Saturday, May 01, 2010

Freedom to be free of criminal hackers --YEA

The Washington Post has an article today, about the college student who at an age when many of the US's MEN and WOMEN are serving in the military, purposely broke into the Yahoo email account of then-Governor Sarah Palin for the purpose of destroying her campaign and her public life. That he was found guilty is a huge relief to me but the jury should have had no problems convicting him of identity theft either since he assumed her identity to get access to her email. He knowingly, willingly and at an age when he should be considered responsible and held responsible [c'mon 22 is NOT a child!] pretended to be her to get into her privately used* and privately issued email acct to read HER emails, and post them to the world. The audacity of his defense to try to label that a college 'prank' is outrageous.

Do college /university students have an inherent right to ruin someone's life and to hijack her personal and private communications, and to derail her expensive campaign in a federal election? For the defense to even assert that college students or high school students or technical school students have any such 'right' or authority is what is wrong with this nation. The concept of a private citizen whatever office they hold or seek, there are times when their lives belong to them, is being almost daily hijacked by thugs like that David who was convicted of crimes and should go to prison. And I pray he does for the sake of all the rest of this nation and the world who have email accounts whether personal or for business, or who run for office, or who have the free email accts, or who write their children via email, or who presume that their email is secure and safe to write any correspondence.

One lesson the world has learned from it,is that email is not safe. There are things you could do to make it safer, but those are not fool-proof by any means.
For starters, make up a password that is a combination of letters,numbers and special characters. Make it longer than 8 characters and not a word, or your date of birth or your street address, or your identifying numbers that would be on any public [government] database. The government says their databases are secure but they are only as secure until a criminal devises a plan to break into them, or an errant employee downloads your info to a flash drive and takes it with him and then leaves it in the Starbucks where he used wi-fi with it. That is one scenario only . The airlines say that laptops, flash drives are one of the most commonly reported thefts while in airport of all time.

Back to what you could do to secure your emails:
Make a security question to reset your password something that is not on any government or otherwise database somewhere. Remember a Unix system has no secrets. If you ever created a password on a unix system then all Unix administrators could get access to it, if they are not honest. Make it similar to a passcode or pass phrase with more than eight letters, numbers and combination in random sequence. Make the questions to reset your password something that cannot be guessed, or hinted at gotten by searching the internet for info. The password reset questions are also stored so make them something that criminals don't have access too if they break into your computer. Something like a written down sequence in my file cabinet, or a sequence on page ____ of a my paper notebook. Do not make it an event that many attended or a zip code where you live and work [work addresses whether for pay or not for pay, are usually known somewhere.] Do not use the 'standard' questions such but select make my own security question if you have to have a password security question. Some accts require it, some do not . A password reset question also helps criminals if they get past the firewall and into your computer.

I think the criminal who broke into Mrs Palin's email should go to prison for as many years as the Watergate break in people did, or maybe more, since cybercriminal David did more damage and intended to control, suppress , prevent a federal office seeker and thus rig the election.

I am also glad the jury thought so too. Praise GOD for that! It helps everyone who has an email acct or uses the internet for anything, to feel as if there are rules that apply at the federal and state level about what is acceptable and what is not.
I am praying that those who broke into my accounts also go to prison because they clearly intended to prevent my first amendment liberties to publish the gospel, and my religious beliefs and to prevent [prior restraint] my publishing my learned opinion as Registered Nurse knowledgeable of health care risks, opposing sodomy for many reasons including that it is a deadly lifestyle and a sin and that it is abomination against GOD according to Leviticus 18:22; and for opposing abortion because it is also deadly to the tiny baby in the womb and a grievous heinous sin against GOD and humanity.
*footnote, she registered for her email--it was not issued by the state of Alaska.

Gloria Poole, at home in Missouri; 6:00 AM, 1-May-2010
Update at 6:20 after reading NY Times article that is a thin disguise op-ed piece of prodeath writing. I am not going to tell you which idiot wrote it in the NY Times today--it's on the front page. I am not wanting to give publicity to complete fools. Only an idiot as defined as a totally ignorant person of human anatomy and physiology would write that a human baby feels no pain when killed,shredded, ripped limb from torso, decapitated. Only a fool would publish such hogwash.
If an assailant broke into the NY Times today and ripped the arms and legs off the journalists and slashed them with knives would they feel pain? Or are they humanoid robots without any sense but programmed by computer only?
Don't give place to the devil the Bible says, and I try to always remember that when I am writing or speaking on any topic. It is the devil who wants to kill, dismember, shred, decapitate human babies. Never forget that. It is NOT of GOD -it was NEVER GOD's idea to kill innocents and in fact, the commandments of GOD include a prohibition against killing. If you don't know the commandments and it seems most of the NY Times doesn't, you could read them here: and click the link to them or at: if for some reason one of sites not up.


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