Wednesday, December 30, 2009

13 AGs opposing deal made of :Selling votes to get Medicaid Money is wrong.

Update Thursday AM after reading news article and here are my comments to it:
Please read the actual letter that is included in the article, as was sent by SC Attorney General Henry McMaster to the Congress, and the letter is signed by the AG of Washington state= Rob McKenna, and the AG of Michigan= Mike Cox, and the AG of Texas= Greg Abbott, and the AG of Colorado= John Suthers, and the AG of Alabama= Troy King, and the AG of North Dakota= Wayne Stenehjem, and the AG of Virginia= Bill Mims, and the AG of Pennsylvania= Tom Corbett, and the AG of Utah= Mark Shurtleff, and the AG of Florida= Bill McCollum, and the AG of Idaho=Lawrence Wasden, and the AG of South Dakota= Marty Jackley. These attorney generals charged with the duties of protecting the U S Constitution and their respective state's relationship to the federal government are pressing the issue that the deal made with Sen Ben Nelson to buy his vote in exchange for the federal government paying the Medicaid fees that would be created for new enrollees forever, is unconstitutional on the face of it; and that it is unfair to expect the other 49 states to have to meet mandated by Congress exorbitant expenses while not expecting the state of Nebraska to do that.
The entire health plan refinancing scheme has many flaws, and the way I see those are as follows:
1) it is attempt to label the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb as so-called 'health care' when it is a not, and is indeed a murderous act of evil.
2) It attempts to force taxpayers to pay for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb, even taxpayers who are consistently conscientous objectors for decades to such evil.
3) It attempts to take from Medicare programs for the elderly who cannot be hired, or the disabled who cannot be hired, the money from the taxes they paid into the system, to redirect it to abortionists and the healthy in schemes to "prevent'" disease instead of treating actual disease.
4) It is an attempt to create a Constitional amendment in a runaround by not calling it a Constitutional Amendment in their effort to bypass the will of the citizens of this nation who would NOT vote for any new right named 'abortion " and who would NOT vote for taxpayers to foot the bill for killing of innocents in the womb on demand. Constitutional amendments have to be ratified by 2/3 of the states and that would not happen and Congress knows it, and they are attempting to sneakily rewrite the Constitution to codify the evil of abortion as law.
They have not authority to rewrite, amend the Constitution, without the people voting on it.
5) It is an attempt to create new health care crimes and an attempt to create crimes of poverty that are punishable with fines, and what if the fines cannot be paid by the poor,do they go to jail for being too poor to buy insurance, a service that really cannot guarantee anyone's health?
6) It is an attempt to make MDs and RNs health care police, expecting them to report those who show up for health care services without insurance cards. It is shameful, dishonest, and unconstitutional usurpation of the lawful authority as delegated to the Congress by the Constitution. The Congress does not have authority to legislate what citizens must buy or how they spend their money, except as it pertains to the national security of the homeland [defense spending, military, roads, etc]. Those who do not have insurance have many options including free clinics for the indigent { I volunteered as a RN in those for years and so did a lot of very good doctors;] and health care screening offered through churches and Red Cross, and the public health dept already funded for communicable diseases. There are resources available; and I know that for certain, and those people collectively are not the foundation of the nation and the national 'common welfare' is not dependent upon them. It is ruinous to rewrite the Constitution in communist tactics and bypass the citizens' voting on amendments to the Constitution for any group! The very foundation of America is the Constitution and for the Congress to attempt to radically rewrite it without subjecting it to the ratification by the people is unconstitutional .
Read the article at:

@ Thursday, December 31, 2009 @11:09:29 AM

Entry from Wednesday 30-Dec-2009 that I am updating:

AP article about 13 Attorney Generals contemplating suing federal government over the vote buying deal of Congress to buy Ben Nelson's vote for a price tag of $100 million in Medicaid money to Nebraska. Are Senators allowed to sell their votes? That is a HUGE constitutional issue. From article by
By MEG KINNARD in COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) - "Republican attorneys general in 13 states say congressional leaders must remove Nebraska's political deal from the federal health care reform bill or face legal action, according to a letter provided to The Associated Press Wednesday."

