Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change Obama Promised=Socialism, & Deceit

I hate liars and swindlers probably more than most people having endured a second marriage [but now divorced, and thank GOD] from one of the biggest slick-as-oil swindlers in the world. But Obama's big swindle tops them all. OF course anyone with any sense could figure out that what he was promising was socialism-
government take over of all productions and banks;
government control of the media;
government control of transportation;
government control of all sources of money;
And then if those whopping lies of 'change' to the world, were not bad enough then he threw in how he was going to end the war, and how he was going to appease the world, and how he was the 'saviour' of the world but have you noticed? That his cabinet has the same people as Bush's did for the war? And have you noticed that his cabinet is recycled bad people from the horrible Bill Clinton's cabinet? And have you noticed that there are really no new people in his cabinet but long term career politicians and their pack of swindlers/liars/murderers/thieves and cheats?
And have you noticed that the world is not fooled and the investors are still leaving the nation in droves? And have you noticed that the world is not fooled as much as the stupid and wicked in Washington, DC?
Obama is like that magician trick of trying to pull a live rabbit out of a black hat. Deception is the tools of his trade and his grandmother in Hawaii helped him pull that trick of financial meltdown as a bank officer with insider knowledge of how they link funds together and where to hit them where it hurt. It was not a new trick, though it was adapted to the internet banking and the nationalized banking system, and so-called regulated financial markets. Napolean did it first in the European nations he planned to take-over when he gathered up their weapons and blockaded their harbors to stop the flow of food and supplies to them, in order to 'convince' them they needed what he had to offer. Sort of like that Obama 21st century trick of causing financial meltdown of the nation so he could appear to the wicked and the stupid as the leader--the Pied Piper of fools.
I do not believe for even one nanosecond of time that Obama was elected honestly. Nor do I believe that all the world's newspapers were silent on the opposition to him simultaneously. IF so, that was not an accident but government control of the Presses, through free perqs and offices in the US Capitol, and threats to withdraw funding from sponsors of big ads, [democratic donors], Nor do I believe that the Microsoft computers MEGA control of nearly every computer in America during his campaign was an accident either. I know I recieved many efforts to try to hinder, stop, censor, prevent my words even as I was typing them on keyboard. Censorship is one of the tell-tale signs of socialism and its leftist cousin communism.
I still hate Obama and I hate him because he lied, because he swindled, because he manipulated the nation and the election, and because he supports the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb on every vote he ever voted on, about it. BUT this much I KNOW, that GOD is in control just as HE was in control in the book of Exodus and that era of history when GOD sent plague after plague to the Egyptians to make their so-called leader who was a king turn loose of his control on the people who wanted to serve THE GOD and not Pharaoh. The U.S. 'ain't seen nothing yet' because GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.
Ask yourself how it is possible that missing ballots affected the state election in Minnesota, but not the Presidential election, and ask yourself how many states really had missing ballots that were not reported because the election was rigged: Read article at:
update at 4:37 pm,MT:
After I think on it, I think Obama should Hillary to Siberia and if he would also send Nancy Pelosi, and Barney,and those sisters from California in the US House, and the Charles Schumer along with her, then the US Senate would be improved immediately, since Ted Kennedy is history if he is not lying through his teeth to avoid criminal prosecution. The US State Dept is basically a defunct organization with no teeth in it, anyway,and if the US Senate and Congress were permanently rid of the Clintons,then hallelujah JESUS! for that win-win for the preborn. Obama send Nancy Pelosi along with Hillary to keep her company on the nights Bill is molesting the locals whereever they are, and you have at least one winning idea.
Also you might like to read these articles:
French Huguenots, 'French Calvinists' first landed in America in 1564:
6:52 AM 11/26/2008

My how far the mighty have fallen! A British Constable was fired for
writing emails saying that homosexuality is a sin:
Remember reading about how England fought wars over the true
gospel? Now it is become a derelict nation of slime and wanton degradation
by firing people for expressing religious beliefs directly from The Bible.
7:37 AM 11/26/2008
signed gloria poole, RN, artist, writer, poet, Denver CO 80203

