Saturday, December 19, 2009

Didn't GOD prove HE's in Charge of Environment?

For all you blockheads who went to that scam in Copenhagen, believing you have some sort of power over the environment, did GOD prove you wrong last evening and today when the Chunnel train is stranded, the DC area of U S is in blizzard conditions, the entire Atlantic seaboard is snowed in, and there are deaths from it? Do you still really think you have any power over the environment--the weather?
Get a grip on reality. GOD controls the weather, not humans. That whole fake idea of global warming is merely a way to fool some leaders of some nations into giving mega bucks to other nations!
Chalk that scam into the same category as the 'TARP ' funds and the Wall St bail-out, and the 'health care reform' which is nothing more than an attempt by insurance companies to broaden their pool of payees into their system.
(s) Gloria Poole ; Missouri
Update to this post on 22-Dec-2009 after reading this article in the Wall St Journal this evening but on Google news:
"There is no doubt that calling a halt to the high-profile climate-change traveling circus risks causing a severe conference-deprivation trauma among the participants."
Quote from Lord Lawson of the UK in the online Wall St Journal this evening:
Tuesday, December 22, 2009@06:29:12 PM
Read entire article at:'s_Most_Popular/
I LOVE that new phrase of 'severe conference-deprivation" and think it is the diagnosis of H Clinton and B Obama! For their reason for spending taxpayers' money attending useless conferences. IF they worked for the private sector, they would get few and far between 'conference' allottments of cash.


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