Read article at:
Wednesday, December 30, 2009 @5:39:31 PM

You absolutely know without a shadow of doubt that I am prolife and that prolifers expected Ben Nelson of Nebraska to stand firm for the unborn/preborn and make no deals with the devil Congress. Instead he seemed to be using that issue to secure for his state a deal in which, in exchange for his vote in favor of redefining health care to include killing of innocent babies, his state gets 100 Million in Medicaid money from the feds. Sort of sounds illegal to me, doesn't it to you?
Sort of like that Blago issue when he was Governor and how the _______hit the fan when he wanted to sell /peddle his power in exchange for money. And sort of like that Burris sneak-him-in-we-know-he's-a-crook-and-that-is-what-we're-looking-for-to-replace-the-outgoing-crook-Obama-in-Senate-deal.

The more you know about the US Congress, the less you will like it.
(s) Gloria Poole,Missouri
Update 2-Dec-2009 with this link to great article that simplifies the issues, and states plainly that the so-called health care reform is driven by lawyers wanting fees:

Also, it is published that it is also driven by abortionists wanting more money since people in the US are wising up and avoiding that horror. And it is also driven by 'sin' diseases of sodomy, lesbianism, cigarettes, alcohol and illegal drug consumption [tens of millions if not hundreds of millions in the US are using drugs the wrong way], tobacco, and stupidity. If the Congress wants to truly reform health care DELIVERY and not merely FINANCING of health care, then let them write laws that no insurer is required to pay a cent to an alcoholic,or cocaine-addict, or other illegal drug user, or to a smoker or to a sodomite [who after puts into parts of his anatomy something NOT supposed to be there causing all sorts of medical problems], or to a woman seeking to murder the innocent. Then that would be 'reform' worth talking about.

Monday, December 28, 2009

False god failed again.

Obama's false god failed him and the nation AGAIN. His false god of government is worthless. The attempt on Detroit, the failure of a massive so-called security screening did not stop the potential bomber. The multitudinous screening methods of 'lists' and scanners, and xray machines, and security wands all proved useless in the face of a determined person. If you are looking to the Obamaites to save you, you are in deep trouble!

Only GOD could save you from any harm. Only GOD could deploy supernatural forces on your behalf. ONLY GOD could see into a man's heart. Only GOD is your Saviour. IF you put your trust in the government, you are doomed because the government is made up of fickle men and women who want to be reelected more than they want to save the nation. It is made up of cowardly men who have no clue about the difference in the righteous and the wicked. It is made up of men who have egos as big as the continent and who don't care who they destroy in the process.

Put your faith in THE GOD who is always present, always knowing, and always loving, but who is also always just. The rules of GOD don't change with the session of Congress. The Commandments of GOD are eternal. The favor of GOD is able to overcome any evil. Pray for the nation that GOD will remove from power the wicked, the incompetent [who don't know the real laws of the nation] and the indifferent and put into place those with a fervor for righteousness, truth and for the nation to long endure.

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri; the time is 8:16 PM, 28-Dec-2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vote Buying, breaking arms tactics of Senate

Update at 6:45 AM via Politico blog:

Article in :
says the Attorney Generals of South Carolina,Michigan and Pennysylvania along with other Attorney Generals are planning to challenge the constitutionality of the Senate plan.
These quotes from Politico:
“We have serious concerns about this Nebraska compromise as it results in special treatment for only one state in the nation at the expense of the other 49,” wrote [US Senators Lindsey} Graham and [Jim] DeMint. “While South Carolina has to struggle to come up with hundreds of millions of dollars to comply with the massive new Medicaid mandate, Nebraska does not have to come up with a single dollar.”

"The deal cut w/ Ben Nelson amounts to nothing more than vote buying at taxpayers expense. And it must be challenged,” wrote [ SC Attorney General ]McMaster on his feed."
and this quote from same blog:
"South Carolina GOP Attorney General Henry McMaster, who is leading the effort, said the intent is to determine whether Congress had the power to allot funds to Nebraska differently from other states. "

And these quotes form news source Yahoo and news wire McClatchy:
"Whatever happens will unfold in secrecy after some tough bargaining"
KGB in America??
And more proof of that in this sentence /quote:
"The conference then usually goes behind closed doors, oftentimes without telling the minority conferees — in health care's case, Republicans — when or where the meetings are being held, Nussle said."
The Socialist take-over is imminent America!

