are to be persecuted and what are to be 'empowered' that buzz word of the wicked.
Years ago when I worked in the Operating Room of the main hospital I worked with a Surgeon that I loved in a pure way because he was so good, and helped so many people. He told a joke in the operating room once and I have never forgotten it. It was:
The U S is going to simplify its tax code so anyone could do the form.
It will be really simple and have only two statements on it.
They will be:
1) how much money did you make last year?
2) Send it all in to the IRS.
That is the sort of reform Obama and his communist manifesto-gang of embezzlers, looters,criminals and aliens have in mind for the Un-United States.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri, 9:49 AM, 20_May-2010
Update at 11:43 AM, after thinking on the situation in the US some. I realize that the reason California is so furious that Arizona is securing its borders some and trying to prevent repopulation with Mexicans, is:
if Arizona secures the bottleneck gateway into the U S then illegal Mexicans won't be able to flow unimpeded to California where they get lots of free to them US benefits provided by taxpayers perqs, and where they are told to vote democrat to get them.
AND then N Pelosi would not be able to buy votes with food stamps and welfare.
And then she could be beaten and removed from office by legitimate voters.
And therefore since she is catholic, and so is Arnold Swartzeneggar [? unsure spelling] and so are most of the Mexicans who vote democrat, the stranglehold on the US Congress would be broken. And the stranglehold on the Supreme Court would also be broken and the rest of the nation would not have rule by catholics suppressing civil liberties of protestants.
SO I say YEA ARIZONA! GOD bless you and keep at it.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sign of the times; Miss America is Not Amercan

Well, if anything has brought the emigrant question to the forefront it is the fact that a Lebanese citizen was voted to be Miss America. Does that say anything about the future of America? That the Arabs will control the destiny of America?

I admit that there is a fascination about Arabic people whether male or female. They are in contrast to much of America and therefore somewhat intriguing. But the fact that a woman who identifies herself as Muslim [and Christian] strutted around in a swimwuit apparently defying all Muslim tradition and law, reveals a lot. I did not watch and never watch it, thinking it degrades women into mere s-e-x objects. I read about it this morning in the news and saw the photos. For a nation that prides itself on the career macho-woman of pant-suited women 'who bring home the bacon' to quote that former TV ads from the Eve cigarette commercials of the late 1960's early 70's, it seems counter-productive to their goals. However I always thought that show was designed for men-- to appeal to them and entice them-- and for no other reason. Sort of like those swimsuit editions of Sports Illustrated which are certainly not about sports unless you call -s-e-x for sale a "sport" . Or those catalogs from Victoria's Secret lingerie for women that are designed to appeal also to men,not women. The so-called secret is that Victoria's Secret is not so secretly marketing TO men not women. Women don't usually see themselves in their lingerie unless brushing their teeth!

My question is how could that woman identify herself as Muslim and strut on stage in front of millions of men in a very revealing swimsuit? Any contradiction of values as so often stated by Muslim nations as their rationale for those burkha's and all covering veils by any name? And where is that protest that usually accompanies any exhibition in public of a woman's face and body? And where are the Muslims who defend those burkha's and head to toe coverings of women's bodies to avoid public display of their assets? Muslim men, your failure to protest is revealing of your real reasons for those veils--domination, and not protecting women. Since there seems to be no protest from the Arabic or Muslim world about her winning that title.
What say ye?
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:34 AM, 17-May-2010

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thank You to Americans ...for Life, Yahoo news,AP,prolife states

