Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Congress just vote NO to killing plan falsely named

The U S Congress the most corrupt money could buy,is debating how the premeditated killing of innocent taxpayers in the womb should be paid for.That collective bunch of the devil's own should be voted out of office and the Congress shut down! That is my opinion of how much good they have done the nation in the past 2 years since the demonic Demoncrats got power.

Their so-called plan that they are trying to hoodwink the people with has the evil goal of codifying abortion as an evil so-called right when it is always a wrong according to the word of GOD, as written 'thou shalt not kill". {Exodus 20:13] And it has a plan to rip off the taxpayers who paid into it to get the Medicare benefits in order to pay for more killing of innocents in the womb. And it has the plan to pretend to give health care to the elderly, the sick, the handicapped, the in-the-womb ones, while increasing abortions, by reshuffling the money that is currently allocated to paying for health care delivery to the programs that kill innocents in the womb, or that pay to kill the so-called 'terminal' [that organization from hell named 'hospice']. It is not the function of the U S Congress to depopulate the nation! It is not the function of the U S government to devise killing schemes. It is not the function of the U S government to pay for killing of citizens by any method whether it is withholding needed services or actively injecting them with killer drugs, it is not what Congress is supposed to do.

When you are tempted to think that it might help America, remember these people:
1)Michael Jackson who died at the age of 50 via 'medical care' of massive doses of dangerous drugs injected into him by his DOCTOR.
2)Natasha Richardson, who died at young age probably after being injuected with massive drugs to simulate coma in the pretense of allowing her brain to heal.
3) Ted Kennedy who died suddenly and most likely after hospice 'visited him' to inject him with whopping doses of morphine to suppress his respirations.
I was never a Kennedy fan but I am opposed to killing, even the killing of those who spent decades promoting killing as did that evil Kennedy.
Congress, just vote NO to the 'reform' of hijacking health care for killing purposes.
(s ) Gloria Poole, Missouri.
PS Reminder, I have permanently moved to Missouri, and in process of correcting all my LLP's and mission sites and also my painting, sketches, drawings, websites also. Also remember I have no family in Colorado, and that I never had business partners in Colorado.


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