From article in the Yahoo news this evening:
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 @ 6:14:39 PM.
Read article at McClatchy News wire :

Secretive government behind closed doors walled off from Press is unconstitutional. But of course we as a nation know by now that despot Obama never read the US Constitution and has no intention of abiding by it. But I am protesting secretive KGB-like government decisions and asking for the sunshine laws to apply to this bill that is designed to rewrite the US Constitution secretly with coded words and vague terminology.
Update Christmas Eve, 24-Dec-2009 @ 6:00 central time:
Blame the demoncrats for unconstitutional government:
"Democrats also turned back last-ditch motions from Republicans claiming various provisions in the bill, including a mandate that individuals purchase coverage, are unconstitutional." {in the U S Constitution it is unlawful for the government to require citizens to buy anything, and the government does not own the income of the citizens]}.
And Reid says plainly it is a rewrite of the U S Constitution creating a new 'right' but new rights [Constitutional Amendments] have to be clearly written AND ratified by the people in a vote of the states in which 2/3 of the states approve it. The cheap tricks of the democratic socialist to force socialism on this nation, has to be defeated by the US House! This quote sums up what has happened, more of the same sort of politics of Burris, Blago... former Governor and corrupt Chicago politicians:
"This bill is a grab bag of Chicago-style, backroom buyoffs," Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch said Wednesday."
And this quote shows the strong arm tactics of NOT discussing or allowing questions or debate on the most controversial and nation-changing bill since the Emancipation Proclamation in the other direction [giving liberty instead of taking it away}. This beginning quote says enough :
These quotes from Washington and (CNN) -- "The Senate health care bill cleared a third and final procedural hurdle Wednesday as Democrats successfully limited remaining debate time on the $871 billion measure."
These quotes from this article today in Google and CNN news:
Thursday, December 24, 2009 @5:55:48 AM
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri

Monday, December 21, 2009

Obama Muslim doesn't do Christmas or allow it; scammers

I am adding to this entry after reading this evening news about how Obama insists the Congress work late on Christmas Eve, and I am reminded of what my then second husband said to me as he refused to buy Christmas presents or decorate for Christmas, or honor the meaning of Christmas, " I don't do Christmas" with a sneer. Muslims don't really like the fact of Christmas, I understand that, and I think Obama is Muslim; but the fact of the matter is, this nation is waaaaaaay more Christian than Muslim. I imagine he celebrated Ramadan on his travels abroad during that time, and I imagine he would expect to do that in the US and no one would try to stop him. But here's the thing; if he pressurizes the situation to force through a used-car-saleman-just-trust-me approach to government thinking the Christian majority will be having Christmas and NOT focused on what the Congress is doing, then they could sneak in all sorts of evil into the so-called reform bill for financing by insurance companies. That is of course the real purpose in setting the vote to Christmas Eve, when folks are distracted, wanting to celebrate an annual festival of a religious nature, but Obama has his ego tied to it, and he wants it treated as if were a vote on a war against the nation's soil. What is so critical about this vote? Obama wants to sneak it in while the nation is in the Churches celebrating Christmas hoping the Congress will be empty but for the wolves guarding the henhouse, and then a fake roll call, and Obama gets his piece of notariety of the most stupid president of all. It's a no-brainer isn't it? The Muslim takeover of America is being accomplished by the most stupid Congress since the nation began, who think they work for Obama as employees and kiss his behind to keep their jobs. They should be saying 'we'll discuss this in January and there is no crisis and let us not make it one to ruin the nation to please a despot ."
And I am leaving this entry from yesterday because I am still mad about earthlinks' attempted swindle of me and their attempted theft of my domain too. Also read the comments I added today to the blog that precedes this one.
I am writing this entry this morning after finding out from my paper invoice that earthlink --that scam outfit that outsources to the Phillippines has tried to scam me again. They padded the last five of my bills by more than $20 each month, and for the month of October they padded it by $50, and they allowed people totally unrelated and totally unconnected to me in any way, and totally unauthorized to have dial up at my expense to dial into my account; and the most recent scam of their attempt is to try to switch the billing for a paid domain of mine of to a free site of mine of [scriptures from the book of John, in the Holy Bible,] in what seems to have been their effort to help criminals steal my domain. They thought I wouldn't notice the difference in the words : and the words book of John. That is how stupid the earthlink people in the Phillipines are or how illiterate in the English language they are, not sure of their motives, just the apparent scam.
After six years of having internet hosting accounts this is a sum-up of what I have learned . The hosting companies that will scam you in a heartbeat are: of Pennsylvania.
These are as far as I could tell after years of doing business with them [buying, paying for domains and webhosting, and creating websites on the accounts] are without integrity or any concept of business law or integrity. They have no qualms about stealing from you, or of giving your information about your bank account to criminals. They hire immoral decadent people and they do not honor or abide by any contract recognized in the U S.
As best I could tell, their motive is their fervent desire to pump up the demoncrats that always allow them to get benefits illegally [illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America get enormous amounts of benefits via Colorado], and who are almost always catholics. Their allegiance is to the fake church not to their customers.
And don't assume that because you went on line and bought a domain, and paid for it, and maybe renew it for years that a catholic con-man won't be able to steal it from you. Remember catholic con-men and women inhabit the halls of Congress and they are reelected at elections by allowing illegals to vote and in return for their illegal benefits they vote democrat. Because the catholic church benefits directly from the scams of Colorado.
I am writing this to warn you to not do internet business with these groups. I am trying to get control of my accounts that catholics swindled me out of,and trying to get control of my bank acct that they also stole and also my e*Trade checking acct that was stolen while I resided in catholic Colorado, scam state of U S.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri.
I signed back in to add this since I forgot it a few minutes ago, The time is 6:36 AM, 21-Dec-2009 and I have contacted the registrar to prevent the theft of my domain by the catholics from hell. Also, to add this:
If you 'register' with the NY Times to be allowed to read their online articles, they put a tracking cookie on your computer named that tracks what you write AS YOU WRITE it for the purpose of censoring what you write,and or trying to steal your password. Don't register with NY Times--they are unscruplous also as they have ALWAYS attempted to censor Christians, who are born again and not of the catholic false religion that uses power and money to 'buy' journalists.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Didn't GOD prove HE's in Charge of Environment?