"We don't consider elective abortion to be health care, so we don't
think it's a bad thing for fewer private insurance companies to cover
it," said Mary Harned, attorney for Americans United for Life,
a national organization that wrote a model law for the states."
And this quote :
"In Florida, Mississippi and Missouri, lawmakers have passed bans
[on covering abortion fees] and sent them to their governors." And this
quote: "Three other states may act this year — Louisiana, Ohio and
Oklahoma. Overall, there are 29 states where lawmakers or public policy
groups expressed serious interest, Harned said."
Quotes from AP article in the Yahoo online news today:6:55 AM 5/16/2010; article
is "...foes capitalize..." Thank you Associated Press [AP] and Yahoo news
for quoting prolifers and publishing this news. The tide is turning away
from abortion as a right, and thank GOD. It is always a wrong to kill
innocents! Always!
If you are guilty of that heinous sin against GOD, then repent on your knees
before GOD before you leave this world. Because the Bible says that HOLY GOD
does not allow sinners [unrepentant] into heaven.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; time is 7:01 AM, 16_May-2010

Friday, May 14, 2010

Familiarity breeds contempt and yes, it does.

I am a Registered Nurse since 1971. And in the course of that career, had jobs ranging from bedside nursing to Administrative Supervisor for a trauma-designated hospital.* I wrote that to get to this point, when I was learning how to be a good charge nurse--a bold, take-charge sort of woman, which I was definitely NOT raised to be, [but raised to be a wife to somebody and no good at that apparently], I was told by the Head Nurse as they were called then, not to be too friendly with subordinates--to keep my distance.

Well, keeping your distance and the proverbial 'stiff upper lip' of those with any Anglo-Saxon ancestry that does not allow a public show of emotion, is another trait of the Poole Family. So that part was easy for me.

My point is that every time I go online I see the headlines of news that would be inappropriate for any leader and it is about that evil Obama. What he did on his vacation? Where he took his daughters? What town he is pursuing as next on his notched belt of democratic party politicking? blah, blah, blah.

I would not like him no matter what he did. He lost any respect I would have had for him as President when about 2 days after his swearing in, he signed a bill to kill innocents with taxpayer money. But I like him less with every passing day. I don't want to know every detail of the life of a man I find abhorrent. And yet the press seems intent on cramming him down the throats of the nation. Yahoo has a black man on the interface of its email, and I am not black. So where is that targeted marketing that everyone says the internet is famous for? Why don't they know if they are so expert at targeting one's likes and dislikes that I am NOT looking for black men and never was. I was taught as a child from the Bible that GOD said for the races not to intermarry.

And I especially do not want to know the details of his scouring the nation on the prowl.That is not leadership qualities. A President who was at his desk doing what President's are supposed to do instead of attending this groupie meeting or that one, or giving a paid for speech while on the payroll of the taxpayer, would do a lot to help me at least respect the person as President. But his behaviours of a teenage boy on the prowl do not cause me to respect him. He is the worst president ever.

And oh yea, before I forget. His propensity to name/ nominate those who have a killing agenda like that nominee for Supreme court has only added fuel to the fire of my intense dislike and contempt of him.

* Footnote: Those jobs were mostly NOT in my name when my last name was Pappas but my last name is legally again Poole since second divorce in Oct, 2007; and my brothers and sisters all live in the Southeastern US not in Colorado. And though my second exhusband is one of those men who never want to grow up or behave responsibly in any situation, he is between the ages of 45-51 [never saw his birth certificate but judging by his baldness that he hides with toupee and my knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the ages of humans; and my first exhusband is older than me. So men failing to be men seems to be endemic to America. If my life is any example.
Gloria Poole; 8:56 Am, 14_May-201 at my home in Missouri.
Update at 9:52 to contrast Sarah Palin's speech in DC today that was live stream via CNN video and her style of leadership.
I watched her speech and I think she could be should be the first woman President for these reasons:
1) she said 'choosing always the right..."
2) she said that the gun-toting pioneering women of America were prolife feminine women.
3) she quoted one of the original leaders of the movement that became the 'feminists' that was supposed to be about the women's right to vote, not the 'right' to kill, and that quote was, 'abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.'
And to change topics to the subject of Obama's lack of leadership and his efforts to appear to be the perpetual teenage boy seeking thrills style. I remember hearing my daddy say often when I was little and my brothers were all little and mama would want them to do a task he thought not appropriate for them 'don't send a boy to do a man's job". And to that I say amen. It will take a real man to end the premeditated slaughter of the innocents in the womb, a man of the caliber of an Abraham Lincoln,and not of the wishy-washy no laws allowed Obama.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

WashPost: what planet are you on?

