Monday, May 17, 2010

Sign of the times; Miss America is Not Amercan

Well, if anything has brought the emigrant question to the forefront it is the fact that a Lebanese citizen was voted to be Miss America. Does that say anything about the future of America? That the Arabs will control the destiny of America?

I admit that there is a fascination about Arabic people whether male or female. They are in contrast to much of America and therefore somewhat intriguing. But the fact that a woman who identifies herself as Muslim [and Christian] strutted around in a swimwuit apparently defying all Muslim tradition and law, reveals a lot. I did not watch and never watch it, thinking it degrades women into mere s-e-x objects. I read about it this morning in the news and saw the photos. For a nation that prides itself on the career macho-woman of pant-suited women 'who bring home the bacon' to quote that former TV ads from the Eve cigarette commercials of the late 1960's early 70's, it seems counter-productive to their goals. However I always thought that show was designed for men-- to appeal to them and entice them-- and for no other reason. Sort of like those swimsuit editions of Sports Illustrated which are certainly not about sports unless you call -s-e-x for sale a "sport" . Or those catalogs from Victoria's Secret lingerie for women that are designed to appeal also to men,not women. The so-called secret is that Victoria's Secret is not so secretly marketing TO men not women. Women don't usually see themselves in their lingerie unless brushing their teeth!

My question is how could that woman identify herself as Muslim and strut on stage in front of millions of men in a very revealing swimsuit? Any contradiction of values as so often stated by Muslim nations as their rationale for those burkha's and all covering veils by any name? And where is that protest that usually accompanies any exhibition in public of a woman's face and body? And where are the Muslims who defend those burkha's and head to toe coverings of women's bodies to avoid public display of their assets? Muslim men, your failure to protest is revealing of your real reasons for those veils--domination, and not protecting women. Since there seems to be no protest from the Arabic or Muslim world about her winning that title.
What say ye?
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri; 10:34 AM, 17-May-2010


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