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paradigm Shift -tsunami happened in US

I read some of the news sources I usually read and it occurred to me that a fundamental paradigm shift has occurred in the world and the US has not yet realized it. The Indian Navy sank the Pirate boat off South Africa, not the US Navy and not the British Navy and not even the Saudi Navy [though as far as I know the Saudis do not have a Navy]. And China and Arabic nations probably own most of the commercial real property in the US. And there are already one billion Arabic descent Muslims compared to a puny 300 million US citizens, and remember the Arabic nations know what they believe and who they believe in [Al-Lah] and are not wishy-washy or ashamed of their beliefs.The US almost does not produce any real products and has not for decades, they import them. The US thinks it does not have to compete with the world's producers because they have those Congress 'bail-outs' for fraud and mismanagement and spending the profits that were needed to invest to keep companies current and competitive on profligate living for the dems and their hand-picked 'management teams' who pull strings for the dems come election time. The huge continents of China, Russia,and India and the Arabic-bloc of nations are primarily patriarchal nations with male leadership, and do not much respect women in leadership roles. The reason no doubt that Condaleeza Rice was not more successful--she was dealing with nations that do not want women to even show their ankles in public. There is a lot to be said for a nation that tries to shield women some from the wanton enviroment of lusty males on the loose. Yet the fools in the new administration think flaunting a woman whom the nation itself rejected as leadership [Hillary Clinton] as Secretary of State to rub the noses of the nations into failed leadership,is the subject of more nincompoop news today. It seems to me that is a way of thumbing the collective US nose at the rest of the world, sort of a way of making them think they do not deserve a respected by US Citizens diplomat as Secretary of State but an also-ran, a 'choice' that is clearly about appeasing the democratic machinery rolling over all Americans,and not about what would be good for the nation collectively. And yes, don't forget if the US should be unfortunate enough to be stuck with Hillary as a well-paid-world-sightseeing-ineffective-state-dept-rep at US taxpayer's expense with her abundantly clear goal of promoting herself, that the adulterer/thief Bill Clinton who plundered the White House on his exit, would be also along in every mansion and palace of the world's leaders to loot and plunder there also. And what about his womanizing, and raping of those who resist him? Would Saudi Arabia wink-wink at their women molested by Bill while Hillary was doing her thing? And would the Saudi King be happy to have Bill around his wife or daughters? It seems to me that if the US retired both Hillary and Bill the image of America might improve greatly. What appalls me is that the dems would even consider Hillary after all that has happened. We as a nation know their so-called values: three deaths in the Bill Clinton administration of officials that knew his record; plundered White House to outfit mansions bought by taxpayers for Hillary in NY and DC; immoral pardons of crooks by Bill Clinton as he exited the White House; two deaths in Arkansas as campaign was in process; sexual harrassment of subordinate by Bill, rape of Juanita Brodderick [not sure of last name spelling which the Arkansas State Police knew of and reported no doubt to that Arkansas Dem leader that was assassinated because of it this past summer as the DNC was unfolding in its Obama-Clinton frenzy to promote them with partisan backing of city of Denver; and most important tell-tell sign is the hundreds of MILLIONS of innocent humans who died in the womb because of Bill Clinton lifting the fetal ban by Executive fiat [decree,authoritarian order without backing of Congress] to make their flesh and blood fodder for abortuaries and fake research.
I object to Obama for all of these reasons: that he is the most radical prodeather to ever be elected President; that he was not honestly elected, the votes were not even counted in some states before he was claimed 'victor'; the voting machines in several states were rigged; he is inherently dishonest; he was not raised in the US; he never held any position that was not funded by government; and he is a fool to consider Hillary and any other Clinton administration staffer. There is a saying that is widely acknowledged by law enforcement when they 'profile' citizens and my grandmother said it several times to me, 'one is known by the company she keeps". Of course JESUS said it first when he said not to fellowship with devils.
Should the US leadership be of the sort that were described in Romans chapter one as being without GOD and 'reprobate". I say NOT.
Update at 7:05 am, 19-Nov-2008:
Second in command in Al-Qaeda calls Obama a "house negro":
6:52 AM 11/19/2008
Is that sort of like saying he is an "uncle Tom" the phrase used prior to the Civil War to denote those blacks who did not resist the perqs and privileges of living in the 'master's house" doing his bidding and providing black women for the 'master's" pleasure ?
Update as of 3:00pm on 20-Nov-2008,MT:
That change Obama wanted was from his house to the White House since
he seems to be planning to keeep the dinosaur democrats AND the same
Bush team he bad-mouthed for all of his campaign on the war. And
oh yea, do you feel safer yet, that his elecion has emboldened the
activist judges to release the terrorists?? I know I sure don't feel
safer! I have four years and ten months of living with a terrorist and
I say I do not want those folks in my building!
Update as of 8:50 am, 21-Nov-08:
I read this news this morning about Hillary planning to accept Obama's throw-a-dog-a-bone position and at first I thought BAD BAD idea for the nation. Then I realized it may be GOD's way of getting rid of another prodeather from the US Senate, that kickback-from-abortuaries-center-of-do-nothings. And I also realized that since Condileeza Rice a black woman was not successful attempting to influence black leaders, there is nothing to fear from Hillary--her hands will be tied. The world knows she does not even like Obama and vice versa, and that she does not speak for him. He will pretend to go along with her --the white woman employee working for the black 'master', the irony of it probably pleases greatly the Arabic nations in that respect, but he will not give her any real power and neither will the Arabic nations. It might help the US better in the long run by creating a more prolife Senate by removing two of the most notorious prodeathers from it, and creating a more favorable climate to the preborn,thus improving the odds of getting prolife amendment passed, so maybe it is the plan of GOD. To export Hillary and Bill abroad into a never-never land where they have no real authority but sort of doing what incompetent governments do, and that is promoting those they don't like to a different part of the world, sort of a 'go somewhere anywhere but get out of here', attitude. Then I could 'see' Obama's plan. He gains the situation that must be making millions of black men deliriously happy--a white woman at his beck and call, and doing his bidding, and before the entire world. Sort of a true 'justice' and payback for those years when black women were at the beck and call of white 'masters' -what say ye?
2:57 PM 11/20/2008
/s/ gloria poole, RN,artist, writer, etc,etc,etc,Denver CO 80203

