Monday, December 28, 2009

False god failed again.

Obama's false god failed him and the nation AGAIN. His false god of government is worthless. The attempt on Detroit, the failure of a massive so-called security screening did not stop the potential bomber. The multitudinous screening methods of 'lists' and scanners, and xray machines, and security wands all proved useless in the face of a determined person. If you are looking to the Obamaites to save you, you are in deep trouble!

Only GOD could save you from any harm. Only GOD could deploy supernatural forces on your behalf. ONLY GOD could see into a man's heart. Only GOD is your Saviour. IF you put your trust in the government, you are doomed because the government is made up of fickle men and women who want to be reelected more than they want to save the nation. It is made up of cowardly men who have no clue about the difference in the righteous and the wicked. It is made up of men who have egos as big as the continent and who don't care who they destroy in the process.

Put your faith in THE GOD who is always present, always knowing, and always loving, but who is also always just. The rules of GOD don't change with the session of Congress. The Commandments of GOD are eternal. The favor of GOD is able to overcome any evil. Pray for the nation that GOD will remove from power the wicked, the incompetent [who don't know the real laws of the nation] and the indifferent and put into place those with a fervor for righteousness, truth and for the nation to long endure.

(s) Gloria Poole, Missouri; the time is 8:16 PM, 28-Dec-2009


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