For all you blockheads who went to that scam in Copenhagen, believing you have some sort of power over the environment, did GOD prove you wrong last evening and today when the Chunnel train is stranded, the DC area of U S is in blizzard conditions, the entire Atlantic seaboard is snowed in, and there are deaths from it? Do you still really think you have any power over the environment--the weather?
Get a grip on reality. GOD controls the weather, not humans. That whole fake idea of global warming is merely a way to fool some leaders of some nations into giving mega bucks to other nations!
Chalk that scam into the same category as the 'TARP ' funds and the Wall St bail-out, and the 'health care reform' which is nothing more than an attempt by insurance companies to broaden their pool of payees into their system.
(s) Gloria Poole ; Missouri
Update to this post on 22-Dec-2009 after reading this article in the Wall St Journal this evening but on Google news:
"There is no doubt that calling a halt to the high-profile climate-change traveling circus risks causing a severe conference-deprivation trauma among the participants."
Quote from Lord Lawson of the UK in the online Wall St Journal this evening:
Tuesday, December 22, 2009@06:29:12 PM
Read entire article at:'s_Most_Popular/
I LOVE that new phrase of 'severe conference-deprivation" and think it is the diagnosis of H Clinton and B Obama! For their reason for spending taxpayers' money attending useless conferences. IF they worked for the private sector, they would get few and far between 'conference' allottments of cash.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sen Nelson of Nebraska vote NO to 'plan " to kill

I am adding this here today because I meant to add it yesterday. I read in the news that Senator Nelson of Nebraska has said he will not vote for any insurance reform that pays for abortion. And I say "THANK YOU SIR" for that! And don't bend or buckle under pressure. It is absolutely the duty of each Senator to do what is best for his or her own State AND what is best for the nation as a whole. It is in the best interest of this nation that humans reproduce themselves if the nation is to continue. And when any nation's government sets out to defy GOD HIMSELF, they set themselves on a path of destruction according to the Scriptures. GOD wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill' and that is recorded in Exodus 20:13, and again in Deuteronomy chapter five. And then it is repeated in different ways/words in verses Genesis 9:6, Matthew 18:14, John 14:6, John 10:10.