I read an article this morning in the Google News but article is in the Washington Post about Obama's NOMINATION of Kagan. He is not King--he cannot put her on Supreme Court --all he could do is nominate her. That is my first objection to the way the news reports on Supreme Court nominations. They write their articles as if him saying it makes it so. He is a notorious and chronic liar as are all Democrats whose very name derives from the root word demon.

Also, for the Washington Post to state that the abortion issue is not an issue shows how out of touch with America you are. IT is the number one issue for most of America now, since more than 50% of the population has changed to a prolife philosophy. And the shooting death of that mercenary killer Tiller proves that. It is an issue that is not going away until the false right to kill is not legal any where. There is no right to kill anybody. There is no right to abortion because the US Constitution has no lawful authority to create new law according to the US Constitution as written, which is the lawful authority of the federal government. Read the US Constitution. See if you find the words anywhere of a right to abortion, or the right to kill innocents, or the right of the Supreme Court to create law, or the right to privacy that they use to attempt to justify murders while revoking the right to privacy when taking about insurance, money, income, taxes, schools and universities, and on and on. The so-called right to privacy actually is ONLY applied to the killing scheme of the wicked to annihilate America.

Here are my other objections to Kagan personally as a nominee for Supreme Court:
1) NARAL an organization that kills and that pays for, promotes, legislates, bribes legislators for their evil cause of killing is endorsing her. Anybody that NARAL endorses is prodeath not prolife.

2) If her credentials are so sketchy that the Washington Post has to omit entire sections that would be discussed in any normal job interview then that says a whole lot.

3) Does she have children? Does she have a husband or ever had one?

4) Why is she believed to be supportive of homosexual special rights --because she was 'educated' at that University from hell, Harvard?

5) Why did she leave Harvard as Dean, a position most lawyers would probably kill for?

And my final question in this entry for the Washington Post. Why are you trying to trick Americans into thinking she is the 'magic' for America instead of telling the whole story of her life and her circumstances and her agenda?
Gloria Poole; 7:28 AM, 11_May-2010 at home in Missouri
I logged back in at 7:52 am reading two more op-ed pieces in the NY TImes on the subjects of human life, and Kagan.They are the articles written by Bob Herbert of the NY Times, and David Brooks also of the NY Times.

Bob Herbert's article is a good article by Bob Herbert of NY Times about stopping the killing and the work of a organization named CeaseFire which is about stopping murders:
On the topic of stopping murders, where's the news about the murderer of Yeardly Love? And why is this concept of stopping murders excluding the tiniest most defenseless in the womb? They are the absolutely most vulnerable and the most in need of protection from evil. Remember the Commandment of GOD, 'thou shalt not kill" Exodus 20:13.

And David Brooks' article, 'What it takes" in NY Times also today:
which incluees a long rambling quote, or words spoken by Kagan that is nonsense-- a lot of words to say nothing; being deliberately obtuse to avoid any show of conviction on any real topic. Also, it points out the fact that while
at Harvard she banned the ROTC from recruiting on Harvard Campus.
That says it all to me.She thinks Harvard students are too elite to
have to serve their country in some way that is not a posh padded office
and lots and lots of money. Or that they should ever be expected to
lay down their lives for the nation [in the Military protecting the US]. It says she
is against the Military and sees them as the problem for the nation, whereas most
of the nation does not see the Military that way. In fact the only people who see
the Military the way Kagan does are those 'educated' in socialism and annihilism at
posh ivy leaque brainwashing centers.
7:51 AM 5/11/2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

Another trained assassin wannabe from Harvard U?