Sunday, November 16, 2008

TARP is KGB-like; & Iraq Approves US ageement

Should I say I told you so?
Read this article in the Houston Chronicle, courtesy of Google News:
6:40 AM 11/16/2008
Here's where I told you beforehand about that bad bill: and then scroll to the Sept 29th entry about that bad bill in Congress.
updated, added too on Nov 18th at 10:32 am:
The gist of that article is that Congress is pretending that they did not know the whole entire 'financial meltdown' was a scam to get Obama elected as the [false] saviour of the world. Now they are publicly caught in their lies and webs of deceit. Read that article from Reuters today at:10:34 am 18-Nov-2008 in the link in this paragraph.
And oh yea, I almost forgot. I trust you noticed that the pirates of Kenya emboldened by 'their President Obama" protection captured a shipping container of oil owned by Saudi Aramco, thus double-crossing the Arabs before he is even in office. When a nation elects a criminal to office,what should they expect? And do not even try to tell me that Obama is not a criminal since he voted every time for the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb by the millions making him an accomplice to crimes against humanity. And what about that jezebel* Hillary-assassin-paying-corrupt-politician-who-killed-off-more-than-one-person-who-knew-too-much? And her equally corrupt and wicked husband? Should the US give them any authority to do anything? That is sort of like empowering Hitler to kill the Jews and all with the government's approval. That group of thugs should never be in office and it is a travesty of justice that they are and I am convinced that it was not through honest voters being properly counted but through computer manipulation of the vote across the nation. Those guilty of crimes against humanity should not be empowered or enriched by the public! But prosecuted and punished.
*footnote, the name 'jezebel'is from the Bible about a wicked woman that GOD said the dogs would lick up her blood for scheming to get what was not hers and killing a man to get it. Read the Scriptures for the Bible record of her Judgement Day before GOD.
Good News --a win for Iraq, and a win for the U.S.:
Iraqi Cabinet approves agreement with US to set a timetable to withdraw
American troops is the big news today. The Yahoo News,with AFP, AP,Reuters have gathered 552 photos to tell the story in these links. I really appreciate the journalists who risk their lives on occasion to show the world what is going on there, and I want to publicly thank them.;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYowZO7gF/
And Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki encourages the agreement:
and :;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYowZO7gF/
Also look at the Press microphones in front of him and see if you notice an American, British or EU Press there, and ask yourself why not?;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYowZO7gF/
and this one is joyful:;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYoyaK8MA/
and this one shows what the US military does in Iraq, seek and destroy bombers:;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYoyaK8MA/
And Iraq's Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari points out the fifty diplomatic years of relationship with Romania:;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYoyaK8MA/