Also, the democrats as a whole have revealed their agenda. They are furious that the Republicans have demanded a full reading of the entire bill.The Republicans ought to do that on EVERY bill that comes down the pike toward them! How dare any of them vote on something that they have no idea what is written in it, or the true intent [intended and unintended consequences ] of it. And how dare the democrats try to put the Republicans in a bad light for asking to KNOW what is in the bill! That alone shows you as a nation that the heart of the democrats as a whole is not pure. It may be that Senator Nelson is the only Senator who has the best interest of the nation at heart when he says he will not vote for a bill that pays for abortion or labels it as health care. Abortion is a heinous sin, a crime against humanity, an evil that strikes at this nation more surely than the Al-Quaida group ever hoped too. Abortion as a so-called right when it is clearly a wrong, will destroy this nation by depopulating it, because many people equate legal with moral. What is legal in this country is often times very immoral. If you have any doubts about that sentence then consider the latest Washington DC fiasco of trying to legalize sodomite relationships that GOD said HE would destroy the entire nation for. That evil deed shows that the heart of Washington DC itself is evil. And that shows you as a nation that any decision coming from Washington DC is not likely to be helpful in any way. For more proof of that, consider the fools in Copenhagen pledging BILLIONS of US dollars to try to 'undo' what GOD is doing with the environment and weather, playing GOD with the environment they think, even while laying plans to tax the citizens into poverty and while making plans to make every poor citizen a criminal for not paying money to a false god of insurance.
If you had any doubt that the U S is in decline visit any church in America and count the number of children you see there. Visit any restaurant and or fast food place and count the number of children you see there. Write your local schools and ask them how many of their children enrolled are illegally in this nation-that is how they hide the statistics of declining numbers of American children by allowing illegal emigrants to enroll at taxpayer expense.
Also in the Buffalo News article that appears in Google news this am, they suggest that the Congress should abandon the entire plan before them and start again on a meaningful bill that delivers health care and that does not merely pump up the revenues of BIG INSURANCE.
Here is something you have to remember in any situation. The amount charged for promises depends upon the risk involved. If the Congress makes insurance companies provide services to the sick [which they are not wont to do] then the funds will be rapidly depleted since cancer patients and cardiac patients and diabetic patients and COPD patients use a ton of money on their long term needs. I am not complaining about that but about the fact /reality that insurance companies will not make money if they actually pay for health care for the long term. They know that, and that is why they are in Congress lobbying for self-survival of their legal scam. If insurance companies charge for the risks they incur, the premiums would be so high no one but the billions could pay them. If they don't charge for the risks, then the healthy will subsidize with their premiums the sick, and that is of course the entire premise of insurance--that those who are not sick pay for the health care of those who are sick via their premiums etc. Congress in its misguided efforts thinks it will do away with that, and somehow like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat, the money for the sick will materialize. They know that they plan to SHIFT the resources already allocated for the elderly, sick, handicapped, infirm, to the abortion providers. They openly stated that. Will the US put up with that or will they rebel and vote out of office the Pelosi, and the Obama, and the people who went along with that evil plan to depopulate and ruin the nation?
And the Republicans should insist on every bill for any reason being read entirely into the Federal Register for the press to hear, for the citizens on C-Span to hear, for the nation to know what is being discussed. That is good statemanship, not obstructive behaviour. The fact that the democrats are trying to label the Republicans as obstructive when it is the DUTY of every citizen to oppose an evil plan to ruin the nation, shows you the difference in the democratic concept of government and the republican form of government . The democrats have that snake-oil saleman approach to government of "trust me" when what they mean is I need money and what is good for you is not really my concern. . Whereas the republican form of government includes the people in the decision making authority.
To sum up, I ask Sen Nelson from Nebraska to stand firmly opposed to any bill that pays for or codifies abortion as a so-called right. And I ask all Republicans to put as many roadblocks, obstacles, whatever legal maneuevers they are allowed in the course of their duties as duly elected Legislators to stop the passage of a very bad bill.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, but with one daughter in Nebraska [and one daughter in Missouri,] so speaking up for her and my grandchildren there in asking Sen Nelson to vote prolife always!
Added to on 18-Dec-2009 after reading in the LifeSiteNews this morning the news that Dr David Stevens the Chairman of the Christian Medical Association quit the American Medical Assocation in protest of their lobbying for causes that many physicians in America do not support. He said he thought it was no longer possible to achieve any change in their radical behaviours from working within their system [my paraphrase of his words].
I have always thought that the AMA is a very radical and secular organization controlled more by the hospital lobbying groups than by doctors; and the causes the AMA has put their weight behind are not conducive to human life but are in fact, detrimental to human life and wellness. The AMA represents special interests more than medical doctors and it certainly does not represent well either Christian, Jewish or Muslim doctors who oppose the taking of human life by medical doctors.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Thank you Sen Tom Coburn for demanding reading