I read the not surprising news that Harvard brainwashed Obama plans to nominate Harvard brainwashed Kagan to the Supreme Court. No surprises there! Remember Harvard Professor Gates fool of all time?

If you like the communist tactics of Obama of suppressing and rigging the press and news, and using the Patriot Act to spy on citizens,and his giving $100 Million to the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb,and his using the Pentagon to try to fry suppress citizen's speech,and his reform bill that makes being alive and without insurance a crime, then you'd favor Kagan. She is another big socialist who believes that women only advance by killing their offspring.Her pact is with the same devil that Obama follows, and the same devil that all those who receive kickbacks and bribes from those who kill. The RICO Act was designed to prevent the rigging of elections and it should rightfully be applied to all those who support the premeditated murders of citizens in the womb and catch in its net the SEICUS, the Planned Parenthood evil killing group, the Center for Reproductive [killing] Choices, and the Dept of Education that uses the schools to brainwash killing and fake laws as 'rights'.

Kagan is another Jew. The nation hss four of those on Supreme Court and five from the cult of catholicism. Where are the Protestants? Where are the Judges from the South or the Midwest other than Chicago? Where are the representations of other law schools on the Supreme Court?

And contrary to the propaganda of the prodeathers, there is evidence that tiniest humans feel pain. That is one of the many reasons that the premeditated murders of them in the womb is a heinous crime. Read the article in the BBC today about how premature babies who would have been in the womb longer except for premature labor,at

And on a follow-up to previous entry regarding internet hosting accounts and emails. I want to post publicly the emails that were mine, that were on domains I paid for and own/owned and that were stolen from me via criminals/cybercriminals breaking into my hosting accounts either with stolen passwords, or with stolen credentials. I am warning that these emails are NOT mine any longer not in my control since passwords and security questions were changed when criminals got control of them.Do not send email to them or better yet, do and the FBI will catch you as cybercriminals.
The emails that were stolen from me and which I have reported to the hosting companies and to my isps in some cases are: [this was stolen when that was my then married name and I owned the earthlink acct it was on]
gloria.poole.pappas) [also stolen about 2005 when that was my then married name and my RN license was in that name, but my RN license is not in that name now.]
and there are several websites that were stolen using these emails after they stole the emails.
The hosting companies that I know that store financial account information and that I know to be dishonest and consistently defrauding their customers are:
Network Solutions of Herndon Virginia of Pennsylvania.
Gloria Poole at home in Missouri. 7:36 AM, 10_May-2010

Saturday, May 08, 2010

I bet those violent criminals are really scared now.

Of course I am being sarcastic with my title. The article I read last evening about fool H Clinton's plan to 'punish' murderous violent people by taking away their citizenship, proved to me how totally out of touch with reality that woman H Clinton is. Does she actually think that a man who plotted, and schemed to lay a plan to murder those whom he hates [American citizens] and got citizenship only for that purpose,and gained the knowledge while in the country that he was after, to carry out his evil plan, is going to be deterred one iota by losing something that was meaningless to him in the first place? And does that fool H Clinton actually think that murderous men will be deterred if they cannot fly into Washington-Dulles airport that she uses? They are smarter than she is. They will merely go to Mexico, cross the border at Texas, or Arizona, and board a bus to Colorado, jump off at the Mexican bus station there that is absolutely totally unsupervised or watched by any law-enforcement and fan out into the city, disappearing from the 'radar' of the Sec of State.

And while I am on the topic of murderous thugs I want to comment on the Yeardley Love murder. If the nation has learned anything from that evil event, it is this:
that attorneys have no conscience and sold their souls to the devil when they attended law schools in the US. How does one 'accidentally' kick in the bedroom door of a woman who said she did not want him around her and feared him, and who had locked it probably to keep him out? And how does one 'accidentally' smash the head of a woman against the wall with enough force and several times to kill her? The fact that the lawyer for the defense called those events 'accidents' shows you how corrupt and immoral the legal system in the US is. The reason his lawyer said that? His $10,000-100,000 fee --nothing more. He knows that man Hugely is guilty since he confessed. The world knows it too. And here's the thing. The father of that man knows it too, and also reported him for violence and so did a Police Officer woman. But what did the Court do? A slap on the wrist, an 'oh, you naughty but rich boy' pandering, and then he was set free to murder Miss Love.

