Monday, December 21, 2009

Obama Muslim doesn't do Christmas or allow it; scammers

I am adding to this entry after reading this evening news about how Obama insists the Congress work late on Christmas Eve, and I am reminded of what my then second husband said to me as he refused to buy Christmas presents or decorate for Christmas, or honor the meaning of Christmas, " I don't do Christmas" with a sneer. Muslims don't really like the fact of Christmas, I understand that, and I think Obama is Muslim; but the fact of the matter is, this nation is waaaaaaay more Christian than Muslim. I imagine he celebrated Ramadan on his travels abroad during that time, and I imagine he would expect to do that in the US and no one would try to stop him. But here's the thing; if he pressurizes the situation to force through a used-car-saleman-just-trust-me approach to government thinking the Christian majority will be having Christmas and NOT focused on what the Congress is doing, then they could sneak in all sorts of evil into the so-called reform bill for financing by insurance companies. That is of course the real purpose in setting the vote to Christmas Eve, when folks are distracted, wanting to celebrate an annual festival of a religious nature, but Obama has his ego tied to it, and he wants it treated as if were a vote on a war against the nation's soil. What is so critical about this vote? Obama wants to sneak it in while the nation is in the Churches celebrating Christmas hoping the Congress will be empty but for the wolves guarding the henhouse, and then a fake roll call, and Obama gets his piece of notariety of the most stupid president of all. It's a no-brainer isn't it? The Muslim takeover of America is being accomplished by the most stupid Congress since the nation began, who think they work for Obama as employees and kiss his behind to keep their jobs. They should be saying 'we'll discuss this in January and there is no crisis and let us not make it one to ruin the nation to please a despot ."
And I am leaving this entry from yesterday because I am still mad about earthlinks' attempted swindle of me and their attempted theft of my domain too. Also read the comments I added today to the blog that precedes this one.
I am writing this entry this morning after finding out from my paper invoice that earthlink --that scam outfit that outsources to the Phillippines has tried to scam me again. They padded the last five of my bills by more than $20 each month, and for the month of October they padded it by $50, and they allowed people totally unrelated and totally unconnected to me in any way, and totally unauthorized to have dial up at my expense to dial into my account; and the most recent scam of their attempt is to try to switch the billing for a paid domain of mine of to a free site of mine of [scriptures from the book of John, in the Holy Bible,] in what seems to have been their effort to help criminals steal my domain. They thought I wouldn't notice the difference in the words : and the words book of John. That is how stupid the earthlink people in the Phillipines are or how illiterate in the English language they are, not sure of their motives, just the apparent scam.
After six years of having internet hosting accounts this is a sum-up of what I have learned . The hosting companies that will scam you in a heartbeat are: of Pennsylvania.
These are as far as I could tell after years of doing business with them [buying, paying for domains and webhosting, and creating websites on the accounts] are without integrity or any concept of business law or integrity. They have no qualms about stealing from you, or of giving your information about your bank account to criminals. They hire immoral decadent people and they do not honor or abide by any contract recognized in the U S.
As best I could tell, their motive is their fervent desire to pump up the demoncrats that always allow them to get benefits illegally [illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America get enormous amounts of benefits via Colorado], and who are almost always catholics. Their allegiance is to the fake church not to their customers.
And don't assume that because you went on line and bought a domain, and paid for it, and maybe renew it for years that a catholic con-man won't be able to steal it from you. Remember catholic con-men and women inhabit the halls of Congress and they are reelected at elections by allowing illegals to vote and in return for their illegal benefits they vote democrat. Because the catholic church benefits directly from the scams of Colorado.
I am writing this to warn you to not do internet business with these groups. I am trying to get control of my accounts that catholics swindled me out of,and trying to get control of my bank acct that they also stole and also my e*Trade checking acct that was stolen while I resided in catholic Colorado, scam state of U S.
(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri.
I signed back in to add this since I forgot it a few minutes ago, The time is 6:36 AM, 21-Dec-2009 and I have contacted the registrar to prevent the theft of my domain by the catholics from hell. Also, to add this:
If you 'register' with the NY Times to be allowed to read their online articles, they put a tracking cookie on your computer named that tracks what you write AS YOU WRITE it for the purpose of censoring what you write,and or trying to steal your password. Don't register with NY Times--they are unscruplous also as they have ALWAYS attempted to censor Christians, who are born again and not of the catholic false religion that uses power and money to 'buy' journalists.


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