This quote is from Life News that was published on 13-Dec-09 and I am adding it here to make it very plain to all that the bill before the Congress is a BAD bill for many reasons and the most significant reason is because it is attempting to fund that evil organization known as Planned Parenthood which is more accurately named Planned Unparenthood since it's goal is to depopulate the world of humans.And it has a stated goal of funding premeditated killing of innocents. I am opposed to that bill in Congress for many reasons and I have written on this topic on nearly every blog I have, for weeks. The most important reason I am opposed to it, is that it violates the Commandment of GOD as written, 'thou shalt not kill.' {Exodus 20:13' The fact that the U S Senate voted on it means nothing since the U S House also will vote on it, and they will defeat if. Of course the Senate knew that it was no risk to them to vote on it to please their baby-killing establishment, because they knew the house would not vote for it, therefore cancelling out the Senate vote! And thank GOD.
Washington, DC ( -- "The Senate approved an omnibus spending bill on Sunday that would lift the 13-year-long ban on directly paying for abortions in the nation's capital. The legislation, which President Barack Obama is expected to sign, also contains funding for Planned Parenthood and the UNFPA". This quote is from an article in dated 13-Dec-2009 .
Wednesday, December 16, 2009
And thank GOD for Sen Tom Coburn who exercised his Senatorial rights to demand that the Amendment be read aloud before voting. Read article at:
Sen Coburn is a Medical Doctor if I remember correctly and thank GOD that medical doctors are opposing that evil bill!
This is my public thank you to Senator Coburn {Dr Coburn] for demanding that the senate read the amendment before voting on it, and for demanding the rights of Senators to know what they are being asked to vote on, instead of following blindly like sheep to the slaughter!
Also read my comments on why I oppose the so-called health care reform from Constitutioal standpoint, on these blogs of mine:
Thank you.
(s) Gloria Poole of Missouri. I moved to Missouri and am continuing my mission of promoting human life and of course, painting with oils, acrylics, watercolors, powdered pastels, pen/inks, and drawing with pencils [ a hobby but I photograph them and add them to websites as a way of creating a public art gallery free to all, but not free to steal from, please!. Remember I have no family in Colorado and never had business partners in Colorado. And I have no phone that rings in Colorado any longer.

Monday, December 07, 2009

Congress, VOTE NO to abortion plan

The NY Times this morning has opinion pieces with letters to the editor. The only one of those letters worth reading is the one that asks the question if convenience or economic hardship are valid reasons for ending a human life in the womb. The others were just pump ups by the NY Times in a sneaky underhanded way of trying to make people think that there are more proaborts than prolifers. But the nation itself apart from the billion dollar PR campaign of killing organizations, is MORE prolife than proabort. The NY Times routinely censors prolife comments on any article in their effort to force the results they want to show in a mock news on the front page. I know for certain that they always censor prolife remarks. I have replied repeatedly when they 'allow' comments and my prolife comments with scripture are never published on NY Times, nor are my opinions as a Registered Nurse opposing abortion which is a heinous evil ever published in the NY Times, though for years I did try to comment there. They censor out any prolife comments that are bold and emphatic disagreement with killing of innocents in the womb. As such their public forums are not 'public forums' at all but propaganda that they contrive to create a false impression on the public. I am sure that an honest journalist given free reign at the NY Times would discover that most if not all of their so-called reporters are getting money from Planned [un]Parenthood to produce "op-ed' paid for political ads in disguise, and ads for Planned [un]Parenthood in disguise [they think--actually it's very blatant advertising for them; so much so that the NY Times should call it self the political arm of Planned Parenthood not a newspaper.]

The NY Times is published to one of the largest Jewish populations in the U .S, which makes it more than appalling that they promote killing of the 'unwanted' humans. IF the Jews really believed and lived by their so-called creed of 'never again' they'd be taking down the walls of Congress for that bill being discussed that has a plan to depopulate the entire nation and make the nation a 'remnant' in the world, causing a diaspora from this nation to find jobs and living conditions affordable. The Jews should be prolife and so should the Christians and the Muslims! We, collectively, who believe in ONE GOD over all, and disallow any concept of many pagan gods of whatever false god, are told by GOD HIMSELF to honor/obey the Commandments of GOD, and that includes 'thou shalt not kill'.[ Exodus 20:13, and repeated in Deuteronomy chapter five. ]

Neither this present Congress nor any Congress should ever create a law giving any group the so-called 'right' to kill another group. It is evil. And Congress that is too big for its britches cannot mock or defy GOD. They make think 'they can' but they cannot. GOD will rise up against them and defeat them and when HE does that, the U S will be destroyed because anarchy would reign and the so-called leadership would abandon the nation, [as they have done repeatedly for decades] to protect themselves from the destruction they know they deserve.

