Saturday, May 08, 2010

I bet those violent criminals are really scared now.

Of course I am being sarcastic with my title. The article I read last evening about fool H Clinton's plan to 'punish' murderous violent people by taking away their citizenship, proved to me how totally out of touch with reality that woman H Clinton is. Does she actually think that a man who plotted, and schemed to lay a plan to murder those whom he hates [American citizens] and got citizenship only for that purpose,and gained the knowledge while in the country that he was after, to carry out his evil plan, is going to be deterred one iota by losing something that was meaningless to him in the first place? And does that fool H Clinton actually think that murderous men will be deterred if they cannot fly into Washington-Dulles airport that she uses? They are smarter than she is. They will merely go to Mexico, cross the border at Texas, or Arizona, and board a bus to Colorado, jump off at the Mexican bus station there that is absolutely totally unsupervised or watched by any law-enforcement and fan out into the city, disappearing from the 'radar' of the Sec of State.

And while I am on the topic of murderous thugs I want to comment on the Yeardley Love murder. If the nation has learned anything from that evil event, it is this:
that attorneys have no conscience and sold their souls to the devil when they attended law schools in the US. How does one 'accidentally' kick in the bedroom door of a woman who said she did not want him around her and feared him, and who had locked it probably to keep him out? And how does one 'accidentally' smash the head of a woman against the wall with enough force and several times to kill her? The fact that the lawyer for the defense called those events 'accidents' shows you how corrupt and immoral the legal system in the US is. The reason his lawyer said that? His $10,000-100,000 fee --nothing more. He knows that man Hugely is guilty since he confessed. The world knows it too. And here's the thing. The father of that man knows it too, and also reported him for violence and so did a Police Officer woman. But what did the Court do? A slap on the wrist, an 'oh, you naughty but rich boy' pandering, and then he was set free to murder Miss Love.

I am somewhat of an expert of being a victim of domestic violence having endured it about 8 times from the man I was married to the second time, and having survived it not because of anything the courts did to protect me, but because of the power of THE ALMIGHTY GOD. I was the innocent victim much as Miss Love was, in having once made the unfortunate mistake of having entered into a relationship with a man who weeks later revealed his true nature of brutal rage and violence, that was covered up before those vows. Not to worry, I am divorced from him now and thanks to GOD for that mercy. But I know the fears of being terrorized with brute force, and being slammed down on a bed, and held against my will, and choked, poisoned,set up for crashes down flights of stairs TWICE, and endured 'sleeping with the enemy",and forced s-e-x * with a man who said he would cut my throat and cut off my head. Of course not ever actually sleeping for fear of being murdered. I could write a book on this topic. And how the Courts did not want to hear it, but did to a degree, because they did not want to have to deal with it, or enforce the laws or extradite a felon on cocaine back to Latin America or Mexico. His nation of origin is still unknown to me,because I caught him in thousands of lies.