And look at this one, that shows that brides in Iraq look like brides in America and want wedding music too, and the good news is that
musicians are feeling safe enough again to ply their trade:;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYoxsaMYA/
7:01 AM 11/16/2008
And this one that shows the Iraqi people beginning to employ the principles of peaceful protest of government that are necessary if the violence is to end:;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYowZO7gF/
and also this one with hundreds protesting peacefully:;_ylt=AlLL0alqnc7D0dFb2.zwq5eaK8MA/
And this one shows the "mayorality of Baghdad" seal with Arabic writing. I am fascinated by Arabic writing and on the two occasions when I heard it spoken thought it the most beautiful lilting song-like language, even though
I did not understand a word of it.
And the Iraqi Police Force are learning security measures too:;_ylt=AlLL0alqnc7D0dFb2.zwq5flWMcF/

See that photo at:;_ylt=AhyoDUtoIFbvr0XtGXPKYozlWMcF

/s/ gloria poole, Denver CO 80203

Friday, November 14, 2008

Telling it like it is & Please GOD, no Hillary!

Yea, for Rev Jay Scott Newman who said:
"Our nation has chosen for its chief executive the most radical
pro-abortion politician ever to serve in the United States Senate
or to run for president," Newman wrote, referring to Obama by
his full name, including his middle name of Hussein.

"Voting for a pro-abortion politician when a plausible pro-life
alternative exists constitutes material cooperation with intrinsic
evil, and those Catholics who do so place themselves outside of the
full communion of Christ's Church and under the judgment of
divine law. Persons in this condition should not receive
Holy Communion until and unless they are reconciled to God in
the Sacrament of Penance, lest they eat and drink their own

That is the truth. I am not catholic , and I have at times disagreed
with their presentation of the gospel; but I recognize the truth
in that statement because any person who knowingly, willingly cooperates
with or participates in evil is NOT in right-standing with GOD.
JESUS said, you cannot drink from the cup of the devil and from
THE LORD's cup at the same time. [paraphrased from I Corinthians 10:21, also see John 8:41-47,KJV] . To participate by voting or advocating evil in order to empower evil is a sin against GOD.
Read article at:;_ylt=AoCj_fADa_01bVZF542_sZGs0NUE/
Article is written by Meg Kinnard, for the AP, and is entitled,
"SC Priest [says] no communion for Obama Supporters"

Also regarding the continuing financial bail-out of fraudsters and
crooks on Wall Street and those who invested in phony research using
dead humans, thus violating the Nuremberg Laws defining when and in what
conditions research may be done on humans:

Pres Bush makes the point that it is not the free market that failed but that
exposes the frauds, in "defense of capitalism.