Congress, any plan that includes the premeditated killing of any other group is a BAD public law and should never be voted into law. You cannot mock GOD and get away with it. You cannot legalize what GOD has condemned as sin and abomination. GOD will call you to account for your votes and your deeds. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.

Vote NO to any plan that includes any form or any account of the U S government or state governments paying to kill off the citizens in any fashion. Vote no to the obvious attempt of Planned Unparenthood to derail health care. Vote no to the plan to force insurers to pay for abortions. Vote no to the plan to force citizens to buy any service or product--don't overstep your lawful authority. How the citizens of this nation spend the money we have is none of the business of Congress. Vote no to evil.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, 7-Dec-2009@6:15 AM, central time.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Latest Gas-Oven_Alternative opens in NE

The NY Times this am has an article promoting the gas-oven-alternative-to-gassing-baby-Jews that has opened in Bellevue Nebraska. They tried to put a positive spin on it, promoting it in subtle shades of innuendo and propaganda-speak or 'groupspeak" of that radical killing organization of Planned {Un}Parenthood --killer of the human race.

Carhartt is no medical doctor as the public understands that term. He may be licensed to kill by the state of Nebraska through bribes and kickbacks from his lucrative business of killing but he is NO medical doctor. He is a paid assassin of innocents nothing more, and as such he is a heinous blotch on Nebraska. Nebraska be ashamed of yourselves for letting such vermin operate with a medical license!

Those who kill innocents with premediation and purpose are sinners who are going to face an unrelenting GOD on GOD's final Judgement Day, if they have never repented of that evil, and turned away from it. Is it the duty of the American Air Force to give refuge to those who kill as was told in the article about him when he stated his daughter married at the [presumably] Offatt AFB to be safe and have the protection of the U S Military from retaliation by the public against killer Carhartt? The very same AFB given the duty of protecting the President of the U S in the event of life-threatening catastrophe? Is it the duty of the U S Military to give safe passage to assassins? Is it the duty of the AFB anywhere paid for by U S citizens with taxpayers money to protect the nation against assault and attack to protect a particular citizen who has a dangerous vocation because of his committment to kill the innocent? What is the duty of the U S Military? Should the entire Offatt AFB be put at risk to protect a notorious assassin of innocents?

Taliban, if you want to attack America, please start with the aborturaries in every big city and target them! Don't harm the innocents and the good people of this nation because of what the bad people do. As Abraham pleaded with GOD to not destroy the righteous along with the wicked, I plead the cause of the innocents in the womb, and the righteous who faithfully try to obey, adhere too and live by the Commandments of GOD ALMIGHTY as written in Old Testament and the words of JESUS, THE GOD in the flesh as told in the New Testament,but THE ONE and same GOD according to John 10:30, King James Holy Bible.

Those abortuaries around the world are the devil's tool to kill off the human race and by attempting to do so the devil's attempt to defeat GOD who said 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it...' in Genesis 1:28.

Don't be deceived--those who kill innocents are from the devil.And it is the devil who hates GOD and the Words of GOD, and it is the devil who runs those abortuaries, and it is the devil's agents [followers] who vote in Congress for killing plans of the innocents. It is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked.For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." [Galatians 6:7]. A Congress made up of humans --men and women elected by crooked means or honestly--will reap what they sow, according to scripture. If they vote to create a public law for killing of innocents, they will reap that according to scripture. The Bible says to warn the wicked and this is my effort to do that.

Congress vote no to the plan to 'reform' delivery of life to delivery to death and do not allow abortion to be labeled as 'health care'. And Nebraska take away the medical license from assassin Carhartt--who murders innocents in the womb. And send him to exile instead of allowing the Offatt Military base to be his hideout.

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, 4-Dec-2009@ 10:11AM, Central Time

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Reply to" ...Gov't shouldn't answer..."

