Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just vote NO to Kagan

In case you Senators missed the issues at hand:
1) USA Today reports that the American public does not want Kagan on Supreme Court;
2) she is not prolife. A court packed with prodeathers bodes an ill wind for America.
3) She is from Harvard U. Did you like that Prof Gates idiot? and how about ignorant of everything but politics and scams Obama? They are both Harvard products of brainwashing.
4) We don't need any more Harvard alums on Supreme Court. We need someone from a REAL University that teaches something other than 'politically correct" poop and that teaches the REAL U. S Constitution as it is written not as Harvard spins it.
Just Vote NO to Kagan. Try to follow what the feds so often try to ramrod onto private businesses of 'diversity' in hiring etc. Try to think outside the Harvard box.
Try to find a candidate not from the Northeast, not from an Ivy Leaque University, not from the Jewish or Catholic 'faiths' and not a former classmate/friend/lover/business partner of Obama's.
Just do it.
Gloria Poole, at my home in Missouri; 9:07 AM, 27-May-2010


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