It is true that this crisis included failures, by lenders and borrowers,
by financial firms, by governments and independent regulators,"
Bush said. "But the crisis was not a failure of the free market
system. And the answer is not to try to reinvent that system."
In article, written by Jeannine Aversa AP economics writer, in the Yahoo News today at:
7:04 AM 11/14/2008

Also, it is the worst idea I ever heard to even suggest that that Jezebel Hillary should have any office in the administration. Two evil people in power is worst than one evil person and suggests a Nazi regime being put together. Accomplices in crimes against humanity always was a bad idea! Those of you who pray, pray that GOD will defeat her again and her baby-killing-agenda-for-the-nations will not flourish, and also pray that GOD defeats Obama's plan for that also!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Reply to Kristof in NY Times, on Nov 9,2008

To answer this question:
"How else do we explain the election in 2008 of an Ivy
League-educated law professor who has favorite philosophers
and poets? "
in the NY Times today written by Nicholas Kristof I suggest these
possible answers:
1) hacking and cybercrime into Sarah Palin's Yahoo and many, many others email accounts and blogs to gain illegal info,or suppress writing or images of the Christian/prolifer/Republican by the admitted cyber-guru Obama and his
team of hackers;
2) along with massive nation-wide interception by Microsoft of
voter records, and interference [hacking into] computers of Republicans so opposing words were hidden or not published, or blacked out, or censored;
3) the millions from cities like Denver who hijacked the federal
incomes of many of their poor to promote Obama in his big shindig;
4) Presses that promoted him as the 'saviour' of the world, while
simultaneously mocking the Republican Candidate and VP;
5) mass media of farcical attacks on Sarah Palin as open discrimination
against a prolife woman because she is not what is termed "politically correct" with BIG ABORTION INDUSTRY and BIG BABY_DICING_INDUSTRY;
6) that movie "W" that was propaganda to portray George W Bush as
ignorant [though he also graduated from an Ivy-league University]; and
a cowboy instead of a President.
7) And let us not forget the billions of dollars Obama received to
slip to his voters here and there, and the Secret Service motorcade in Chicago
allowing him to portray himself as President when he wasn't but planting
an image in the minds of black voters, seeing one of their own riding
in a Presidential motorcade;and using the Presidential seal on his podium;
8) and of course. let us not forget the NY Times' many articles promoting
the idea that he deserved to be President because he is black and
the blacks were slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation signed by
a REPUBLICAN President, and therefore he should be President to right those wrongs of 200 yrs ago in their polluted minds way of thinking. { I think a President should be selected for merit and capability not skin color}.
9) and of course, the support of the Muslim lobbying groups and petro-dollars.
10) comical portrayal of Sarah Palin as a "joke" regularly and with
blatant discrimination on Saturday Night Live.
11) censorship of intelligent as you say, Republicans who are prolife by
these well established Presses: NY Times, Washington Post, Denver Post;of
any and all comment that is actually prolife opposing the premeditated
killing of innocents in the womb; and going one step further to belittle,
categorize to discriminate, blocking their email addresses, labeling their
words as 'spam' because not "politically correct",thus not allowing them to
participate in public forums on their networks, etc,
12) Decades old news media allowing paid propaganda pieces and labeling them "news",and ignoring the failed voter machines and voting problems such as the
activist Judge in Denver saying illegals could vote.