In the Yahoo news this evening is an article stating that the U S government should not get involved in saving the future of the nation. Of course the writer did not state it that way. Instead, to earn his planned unparenthood pay he was promoting the idea that it does not concern the Government of the U S if there is methodical and premeditated killing of innocent BABIES on every corner. If journalists were required to disclose their sources of income, I am sure we as a nation would know who paid for that op-ed piece of propaganda, but since Journalists enjoy what is loosely defined as First Amendment rights that they think applies only to them, the writer of that inflammatory and evil article could conceal his planned parenthood salary or stipend.

I am going to take the concept he was spinning and put into it the other classes of people of the world and then pray that you see through his fake argument for premeditated killing as a so-called right. He asserts that women have the right to kill. So I want to make what he said so obvious, so plain,as to be in your face with it, so you comprehend how evil his sneaky words really are. He said abortion has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in that evil. So let us apply those words in these ways:
1) Killing of black men has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
2) Killing of Jews has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
3) Killing of unwanted wives has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
4) Killing of unwanted husbands has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
5) Killing of those who park on the side of the street has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
6) Killing of abusive men has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
7) Killing of men who have marital affairs has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere with it.
8) Killing of women who won't give any man passerby s-ex has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
9) Killing of Palestinians has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.
10) Killing of male children when a woman wanted a girl baby has always been around and it is not the duty of government to interfere in it.

I pray you see how evil those words are, and they are not what I believe. I am writing to make you think. Thinking is very rare in America where most people believe what they were spoon-fed by propagandists as 'media'. I believe that premeditated killing is always a wrong never a right, and I believe it is exactly the duty of government to interfere to stop the killing! I wrote those that way because a paid propagandist for planned parenthood wrote an article using that evil argument as his reason for why abortion should be funded by taxpayers.
If premeditated killing is to become a so-called right in America, I suggest we as a nation, start with those who work for Planned [Un]parenthood first and kill them, then kill all the lawyers, then kill all the sodomites, then kill all the cigarette smokers, then kill all the alcoholics, then kill all the cocaine addicts, then kill all the wife-abusers. We could eliminate most of the problems with health care if we followed that plan of killing and let the babies in the womb be born alive.

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri.

Congress just vote NO to killing plan falsely named

The U S Congress the most corrupt money could buy,is debating how the premeditated killing of innocent taxpayers in the womb should be paid for.That collective bunch of the devil's own should be voted out of office and the Congress shut down! That is my opinion of how much good they have done the nation in the past 2 years since the demonic Demoncrats got power.

Their so-called plan that they are trying to hoodwink the people with has the evil goal of codifying abortion as an evil so-called right when it is always a wrong according to the word of GOD, as written 'thou shalt not kill". {Exodus 20:13] And it has a plan to rip off the taxpayers who paid into it to get the Medicare benefits in order to pay for more killing of innocents in the womb. And it has the plan to pretend to give health care to the elderly, the sick, the handicapped, the in-the-womb ones, while increasing abortions, by reshuffling the money that is currently allocated to paying for health care delivery to the programs that kill innocents in the womb, or that pay to kill the so-called 'terminal' [that organization from hell named 'hospice']. It is not the function of the U S Congress to depopulate the nation! It is not the function of the U S government to devise killing schemes. It is not the function of the U S government to pay for killing of citizens by any method whether it is withholding needed services or actively injecting them with killer drugs, it is not what Congress is supposed to do.

When you are tempted to think that it might help America, remember these people:
1)Michael Jackson who died at the age of 50 via 'medical care' of massive doses of dangerous drugs injected into him by his DOCTOR.
2)Natasha Richardson, who died at young age probably after being injuected with massive drugs to simulate coma in the pretense of allowing her brain to heal.
3) Ted Kennedy who died suddenly and most likely after hospice 'visited him' to inject him with whopping doses of morphine to suppress his respirations.
I was never a Kennedy fan but I am opposed to killing, even the killing of those who spent decades promoting killing as did that evil Kennedy.
Congress, just vote NO to the 'reform' of hijacking health care for killing purposes.
(s ) Gloria Poole, Missouri.
PS Reminder, I have permanently moved to Missouri, and in process of correcting all my LLP's and mission sites and also my painting, sketches, drawings, websites also. Also remember I have no family in Colorado, and that I never had business partners in Colorado.