Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Vote Buying, breaking arms tactics of Senate

Update at 6:45 AM via Politico blog:

Article in :
says the Attorney Generals of South Carolina,Michigan and Pennysylvania along with other Attorney Generals are planning to challenge the constitutionality of the Senate plan.
These quotes from Politico:
“We have serious concerns about this Nebraska compromise as it results in special treatment for only one state in the nation at the expense of the other 49,” wrote [US Senators Lindsey} Graham and [Jim] DeMint. “While South Carolina has to struggle to come up with hundreds of millions of dollars to comply with the massive new Medicaid mandate, Nebraska does not have to come up with a single dollar.”

"The deal cut w/ Ben Nelson amounts to nothing more than vote buying at taxpayers expense. And it must be challenged,” wrote [ SC Attorney General ]McMaster on his feed."
and this quote from same blog:
"South Carolina GOP Attorney General Henry McMaster, who is leading the effort, said the intent is to determine whether Congress had the power to allot funds to Nebraska differently from other states. "

And these quotes form news source Yahoo and news wire McClatchy:
"Whatever happens will unfold in secrecy after some tough bargaining"
KGB in America??
And more proof of that in this sentence /quote:
"The conference then usually goes behind closed doors, oftentimes without telling the minority conferees — in health care's case, Republicans — when or where the meetings are being held, Nussle said."
The Socialist take-over is imminent America!

From article in the Yahoo news this evening:
Wednesday, December 23, 2009 @ 6:14:39 PM.
Read article at McClatchy News wire :

Secretive government behind closed doors walled off from Press is unconstitutional. But of course we as a nation know by now that despot Obama never read the US Constitution and has no intention of abiding by it. But I am protesting secretive KGB-like government decisions and asking for the sunshine laws to apply to this bill that is designed to rewrite the US Constitution secretly with coded words and vague terminology.
Update Christmas Eve, 24-Dec-2009 @ 6:00 central time:
Blame the demoncrats for unconstitutional government:
"Democrats also turned back last-ditch motions from Republicans claiming various provisions in the bill, including a mandate that individuals purchase coverage, are unconstitutional." {in the U S Constitution it is unlawful for the government to require citizens to buy anything, and the government does not own the income of the citizens]}.
And Reid says plainly it is a rewrite of the U S Constitution creating a new 'right' but new rights [Constitutional Amendments] have to be clearly written AND ratified by the people in a vote of the states in which 2/3 of the states approve it. The cheap tricks of the democratic socialist to force socialism on this nation, has to be defeated by the US House! This quote sums up what has happened, more of the same sort of politics of Burris, Blago... former Governor and corrupt Chicago politicians:
"This bill is a grab bag of Chicago-style, backroom buyoffs," Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch said Wednesday."
And this quote shows the strong arm tactics of NOT discussing or allowing questions or debate on the most controversial and nation-changing bill since the Emancipation Proclamation in the other direction [giving liberty instead of taking it away}. This beginning quote says enough :
These quotes from Washington and (CNN) -- "The Senate health care bill cleared a third and final procedural hurdle Wednesday as Democrats successfully limited remaining debate time on the $871 billion measure."
These quotes from this article today in Google and CNN news:
Thursday, December 24, 2009 @5:55:48 AM
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri


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