I am somewhat of an expert of being a victim of domestic violence having endured it about 8 times from the man I was married to the second time, and having survived it not because of anything the courts did to protect me, but because of the power of THE ALMIGHTY GOD. I was the innocent victim much as Miss Love was, in having once made the unfortunate mistake of having entered into a relationship with a man who weeks later revealed his true nature of brutal rage and violence, that was covered up before those vows. Not to worry, I am divorced from him now and thanks to GOD for that mercy. But I know the fears of being terrorized with brute force, and being slammed down on a bed, and held against my will, and choked, poisoned,set up for crashes down flights of stairs TWICE, and endured 'sleeping with the enemy",and forced s-e-x * with a man who said he would cut my throat and cut off my head. Of course not ever actually sleeping for fear of being murdered. I could write a book on this topic. And how the Courts did not want to hear it, but did to a degree, because they did not want to have to deal with it, or enforce the laws or extradite a felon on cocaine back to Latin America or Mexico. His nation of origin is still unknown to me,because I caught him in thousands of lies.

And how one Judge told me that an emergency hearing was only for women with SMALL children, not for women who were being abused by violent husbands. Of course he only said the first part of that sentence. And another Judge told me that divorce court is not the place to discuss violence against me by the man seeking a divorce from me because I would not lift the restraining order against him and would not willingly have s-ex with him since he was on cocaine and by his own testimony also having that s-e-x with men which is a very very dangerous high risk deadly way to live. And another Judge told me that I was behaving irrationally [I was sobbing] and it bothered him and he preferred not to hear it. I could and maybe will write a book on those years I spent in the hell of Colorado surrounded by murderous felons, pagan catholics, and cutthroats. And of course how that violent evil man hired a '$10,000 lawyer to defend him, who also called all those attacks on me 'accidents'. I know what that feels like to be invisible to the court because I am the innocent person. The Constitution it seems only guarantees protections for FELONS and murderers, not for the innocent. It is a shame and disgrace but it is true. And it is the reason that preborn humans are treated with contempt and disdain by the Judges and lawyers--they are totally pure and innocent and cannot pay bribes or issue PR statements,or pay $100,000 crooked lawyers.
I logged back in to add this which a lot of people know already. I also survived the intentional effort by a man who was trained to give what he euphemistically calls 'therapeutic massage' [manipulating massaging bones, tissues and joints], when he grabbed my foot and twisted it trying to separate my foot from my leg and breaking the fibula in my leg,and displacing all the already broken ankle bones into bits and pieces; after I had crashed down the stairs because of his terrorizing me by being in aprt when told not to be, making threats to kill me, timing me to pressurize the situation, setting a trap for me, telling me he was never going to allow me to go anywhere again unless he went or see my two grown daughters again, and telling me he had developed his plan to kill me. And then hearing his lawyer later call that an 'accident' too. And I have endured the fact that he made a plea bargain to pay me a monthly income instead of going to prison and he doesn't,and the courts know he doesn't, but he is the epitome of the form of socialist-democracy that Colorado thrives on. Colorado where killing is a form of 'play therapy' for them. Remember Columbine/ and Jon Benet Ramsey? Colorado that allows unlicensed and ignorant people to declare themselves to M.D. and does nothing about it, even when informed of that. [ I know of two instances when that happened.]
I signed back in again to add more of what I know to be true about violent abusive men and the reason it matters now,is that if the courts in Virginia don't do the right thing this time another woman might be killed. I want them and the world to understand the reality of violent men in intimate relationships with women. A marriage is by definition an intimate relationship. It does not ever get more intimate than that. Constant contact, same bed,same shower, and a woman does not really 'own' her own body after she marries. By the time the fractures and concussion happened to me in July 2006, my then-husband had been arrested twice already, and had a restraining order against him. Which the district attorney's assistant demanded the Judge put on my then-husband because I testified secretly in their private office instead of in open court, because my then husband told me he would kill me if I ever testified against him, and then later he began to make threats against my youngest daughter to try to 'keep me in line'. I did later testify against him several times and I moved from that ungodly and lawless state to put a lot of distance between me and that murderous felon. Also, you should know he tried to kidnap me in the PARKING lot of the courthouse, and a deputy for Arapahoe County saw him as he grabbed me and arrested him, and he spend from Monday about 1 pm to Wed about 8 am in county jail and then posted bond I guess. I was at the hearing but my mind and emotions were so chaotic that I could not really figure out how he avoided prison, and wanted him to go to prison for my safety. He made threats to me sitting in a courtroom twice, his lawyers heard it twice, and they heard my outspoken reply against it, after he whispered it in my ear, 'if you say anything, I'll kill you." Violent men are expert at terroristic behaviours and words. He also said he would kill the probation officer, And he also said he would 'cut off their heads and blow up their building' but I never knew who they were, but asked but he did not answer it. I did warn his probation officer of his threats to 'kill probation officer... with a bazooka'.