And how one Judge told me that an emergency hearing was only for women with SMALL children, not for women who were being abused by violent husbands. Of course he only said the first part of that sentence. And another Judge told me that divorce court is not the place to discuss violence against me by the man seeking a divorce from me because I would not lift the restraining order against him and would not willingly have s-ex with him since he was on cocaine and by his own testimony also having that s-e-x with men which is a very very dangerous high risk deadly way to live. And another Judge told me that I was behaving irrationally [I was sobbing] and it bothered him and he preferred not to hear it. I could and maybe will write a book on those years I spent in the hell of Colorado surrounded by murderous felons, pagan catholics, and cutthroats. And of course how that violent evil man hired a '$10,000 lawyer to defend him, who also called all those attacks on me 'accidents'. I know what that feels like to be invisible to the court because I am the innocent person. The Constitution it seems only guarantees protections for FELONS and murderers, not for the innocent. It is a shame and disgrace but it is true. And it is the reason that preborn humans are treated with contempt and disdain by the Judges and lawyers--they are totally pure and innocent and cannot pay bribes or issue PR statements,or pay $100,000 crooked lawyers.
I logged back in to add this which a lot of people know already. I also survived the intentional effort by a man who was trained to give what he euphemistically calls 'therapeutic massage' [manipulating massaging bones, tissues and joints], when he grabbed my foot and twisted it trying to separate my foot from my leg and breaking the fibula in my leg,and displacing all the already broken ankle bones into bits and pieces; after I had crashed down the stairs because of his terrorizing me by being in aprt when told not to be, making threats to kill me, timing me to pressurize the situation, setting a trap for me, telling me he was never going to allow me to go anywhere again unless he went or see my two grown daughters again, and telling me he had developed his plan to kill me. And then hearing his lawyer later call that an 'accident' too. And I have endured the fact that he made a plea bargain to pay me a monthly income instead of going to prison and he doesn't,and the courts know he doesn't, but he is the epitome of the form of socialist-democracy that Colorado thrives on. Colorado where killing is a form of 'play therapy' for them. Remember Columbine/ and Jon Benet Ramsey? Colorado that allows unlicensed and ignorant people to declare themselves to M.D. and does nothing about it, even when informed of that. [ I know of two instances when that happened.]
I signed back in again to add more of what I know to be true about violent abusive men and the reason it matters now,is that if the courts in Virginia don't do the right thing this time another woman might be killed. I want them and the world to understand the reality of violent men in intimate relationships with women. A marriage is by definition an intimate relationship. It does not ever get more intimate than that. Constant contact, same bed,same shower, and a woman does not really 'own' her own body after she marries. By the time the fractures and concussion happened to me in July 2006, my then-husband had been arrested twice already, and had a restraining order against him. Which the district attorney's assistant demanded the Judge put on my then-husband because I testified secretly in their private office instead of in open court, because my then husband told me he would kill me if I ever testified against him, and then later he began to make threats against my youngest daughter to try to 'keep me in line'. I did later testify against him several times and I moved from that ungodly and lawless state to put a lot of distance between me and that murderous felon. Also, you should know he tried to kidnap me in the PARKING lot of the courthouse, and a deputy for Arapahoe County saw him as he grabbed me and arrested him, and he spend from Monday about 1 pm to Wed about 8 am in county jail and then posted bond I guess. I was at the hearing but my mind and emotions were so chaotic that I could not really figure out how he avoided prison, and wanted him to go to prison for my safety. He made threats to me sitting in a courtroom twice, his lawyers heard it twice, and they heard my outspoken reply against it, after he whispered it in my ear, 'if you say anything, I'll kill you." Violent men are expert at terroristic behaviours and words. He also said he would kill the probation officer, And he also said he would 'cut off their heads and blow up their building' but I never knew who they were, but asked but he did not answer it. I did warn his probation officer of his threats to 'kill probation officer... with a bazooka'.

* Word is hyphenated because I am not trying to cause a flood of s-p-am into my inbox on that topic or with offers.
Gloria Poole; at home in Missouri; 6:35 AM,8-May-2010.
Update at 9:57 PM, 9-May-2010 after reading the shameless article in the USA Today that is a paid propaganda piece written by a Planned Parenthood staffer. The USA Today ought to be ashamed of taking money from those who kill, to pump up their killing plan. The Bible says to warn the wicked and the USA Today should repent immediately of that evil article. And something tells me that newspaper is owned by the Jews as are most newspapers in the U S . So for them of all people to promote a killing plan is beyond comprehension. Abortion is evil. It is killing of the most innocent HUMANS of all and those are in the womb. The ten states that are trying to prevent abortions will be remembered by GOD and the other 40 states that have killing as their modus operandi will also be remembered by GOD for punishment and destruction. It is written in Genesis 9: 6, 'whoso sheddeth man's blood ,by man shall his blood be shed, for in the image of GOD made HE man."
And this notice about my earthlink account:
My same earthlink account that began in July 2007 moved to Missouri with me. I am aware that cybercriminals/criminals in Colorado have tried to steal it by using stolen credentials of mine, and by using info supplied to them when earthlink continued to mail my US mail to an address that I moved FROM six months ago. I do not expect much cooperation from earthlink. They have a business partnership with Sprint the organization that gives hundreds of MILLIONS to the killing of innocents via Planned Parenthood that evil organization from hell. IS GOD mocked? Did yet another earthquake strike in Indonesia today where the internet cables lay?
Earthlink is not a reputable company any longer. Years ago when they began they were good. But they are not now. They became corrupt and began padding the bills of their customers and siphoning money out of accounts to send to Phillipines and Mexico in sneaky underhanded ways. I continued with them for the sake of my websites but I regret having ever signed up with them. They do not reward their long-term customers and in fact, help criminals steal the passwords from earthlink customers by having non-existent security on email accounts.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; time is 10:06 PM, 9-May-2010


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