Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Obama's United States of Chicago & crooks on the web

I read about the interview between Obama and Chicago Judge Diane Woods, as consideration for nominating her to Supreme Court and these are my comments:
1) Harvard that so infamously teaches 'diversity' to include perversions, d-r-ug-addicts and sodomites, failed to teach Obama about the United States. He seems to think the United States consist only of Chicago or Illinois where he knows all the
crooked politicians who long ago sold out the idea of liberty and justice in return for $$$$$$$$$$ and $$$$$$$$$$$$$. He is using a form of political nepotism to try to
control the entire nation by seeking to put into office only those not acceptable to mainstream America.
2) The CNN arrticle says Diane Wood is a judge for "progressives'. When you see that word 'progressives' it means socialism.
3) Rahm Emanuel is from the Obama neck of the woods too.
4) And so is Roland Burris.
5) And so is Rod Blagojevich.
6) Packing the Court with Illinois crooked politicians and or Judges that could be bought is the Obama plan to 'gurantee' killing of premeditated innocents remains a fake 'right' as read by a Supreme Court that cannot read written words with their ordinary meanings.
7) Obama is a terrible, awful, ungodly vile President because he forced into law along with that also terrible, awful, ungodly vile Pelosi, a bill intended to subsidize the premeditated killing of the tiniest most defenseless humans in the U S and those are in the womb.
8) We the nation do not need any more representation from Illinois or Chicago, and we certainly do not need any socialist Judges on the Supreme Court.
Gloria Poole; Missouri; 6:40 AM, 5-May-2010 at home in Missouri.
Update at 7:28 AM after reading more news to add these comments:
About the Yeardley Love murder, I noticed that the NY Times did not mention that at all today. Do you think that a Judge somewhere silenced them to try to prevent justice for the murdered woman ?
And about the article in Yahoo news today written by Christian Science Monitor with the words 'moral clarity' in the title:
I am glad that you wrote that article and that Yahoo published it. In the southwest and west the concept of private property is so diluted to be meaningless.The Judges there generally assume that property is everyone's including illegals who snuck across the border during the night, except of course theirs. Or as the nation learned from that fool at Harvard, "Professor" Gates who was furious that the Police in Cambridge tried to prevent his house from being broken into because they did not recognize him on sight and was obstructing the investigation [obstructing justice it is called] and then had a celebration party with beer on the White House lawn with equally stupid Obama who wants most of all a lawless godless nation.
The article is about the blog Gizmoda buying/receiving property that they knew was not legally belonging to the person who was selling it. And about the rights of journalist's to be shielded from arrest in the US for reporting but not when they break the laws --very different things. And about the concept of intellectual properties and copyrighted information or information with patents or patents-pending. Gizmoda did wrong when they published intellectual property belonging to Apple computers on the web of a new prototype or even an established one, to make it readily available to anyone, after Apple had created /developed/designed/invested in it. The concept of intellectual property is almost unknown on the web and with hosting companies, who seem to have no shame whatsoever at ruining those who create such, while they encourage/aid/abet criminals regularly. A company that comes to mind immediately as having done that sort of thing to me is of Pennsylvania who is a crooked hosting company and will steal not only your name, and your domains but your created as in my case painted paintings, and sketches, and your own original photoography AND your money all in one fell swoop. The moral of the story is that not many people in the US have any concept whatsoever of the Commandments of GOD. And that is because the U S and the 'Supreme " Court are hostile to GOD and don't want GOD's name used in a reverent way but always encourage profane use of it.
Gloria Poole, at home, Missouri. 7:40 AM, 5-May-2010


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