* Word is hyphenated because I am not trying to cause a flood of s-p-am into my inbox on that topic or with offers.
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 6:35 AM,8-May-2010.
Update at 9:57 PM, 9-May-2010 after reading the shameless article in the USA Today that is a paid propaganda piece written by a Planned Parenthood staffer. The USA Today ought to be ashamed of taking money from those who kill, to pump up their killing plan. The Bible says to warn the wicked and the USA Today should repent immediately of that evil article. And something tells me that newspaper is owned by the Jews as are most newspapers in the U S . So for them of all people to promote a killing plan is beyond comprehension. Abortion is evil. It is killing of the most innocent HUMANS of all and those are in the womb. The ten states that are trying to prevent abortions will be remembered by GOD and the other 40 states that have killing as their modus operandi will also be remembered by GOD for punishment and destruction. It is written in Genesis 9: 6, 'whoso sheddeth man's blood ,by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of GOD made HE man."
And this notice about my earthlink account:
My same earthlink account that began in July 2007 moved to Missouri with me. I am aware that cybercriminals/criminals in Colorado have tried to steal it by using stolen credentials of mine, and by using info supplied to them when earthlink continued to mail my US mail to an address that I moved FROM six months ago. I do not expect much cooperation from earthlink. They have a business partnership with Sprint the organization that gives hundreds of MILLIONS to the killing of innocents via Planned Parenthood that evil organization from hell. IS GOD mocked? Did yet another earthquake strike in Indonesia today where the internet cables lay?
Earthlink is not a reputable company any longer. Years ago when they began they were good. But they are not now. They became corrupt and began padding the bills of their customers and siphoning money out of accounts to send to Phillipines and Mexico in sneaky underhanded ways. I continued with them for the sake of my websites but I regret having ever signed up with them. They do not reward their long-term customers and in fact, help criminals steal the passwords from earthlink customers by having non-existent security on email accounts.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 10:06 PM, 9-May-2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama's United States of Chicago & crooks on the web

