Thursday, May 20, 2010

Twenty states filing lawsuits to stop usurpation of auth by feds

Twenty States filed lawsuits to stop the unconstitutional 'health care" usurpation of
federal power act.
Read an op-ed in the NYTimes on this subject, but remember that the NY Times is
ALWAYS on the far left politically:
9:28 AM 5/20/2010
My comments on this as a Registered Nurse who worked in health care for 26 years are:
1) requiring those that are too poor to pay premiums to pay fines into courts for being poor is not a solution.
2) Fining and putting stains on a person's background checks that are mandatory for many jobs, for the cause of being poor is not going to help the job market or the citizenry, but instead create a market where the numbers of unemployable rise and the courts are jammed with cases for poverty.
3) Twisting the U S Constitution into a forced product buying service and a forced marketing tool for some products and services essentially shuts down those products and services not on the government's list of 'approved' solutions.
4) Taking money by edict from one generation to give to another generation is one of the basic planks of the communist manifesto. It is intergenerational transfer of wealth. The concept of the elderly giving to their own children either before they die or afterwards is turned upside to the young child-bearing ages, who are employed being taxed with force to give to the old. It is the duty of churches to take care of the sick,the orphans and the widows according to the Bible. Or the duty of the old to make a plan to provide for themselves in old age [private annuities, Social Security is a public annuity, insurances] .
5) The so-called reform bill does not do anything good for health care. It admits that the sick children were not covered, and that the sick older groups will have to pay higher premiums. Wasn't that what they were supposed to be 'curing' with they huge expansion of every component of the federal government that they euphemistically labeled health care reform?
6) The 2000+ page rewrite of the US Constitution masquerading as health care reform is a bill to implement socialism into America and to allow the federal govenment to define every aspect of life in America including how you spend your money it leaves you, and where you spend it, and what activities are to be persecuted and what are to be 'empowered' that buzz word of the wicked.
Years ago when I worked in the Operating Room of the main hospital I worked with a Surgeon that I loved in a pure way because he was so good, and helped so many people. He told a joke in the operating room once and I have never forgotten it. It was:
The U S is going to simplify its tax code so anyone could do the form.
It will be really simple and have only two statements on it.
They will be:
1) how much money did you make last year?
2) Send it all in to the IRS.
That is the sort of reform Obama and his communist manifesto-gang of embezzlers, looters,criminals and aliens have in mind for the Un-United States.
Gloria Poole; at my home in Missouri, 9:49 AM, 20_May-2010
Update at 11:43 AM, after thinking on the situation in the US some. I realize that the reason California is so furious that Arizona is securing its borders some and trying to prevent repopulation with Mexicans, is:
if Arizona secures the bottleneck gateway into the U S then illegal Mexicans won't be able to flow unimpeded to California where they get lots of free to them US benefits provided by taxpayers perqs, and where they are told to vote democrat to get them.
AND then N Pelosi would not be able to buy votes with food stamps and welfare.
And then she could be beaten and removed from office by legitimate voters.
And therefore since she is catholic, and so is Arnold Swartzeneggar [? unsure spelling] and so are most of the Mexicans who vote democrat, the stranglehold on the US Congress would be broken. And the stranglehold on the Supreme Court would also be broken and the rest of the nation would not have rule by catholics suppressing civil liberties of protestants.
SO I say YEA ARIZONA! GOD bless you and keep at it.


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