Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sen Nelson of Nebraska vote NO to 'plan " to kill

I am adding this here today because I meant to add it yesterday. I read in the news that Senator Nelson of Nebraska has said he will not vote for any insurance reform that pays for abortion. And I say "THANK YOU SIR" for that! And don't bend or buckle under pressure. It is absolutely the duty of each Senator to do what is best for his or her own State AND what is best for the nation as a whole. It is in the best interest of this nation that humans reproduce themselves if the nation is to continue. And when any nation's government sets out to defy GOD HIMSELF, they set themselves on a path of destruction according to the Scriptures. GOD wrote in stone, 'thou shalt not kill' and that is recorded in Exodus 20:13, and again in Deuteronomy chapter five. And then it is repeated in different ways/words in verses Genesis 9:6, Matthew 18:14, John 14:6, John 10:10.

Also, the democrats as a whole have revealed their agenda. They are furious that the Republicans have demanded a full reading of the entire bill.The Republicans ought to do that on EVERY bill that comes down the pike toward them! How dare any of them vote on something that they have no idea what is written in it, or the true intent [intended and unintended consequences ] of it. And how dare the democrats try to put the Republicans in a bad light for asking to KNOW what is in the bill! That alone shows you as a nation that the heart of the democrats as a whole is not pure. It may be that Senator Nelson is the only Senator who has the best interest of the nation at heart when he says he will not vote for a bill that pays for abortion or labels it as health care. Abortion is a heinous sin, a crime against humanity, an evil that strikes at this nation more surely than the Al-Quaida group ever hoped too. Abortion as a so-called right when it is clearly a wrong, will destroy this nation by depopulating it, because many people equate legal with moral. What is legal in this country is often times very immoral. If you have any doubts about that sentence then consider the latest Washington DC fiasco of trying to legalize sodomite relationships that GOD said HE would destroy the entire nation for. That evil deed shows that the heart of Washington DC itself is evil. And that shows you as a nation that any decision coming from Washington DC is not likely to be helpful in any way. For more proof of that, consider the fools in Copenhagen pledging BILLIONS of US dollars to try to 'undo' what GOD is doing with the environment and weather, playing GOD with the environment they think, even while laying plans to tax the citizens into poverty and while making plans to make every poor citizen a criminal for not paying money to a false god of insurance.
If you had any doubt that the U S is in decline visit any church in America and count the number of children you see there. Visit any restaurant and or fast food place and count the number of children you see there. Write your local schools and ask them how many of their children enrolled are illegally in this nation-that is how they hide the statistics of declining numbers of American children by allowing illegal emigrants to enroll at taxpayer expense.
Also in the Buffalo News article that appears in Google news this am, they suggest that the Congress should abandon the entire plan before them and start again on a meaningful bill that delivers health care and that does not merely pump up the revenues of BIG INSURANCE.
Here is something you have to remember in any situation. The amount charged for promises depends upon the risk involved. If the Congress makes insurance companies provide services to the sick [which they are not wont to do] then the funds will be rapidly depleted since cancer patients and cardiac patients and diabetic patients and COPD patients use a ton of money on their long term needs. I am not complaining about that but about the fact /reality that insurance companies will not make money if they actually pay for health care for the long term. They know that, and that is why they are in Congress lobbying for self-survival of their legal scam. If insurance companies charge for the risks they incur, the premiums would be so high no one but the billions could pay them. If they don't charge for the risks, then the healthy will subsidize with their premiums the sick, and that is of course the entire premise of insurance--that those who are not sick pay for the health care of those who are sick via their premiums etc. Congress in its misguided efforts thinks it will do away with that, and somehow like a magician pulling a rabbit from a hat, the money for the sick will materialize. They know that they plan to SHIFT the resources already allocated for the elderly, sick, handicapped, infirm, to the abortion providers. They openly stated that. Will the US put up with that or will they rebel and vote out of office the Pelosi, and the Obama, and the people who went along with that evil plan to depopulate and ruin the nation?
And the Republicans should insist on every bill for any reason being read entirely into the Federal Register for the press to hear, for the citizens on C-Span to hear, for the nation to know what is being discussed. That is good statemanship, not obstructive behaviour. The fact that the democrats are trying to label the Republicans as obstructive when it is the DUTY of every citizen to oppose an evil plan to ruin the nation, shows you the difference in the democratic concept of government and the republican form of government . The democrats have that snake-oil saleman approach to government of "trust me" when what they mean is I need money and what is good for you is not really my concern. . Whereas the republican form of government includes the people in the decision making authority.
To sum up, I ask Sen Nelson from Nebraska to stand firmly opposed to any bill that pays for or codifies abortion as a so-called right. And I ask all Republicans to put as many roadblocks, obstacles, whatever legal maneuevers they are allowed in the course of their duties as duly elected Legislators to stop the passage of a very bad bill.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri, but with one daughter in Nebraska [and one daughter in Missouri,] so speaking up for her and my grandchildren there in asking Sen Nelson to vote prolife always!
Added to on 18-Dec-2009 after reading in the LifeSiteNews this morning the news that Dr David Stevens the Chairman of the Christian Medical Association quit the American Medical Assocation in protest of their lobbying for causes that many physicians in America do not support. He said he thought it was no longer possible to achieve any change in their radical behaviours from working within their system [my paraphrase of his words].
I have always thought that the AMA is a very radical and secular organization controlled more by the hospital lobbying groups than by doctors; and the causes the AMA has put their weight behind are not conducive to human life but are in fact, detrimental to human life and wellness. The AMA represents special interests more than medical doctors and it certainly does not represent well either Christian, Jewish or Muslim doctors who oppose the taking of human life by medical doctors.


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