Does this answer your question, Kristof?
Therefore Republicans and Prolifers, here is what you must do next go-round:
1) early on in the campaign, hire a documentary skilled person to do a mocking movie with bold, blatant inuendo about Obama [about 2010] showing him to be a clown and buffoon and an ignorant one at that since facts are never employed in campaign spoofery since after all "everyone' knows that he went to Harvard on a affirmative action scholarship.
2) hire a comic who is well known to impersonate Joe Biden every week and make a joke out of him;
3) and hire a propagandist to mock and belittle the catholic church who is the backer of Joe Biden as was Sarah Palin's christian church backing her;and talk about how that fake religion influences him in his approach to government;
4) and weekly pay for progaganda pieces disguised as news, and schedule op-pieces with the Republican candidate behind the Presidential seal podium and hire a limo and paid off-duty Secret Service to accompany it as it rolls along to whereever and then take lots of photos of those events and put them in the "news" and pretend they are news.
5) Then pay under the table the big name journalist who work for the NY Times and the Washington Post and the Denver Post to write their version of the events and put it on the front page with lots of photos.
6) Then ignore anything the Democrats do in any way as not existing, black out their news on your networks period.
7) Hire a competitive company to Microsoft to do your computer hacking and give them the carrot to perform of being better than Microsoft at controlling the world's computers and subjects/citizens by suppressing the send/receive functions of their customers' email addresses, labeling prodeathers as spammers,disabling their computers via invisible to the eye spy scripts, and the 'kill' feature built into Microsoft products by design to give Microsoft [big big Democratic sponsor] and/or the government control of every computer on the web.
8)and hiring private detectives to spy on abortuaries and photograph the shredded, decapitated babies, and splash it all over the front page the way the socialist Obama did with the Iraq war this past election.
9) And hire a computer whiz as your campaign manager and not a politician or politically saavy ignorant fool.
10) and hack into the accounts for the democratic party and find out how much they spent on wardrobing Michelle Obama and her girls for the DNC convention and the photo-ops and publish that info a few days before the vote in 2012.
11) and hack into the email and computer isp accounts of the dems and get their bank info and then try to block their accounts using the same subterfuge the Dems use and the illegal abuse of the Patriot Act and tell the nation the spying is necessary for the national [job] security of Obama and his voo-doo Krewe.
12) And remember to point out the obvious fact that Harvard grads are so ignorant that they think humans grow on trees and that the babies in the womb are not human but animal contrary to all known medical knowledge.
13) And remember to point out that Obama's grandmother was a bank officer and how instrumental she was in that financial meltdown that conveniently occurred just a month before the election. And point out how interconnected banks are and how they borrow from each other and how they have those bank books with the secretive info on their connections to the feds; and how she also conveniently died before election [because she knew too much, sort of like that Arkansas dem that was the Clinton's 'confidante' to their evil ?
14) And insist upon a Republican achievement whole week-long study in the public schools to teach about famous Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who died for his beliefs and insist that in every public school funded by US dollars the words of the US Constitution are taught particularly the words that the US is a republic and teach the differences between a republic and a masses-dominated democracy; and put images of Abraham Lincoln famous Republican on the walls of the school hallways and hold contests on those who could recite his most famous addresses, and allow all republicans that week to have a free reign over every one.
15) And make sure that all those hired to work at the polls are republican, and fire those in any government office who are not republican from every office even if it means spying into their personal lives, hiring a paid informant,hiring someone to sue them falsely, gaining control over their bank accounts by spying and promoting the idea that if they want to get along in the US, they must allow/tolerate the spin-factor on their lives of 'democracy at work'. Meanwhile, you must suppress/oppose publicly/protest the illegal abuse of Patriot Act and War Powers act by select Senators who are heavily invested in abortuaries like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the catholic Supreme Court so-called "justices".

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, writer, prolife activist, Denver CO 80203
6:47 AM 11/9/2008
Update as of 7:08 am:
"Do Something, anything" to end the Abortion Holocaust also. Please read
the comments of Germany's Angela Merkel in the BBC today as they
commemorate the Nazi Holocaust as a reminder to do something to oppose
evil and killing:
7:09 AM 11/9/2008
Canada and Afghan cooperate to free Canadian Journalist:
Thanks to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Afghanistan's
President Hamid Karzai!
7:12 AM 11/9/2008
Update Monday 10-Nov-2008 at 6:25 am, MT :
Obama pushing Bush out of White House early; and already planning his
bad decisions to make abortions available around the world at
US taxpayer expense, slaughter more babies in the womb to get
their cells, and blocking drilling for oil in America.
Read article at:
6:16 AM 11/10/2008
Quotes :
'Deliberate haste'

The meeting has been arranged with unusual haste -" [my aside: to tour White
House before time therefore pushing the sense of "get out" to the Bush's. Obama's style is sort of like Napolean it seems to me, take,grab,push, usurp,spy,plunder,loot--the values of the democrats on display.]

