Friday, December 04, 2009

Latest Gas-Oven_Alternative opens in NE

The NY Times this am has an article promoting the gas-oven-alternative-to-gassing-baby-Jews that has opened in Bellevue Nebraska. They tried to put a positive spin on it, promoting it in subtle shades of innuendo and propaganda-speak or 'groupspeak" of that radical killing organization of Planned {Un}Parenthood --killer of the human race.

Carhartt is no medical doctor as the public understands that term. He may be licensed to kill by the state of Nebraska through bribes and kickbacks from his lucrative business of killing but he is NO medical doctor. He is a paid assassin of innocents nothing more, and as such he is a heinous blotch on Nebraska. Nebraska be ashamed of yourselves for letting such vermin operate with a medical license!

Those who kill innocents with premediation and purpose are sinners who are going to face an unrelenting GOD on GOD's final Judgement Day, if they have never repented of that evil, and turned away from it. Is it the duty of the American Air Force to give refuge to those who kill as was told in the article about him when he stated his daughter married at the [presumably] Offatt AFB to be safe and have the protection of the U S Military from retaliation by the public against killer Carhartt? The very same AFB given the duty of protecting the President of the U S in the event of life-threatening catastrophe? Is it the duty of the U S Military to give safe passage to assassins? Is it the duty of the AFB anywhere paid for by U S citizens with taxpayers money to protect the nation against assault and attack to protect a particular citizen who has a dangerous vocation because of his committment to kill the innocent? What is the duty of the U S Military? Should the entire Offatt AFB be put at risk to protect a notorious assassin of innocents?

Taliban, if you want to attack America, please start with the aborturaries in every big city and target them! Don't harm the innocents and the good people of this nation because of what the bad people do. As Abraham pleaded with GOD to not destroy the righteous along with the wicked, I plead the cause of the innocents in the womb, and the righteous who faithfully try to obey, adhere too and live by the Commandments of GOD ALMIGHTY as written in Old Testament and the words of JESUS, THE GOD in the flesh as told in the New Testament,but THE ONE and same GOD according to John 10:30, King James Holy Bible.

Those abortuaries around the world are the devil's tool to kill off the human race and by attempting to do so the devil's attempt to defeat GOD who said 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it...' in Genesis 1:28.

Don't be deceived--those who kill innocents are from the devil.And it is the devil who hates GOD and the Words of GOD, and it is the devil who runs those abortuaries, and it is the devil's agents [followers] who vote in Congress for killing plans of the innocents. It is written, 'be not deceived. GOD is not mocked.For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap." [Galatians 6:7]. A Congress made up of humans --men and women elected by crooked means or honestly--will reap what they sow, according to scripture. If they vote to create a public law for killing of innocents, they will reap that according to scripture. The Bible says to warn the wicked and this is my effort to do that.

Congress vote no to the plan to 'reform' delivery of life to delivery to death and do not allow abortion to be labeled as 'health care'. And Nebraska take away the medical license from assassin Carhartt--who murders innocents in the womb. And send him to exile instead of allowing the Offatt Military base to be his hideout.

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, 4-Dec-2009@ 10:11AM, Central Time


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