I read about the interview between Obama and Chicago Judge Diane Woods, as consideration for nominating her to Supreme Court and these are my comments:
1) Harvard that so infamously teaches 'diversity' to include perversions, d-r-ug-addicts and sodomites, failed to teach Obama about the United States. He seems to think the United States consist only of Chicago or Illinois where he knows all the
crooked politicians who long ago sold out the idea of liberty and justice in return for $$$$$$$$$$ and $$$$$$$$$$$$$. He is using a form of political nepotism to try to
control the entire nation by seeking to put into office only those not acceptable to mainstream America.
2) The CNN arrticle says Diane Wood is a judge for "progressives'. When you see that word 'progressives' it means socialism.
3) Rahm Emanuel is from the Obama neck of the woods too.
4) And so is Roland Burris.
5) And so is Rod Blagojevich.
6) Packing the Court with Illinois crooked politicians and or Judges that could be bought is the Obama plan to 'gurantee' killing of premeditated innocents remains a fake 'right' as read by a Supreme Court that cannot read written words with their ordinary meanings.
7) Obama is a terrible, awful, ungodly vile President because he forced into law along with that also terrible, awful, ungodly vile Pelosi, a bill intended to subsidize the premeditated killing of the tiniest most defenseless humans in the U S and those are in the womb.
8) We the nation do not need any more representation from Illinois or Chicago, and we certainly do not need any socialist Judges on the Supreme Court.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; 6:40 AM, 5-May-2010 at home in Missouri.
Update at 7:28 AM after reading more news to add these comments:
About the Yeardley Love murder, I noticed that the NY Times did not mention that at all today. Do you think that a Judge somewhere silenced them to try to prevent justice for the murdered woman ?
And about the article in Yahoo news today written by Christian Science Monitor with the words 'moral clarity' in the title:
I am glad that you wrote that article and that Yahoo published it. In the southwest and west the concept of private property is so diluted to be meaningless.The Judges there generally assume that property is everyone's including illegals who snuck across the border during the night, except of course theirs. Or as the nation learned from that fool at Harvard, "Professor" Gates who was furious that the Police in Cambridge tried to prevent his house from being broken into because they did not recognize him on sight and was obstructing the investigation [obstructing justice it is called] and then had a celebration party with beer on the White House lawn with equally stupid Obama who wants most of all a lawless godless nation.
The article is about the blog Gizmoda buying/receiving property that they knew was not legally belonging to the person who was selling it. And about the rights of journalist's to be shielded from arrest in the US for reporting but not when they break the laws --very different things. And about the concept of intellectual properties and copyrighted information or information with patents or patents-pending. Gizmoda did wrong when they published intellectual property belonging to Apple computers on the web of a new prototype or even an established one, to make it readily available to anyone, after Apple had created /developed/designed/invested in it. The concept of intellectual property is almost unknown on the web and with hosting companies, who seem to have no shame whatsoever at ruining those who create such, while they encourage/aid/abet criminals regularly. A company that comes to mind immediately as having done that sort of thing to me is of Pennsylvania who is a crooked hosting company and will steal not only your name, and your domains but your created as in my case painted paintings, and sketches, and your own original photoography AND your money all in one fell swoop. The moral of the story is that not many people in the US have any concept whatsoever of the Commandments of GOD. And that is because the U S and the 'Supreme " Court are hostile to GOD and don't want GOD's name used in a reverent way but always encourage profane use of it.
Gloria Poole, at home, Missouri. 7:40 AM, 5-May-2010

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Freedom to be free of criminal hackers --YEA

The Washington Post has an article today, about the college student who at an age when many of the US's MEN and WOMEN are serving in the military, purposely broke into the Yahoo email account of then-Governor Sarah Palin for the purpose of destroying her campaign and her public life. That he was found guilty is a huge relief to me but the jury should have had no problems convicting him of identity theft either since he assumed her identity to get access to her email. He knowingly, willingly and at an age when he should be considered responsible and held responsible [c'mon 22 is NOT a child!] pretended to be her to get into her privately used* and privately issued email acct to read HER emails, and post them to the world. The audacity of his defense to try to label that a college 'prank' is outrageous.