Another quote:
"In 2001, Mr Bush issued an executive order limiting federal
funding for medical research using human embryo stem cells.
The move was popular with moral conservatives but [abortion-providers of the human crushed bodies who get paid for them] critics say it
has hampered US medical research efforts.
BUSH DECISIONS UNDER FIRE" [that Obama plans to change with
his so-called Executive order that there is no authority in true laws of US Constitution for and which
when Pres Bush did that,the NY Times and every other newspaper
called it usurping power and authority:]
"Limited federal funding for medical research using human embryo
stem cells
Aid groups receiving US aid barred from counselling women about
abortion availability
California barred from imposing minimum standards of vehicle
fuel efficiency
Utah land being opened up for oil and gas drilling ."
Remember that GOD is not mocked {Galatians 6:7} and HE wrote in stone the commandments of GOD including 'thou shalt not kill'. To get human embryoes the abortionists-assassins kill the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb, then sell their bodies to the fake research centers that chop off their heads, dismember them, crush their tissues and smear them on agar plates to get $$$$$$$$$. It is an abomination to GOD and I am sure GOD is going to punish the U.S.for it because the nation collectively has been repeatedly warned to repent of it and to turn from sin and create laws to protect innocent humans. Obama is more like Napoleon, pushing,usurping, cutting off funding and food and creating a crisis to implement his agenda than any US president before him. He is a wicked man, do not be deceived by him. He will lead the US to total destruction if he gets his way of killing more innocents for money, or any reason. Read the scriptures relevant to this issue on for today's entry, and scroll til you see them.
/s/ gloriapoole
added by gloriapoole, RN,artist, writer, prolife activist,missionary, Denver CO 80203

Friday, November 07, 2008

Iranian Pres in Coalition with Obama Already Happy

Here are the news articles that indicate to me that the tide in the US is a tsunami of paradigm shift from one form of government in the US to another, and from the US
being The World Leader to overnight becoming The Follower of Other Nations:

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is pleased with new US President and is expecting his cooperation:
6:46 AM 11/7/2008

Arapahoe County,Colorado Sheriff says illegal immigrants who victimize there should be punished:
6:43 AM 11/7/2008

Nebraska voters sunset hiring/admitting to universities because of skin color,read article at:
Quote from article,"The Nebraska constitutional amendment
prohibits public agencies from giving preferential treatment on
the basis of race, sex or ethnicity when hiring and performing
such tasks as awarding contracts and granting scholarships.

The ban passed with almost 58 percent of the vote." [end quote]

Rosen calls Obama "the Pied Piper of Platitudes" and a socialist, and
after the fact [conveniently], reminds the people that the democrats controlled
Congress since 2006 and are therefore responsible for the financial meltdown
the continuation of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the problems of
Here's a warning quote from that article about the democratic-socialists including
Obama: This is not a crowd that likes to compromise. And they no
doubt regard their victory Tuesday as a mandate to move further
left. With a near veto-proof Senate majority,
they hope to govern by steamroller." {end quote}
6:54 AM 11/7/2008

Oil-Rich Sheikhs will control investments everywhere?? Global financial tsunami wealth flowing out like the tides
from Arabic investors and then back to them harnassing a societies??
6:30 AM 11/7/2008

Quote about cocaine and its destructive forces :
"Drugs wreck lives, destroy communities and fuel crime - the fact
Labour do not recognise this make them part of the problem,
not the solution." UK Shadow Home Secretary Dominc Grieve said about
the use of cocaine in UK and the UK having the status of being
'the cocaine capitol of the EU". Read article at:

This assistive device helps a person walk by pushing up on their behinds and soles of feet:
6:02 AM 11/7/2008

Special Courts for Domestic Violence in UK is bringing a higher rate of conviction of abusers:
6:19 AM 11/7/2008

Peaceful transistion to a government of the people?
6:22 AM 11/7/2008

Pakistan legally opposing cybercrime and cyber-terrorism, with death:
6:24 AM 11/7/2008

signed gloria poole, RN [licensed in Colorado] artist, writer, prolife activist,Denver CO 80203

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some fascinating news articles today

Afghan President Hamid Karzai asks Obama to stop the killing of innocents:
That article is written by Sharafuddin Sharafyar for Reuters, and also
in the Google News today:
6:15 AM 11/6/2008

