Monday, December 07, 2009

Congress, VOTE NO to abortion plan

The NY Times this morning has opinion pieces with letters to the editor. The only one of those letters worth reading is the one that asks the question if convenience or economic hardship are valid reasons for ending a human life in the womb. The others were just pump ups by the NY Times in a sneaky underhanded way of trying to make people think that there are more proaborts than prolifers. But the nation itself apart from the billion dollar PR campaign of killing organizations, is MORE prolife than proabort. The NY Times routinely censors prolife comments on any article in their effort to force the results they want to show in a mock news on the front page. I know for certain that they always censor prolife remarks. I have replied repeatedly when they 'allow' comments and my prolife comments with scripture are never published on NY Times, nor are my opinions as a Registered Nurse opposing abortion which is a heinous evil ever published in the NY Times, though for years I did try to comment there. They censor out any prolife comments that are bold and emphatic disagreement with killing of innocents in the womb. As such their public forums are not 'public forums' at all but propaganda that they contrive to create a false impression on the public. I am sure that an honest journalist given free reign at the NY Times would discover that most if not all of their so-called reporters are getting money from Planned [un]Parenthood to produce "op-ed' paid for political ads in disguise, and ads for Planned [un]Parenthood in disguise [they think--actually it's very blatant advertising for them; so much so that the NY Times should call it self the political arm of Planned Parenthood not a newspaper.]

The NY Times is published to one of the largest Jewish populations in the U .S, which makes it more than appalling that they promote killing of the 'unwanted' humans. IF the Jews really believed and lived by their so-called creed of 'never again' they'd be taking down the walls of Congress for that bill being discussed that has a plan to depopulate the entire nation and make the nation a 'remnant' in the world, causing a diaspora from this nation to find jobs and living conditions affordable. The Jews should be prolife and so should the Christians and the Muslims! We, collectively, who believe in ONE GOD over all, and disallow any concept of many pagan gods of whatever false god, are told by GOD HIMSELF to honor/obey the Commandments of GOD, and that includes 'thou shalt not kill'.[ Exodus 20:13, and repeated in Deuteronomy chapter five. ]

Neither this present Congress nor any Congress should ever create a law giving any group the so-called 'right' to kill another group. It is evil. And Congress that is too big for its britches cannot mock or defy GOD. They make think 'they can' but they cannot. GOD will rise up against them and defeat them and when HE does that, the U S will be destroyed because anarchy would reign and the so-called leadership would abandon the nation, [as they have done repeatedly for decades] to protect themselves from the destruction they know they deserve.

Congress, any plan that includes the premeditated killing of any other group is a BAD public law and should never be voted into law. You cannot mock GOD and get away with it. You cannot legalize what GOD has condemned as sin and abomination. GOD will call you to account for your votes and your deeds. GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.

Vote NO to any plan that includes any form or any account of the U S government or state governments paying to kill off the citizens in any fashion. Vote no to the obvious attempt of Planned Unparenthood to derail health care. Vote no to the plan to force insurers to pay for abortions. Vote no to the plan to force citizens to buy any service or product--don't overstep your lawful authority. How the citizens of this nation spend the money we have is none of the business of Congress. Vote no to evil.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, 7-Dec-2009@6:15 AM, central time.


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