Friday, May 14, 2010

Familiarity breeds contempt and yes, it does.

I am a Registered Nurse since 1971. And in the course of that career, had jobs ranging from bedside nursing to Administrative Supervisor for a trauma-designated hospital.* I wrote that to get to this point, when I was learning how to be a good charge nurse--a bold, take-charge sort of woman, which I was definitely NOT raised to be, [but raised to be a wife to somebody and no good at that apparently], I was told by the Head Nurse as they were called then, not to be too friendly with subordinates--to keep my distance.

Well, keeping your distance and the proverbial 'stiff upper lip' of those with any Anglo-Saxon ancestry that does not allow a public show of emotion, is another trait of the Poole Family. So that part was easy for me.

My point is that every time I go online I see the headlines of news that would be inappropriate for any leader and it is about that evil Obama. What he did on his vacation? Where he took his daughters? What town he is pursuing as next on his notched belt of democratic party politicking? blah, blah, blah.

I would not like him no matter what he did. He lost any respect I would have had for him as President when about 2 days after his swearing in, he signed a bill to kill innocents with taxpayer money. But I like him less with every passing day. I don't want to know every detail of the life of a man I find abhorrent. And yet the press seems intent on cramming him down the throats of the nation. Yahoo has a black man on the interface of its email, and I am not black. So where is that targeted marketing that everyone says the internet is famous for? Why don't they know if they are so expert at targeting one's likes and dislikes that I am NOT looking for black men and never was. I was taught as a child from the Bible that GOD said for the races not to intermarry.

And I especially do not want to know the details of his scouring the nation on the prowl.That is not leadership qualities. A President who was at his desk doing what President's are supposed to do instead of attending this groupie meeting or that one, or giving a paid for speech while on the payroll of the taxpayer, would do a lot to help me at least respect the person as President. But his behaviours of a teenage boy on the prowl do not cause me to respect him. He is the worst president ever.

And oh yea, before I forget. His propensity to name/ nominate those who have a killing agenda like that nominee for Supreme court has only added fuel to the fire of my intense dislike and contempt of him.

* Footnote: Those jobs were mostly NOT in my name when my last name was Pappas but my last name is legally again Poole since second divorce in Oct, 2007; and my brothers and sisters all live in the Southeastern US not in Colorado. And though my second exhusband is one of those men who never want to grow up or behave responsibly in any situation, he is between the ages of 45-51 [never saw his birth certificate but judging by his baldness that he hides with toupee and my knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the ages of humans; and my first exhusband is older than me. So men failing to be men seems to be endemic to America. If my life is any example.
Gloria Poole; 8:56 Am, 14_May-201 at my home in Missouri.
Update at 9:52 to contrast Sarah Palin's speech in DC today that was live stream via CNN video and her style of leadership.
I watched her speech and I think she could be should be the first woman President for these reasons:
1) she said 'choosing always the right..."
2) she said that the gun-toting pioneering women of America were prolife feminine women.
3) she quoted one of the original leaders of the movement that became the 'feminists' that was supposed to be about the women's right to vote, not the 'right' to kill, and that quote was, 'abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.'
And to change topics to the subject of Obama's lack of leadership and his efforts to appear to be the perpetual teenage boy seeking thrills style. I remember hearing my daddy say often when I was little and my brothers were all little and mama would want them to do a task he thought not appropriate for them 'don't send a boy to do a man's job". And to that I say amen. It will take a real man to end the premeditated slaughter of the innocents in the womb, a man of the caliber of an Abraham Lincoln,and not of the wishy-washy no laws allowed Obama.


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