Do college /university students have an inherent right to ruin someone's life and to hijack her personal and private communications, and to derail her expensive campaign in a federal election? For the defense to even assert that college students or high school students or technical school students have any such 'right' or authority is what is wrong with this nation. The concept of a private citizen whatever office they hold or seek, there are times when their lives belong to them, is being almost daily hijacked by thugs like that David who was convicted of crimes and should go to prison. And I pray he does for the sake of all the rest of this nation and the world who have email accounts whether personal or for business, or who run for office, or who have the free email accts, or who write their children via email, or who presume that their email is secure and safe to write any correspondence.

One lesson the world has learned from it,is that email is not safe. There are things you could do to make it safer, but those are not fool-proof by any means.
For starters, make up a password that is a combination of letters,numbers and special characters. Make it longer than 8 characters and not a word, or your date of birth or your street address, or your identifying numbers that would be on any public [government] database. The government says their databases are secure but they are only as secure until a criminal devises a plan to break into them, or an errant employee downloads your info to a flash drive and takes it with him and then leaves it in the Starbucks where he used wi-fi with it. That is one scenario only . The airlines say that laptops, flash drives are one of the most commonly reported thefts while in airport of all time.

Back to what you could do to secure your emails:
Make a security question to reset your password something that is not on any government or otherwise database somewhere. Remember a Unix system has no secrets. If you ever created a password on a unix system then all Unix administrators could get access to it, if they are not honest. Make it similar to a passcode or pass phrase with more than eight letters, numbers and combination in random sequence. Make the questions to reset your password something that cannot be guessed, or hinted at gotten by searching the internet for info. The password reset questions are also stored so make them something that criminals don't have access too if they break into your computer. Something like a written down sequence in my file cabinet, or a sequence on page ____ of a my paper notebook. Do not make it an event that many attended or a zip code where you live and work [work addresses whether for pay or not for pay, are usually known somewhere.] Do not use the 'standard' questions such but select make my own security question if you have to have a password security question. Some accts require it, some do not . A password reset question also helps criminals if they get past the firewall and into your computer.

I think the criminal who broke into Mrs Palin's email should go to prison for as many years as the Watergate break in people did, or maybe more, since cybercriminal David did more damage and intended to control, suppress , prevent a federal office seeker and thus rig the election.

I am also glad the jury thought so too. Praise GOD for that! It helps everyone who has an email acct or uses the internet for anything, to feel as if there are rules that apply at the federal and state level about what is acceptable and what is not.
I am praying that those who broke into my accounts also go to prison because they clearly intended to prevent my first amendment liberties to publish the gospel, and my religious beliefs and to prevent [prior restraint] my publishing my learned opinion as Registered Nurse knowledgeable of health care risks, opposing sodomy for many reasons including that it is a deadly lifestyle and a sin and that it is abomination against GOD according to Leviticus 18:22; and for opposing abortion because it is also deadly to the tiny baby in the womb and a grievous heinous sin against GOD and humanity.
*footnote, she registered for her email--it was not issued by the state of Alaska.

Gloria Poole, at home in Missouri; 6:00 AM, 1-May-2010
Update at 6:20 after reading NY Times article that is a thin disguise op-ed piece of prodeath writing. I am not going to tell you which idiot wrote it in the NY Times today--it's on the front page. I am not wanting to give publicity to complete fools. Only an idiot as defined as a totally ignorant person of human anatomy and physiology would write that a human baby feels no pain when killed,shredded, ripped limb from torso, decapitated. Only a fool would publish such hogwash.
If an assailant broke into the NY Times today and ripped the arms and legs off the journalists and slashed them with knives would they feel pain? Or are they humanoid robots without any sense but programmed by computer only?
Don't give place to the devil the Bible says, and I try to always remember that when I am writing or speaking on any topic. It is the devil who wants to kill, dismember, shred, decapitate human babies. Never forget that. It is NOT of GOD -it was NEVER GOD's idea to kill innocents and in fact, the commandments of GOD include a prohibition against killing. If you don't know the commandments and it seems most of the NY Times doesn't, you could read them here: and click the link to them or at: if for some reason one of sites not up.