Monday, May 10, 2010

Another trained assassin wannabe from Harvard U?

I read the not surprising news that Harvard brainwashed Obama plans to nominate Harvard brainwashed Kagan to the Supreme Court. No surprises there! Remember Harvard Professor Gates fool of all time?

If you like the communist tactics of Obama of suppressing and rigging the press and news, and using the Patriot Act to spy on citizens,and his giving $100 Million to the premeditated murders of innocents in the womb,and his using the Pentagon to try to fry suppress citizen's speech,and his reform bill that makes being alive and without insurance a crime, then you'd favor Kagan. She is another big socialist who believes that women only advance by killing their offspring.Her pact is with the same devil that Obama follows, and the same devil that all those who receive kickbacks and bribes from those who kill. The RICO Act was designed to prevent the rigging of elections and it should rightfully be applied to all those who support the premeditated murders of citizens in the womb and catch in its net the SEICUS, the Planned Parenthood evil killing group, the Center for Reproductive [killing] Choices, and the Dept of Education that uses the schools to brainwash killing and fake laws as 'rights'.

Kagan is another Jew. The nation hss four of those on Supreme Court and five from the cult of catholicism. Where are the Protestants? Where are the Judges from the South or the Midwest other than Chicago? Where are the representations of other law schools on the Supreme Court?

And contrary to the propaganda of the prodeathers, there is evidence that tiniest humans feel pain. That is one of the many reasons that the premeditated murders of them in the womb is a heinous crime. Read the article in the BBC today about how premature babies who would have been in the womb longer except for premature labor,at

And on a follow-up to previous entry regarding internet hosting accounts and emails. I want to post publicly the emails that were mine, that were on domains I paid for and own/owned and that were stolen from me via criminals/cybercriminals breaking into my hosting accounts either with stolen passwords, or with stolen credentials. I am warning that these emails are NOT mine any longer not in my control since passwords and security questions were changed when criminals got control of them.Do not send email to them or better yet, do and the FBI will catch you as cybercriminals.
The emails that were stolen from me and which I have reported to the hosting companies and to my isps in some cases are: [this was stolen when that was my then married name and I owned the earthlink acct it was on]
gloria.poole.pappas) [also stolen about 2005 when that was my then married name and my RN license was in that name, but my RN license is not in that name now.]
and there are several websites that were stolen using these emails after they stole the emails.
The hosting companies that I know that store financial account information and that I know to be dishonest and consistently defrauding their customers are:
Network Solutions of Herndon Virginia of Pennsylvania.
Gloria Poole at home in Missouri. 7:36 AM, 10_May-2010


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