And stop the killing in Assam India also:
This quote from article by Subir Bhaumik for the BBC: "For the first time, we saw sights resembling those from Iraq and Afghanistan. Scores of bodies strewn all over, many more seriously
wounded, cars burning and all that,"
says senior says Assamese journalist Samudragupta Kashyap"[end quote]

About mapping the leukemia genome to detect what mutations of cells caused
normal cells to become cancerous:
6:21 AM 11/6/2008

Computer programmers know this: garbage in garbage out when you are talking about computer analysis. What info you program into a computer will affect what answer you get, and computers do not think. Humans think or at least some of us, do. Read this article about how computer technology is being put forward as the cause of the markets failing. Of course those of us in the know even a tiny bit about how computers function know that the financial crisis was generated on purpose to spin the election and skew the thinking of otherwise rational people.

Here;s quote from that article from the NY Times, by Steve Lohr :
"If you are making a high return, I guarantee you there is a high risk
there, even if you can’t see it,” said Mr. Lindsey, a former chief
economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission"[end quote].

And there's an image on this article that is a little shocking to me:
King Obama?? of ???? With a US flag showing behind him.
It's an article in the BBC entitled 'Three little words ..." and the three words
are "I don't know". 6:49 AM 11/6/2008

And read this fascinating article with photos about the i-limb the electronic artificial robot-like hand that is a huge leap forward for prosthetics and was
named one of the inventions of the year, but it should be the invention of the decade!
6:52 AM 11/6/2008

And here's a bit of sort of shocking news that visiting an orphanage and crying for
the children there could be considered an insult to a nation:
About the Dutchess of York and her daughter Princess Eugenie visiting an orphanage
in Turkey and it causing flak from Turkey.
Turkey, please give in on this one because it makes you look bad to the world. The EU collectively should encourage private people to get involved in orphanages and support them with money, love and prayers. Yes, I know you are not in the EU yet, but you want to be,don't you, that bridge between the Islamic-Arabic world and the
European-Christian world?
7:12 AM 11/6/2008

And what about the M.U.? Mediterrean Union --where is the previous news stories about
this rising alliance of like-minded nations of 43 with headquarters in Barcelona Spain and including France and some of the Middle Eastern Nations. It was launched by France's President Nicolas Sarkozy in July according to this article but I have not read one word about this before today. How is that possible that such an event was not mentioned in the US news anywhere that I saw and I read the news almost every day. It says it includes 27 EU nation-states and also
some from the Middle East and North Africa. Their star is rising for certain. Will the US be more acceptable to those nations since a Muslim President now? I have to imagine thatwas the ultimate motive of citizens in the US who fear the Arabic nations? I do not fear the Arabic nations because I beleive they truly want to serve THE ONE GOD, and so do I. There is only ONE GOD according to Scripture in the King James Holy Bible, though Christians recognize HIM as having three personas [identities] . The best way to explain that paradox to muslim people is to
utilize an analogy of a human man who is a husband,father, employee [some of the time] or head of household but still only one person who acts in different roles at different times . The same analogy of three different roles but only one GOD,who is all three is true of GOD THE FATHER, who is Spirit and caused HIMSELF to be
created in human form to more fully understand the human experience and to be able to talk face to face with humans, but was without sin and was GOD in the flesh.
To get back on the topic of the BBC article at:
7:22 AM 11/6/2008

And La Parisienne is coming to America to five locations! I want to see that painting ! Treasures of Wales on tour in America article at:
6:58 AM 11/6/2008
Update at 7:59 am, MT:
And about that democrat-generated meltdown of fraud and corruption, here's an article you should read:;_ylt=AiqgRRCDaXkCyocJWnTGIbus0NUE/
7:54 AM 11/6/2008
Article is written by Matt Apuzzo for the AP and of course he did not say in so many words it was the democrats. I said that
because the democrats controlled the Congress since 2006, though everyone in the Obama campaign and the dinosaur Presses tried to pretend for sake of rigging the outcome that Pres Bush controlled the Congress. Read the article and be mad because of course, we citizens all knew that--the scam
and fraud of Wall Street would somehow be dumped onto the law-abiding and taxpaying citizens and not the criminals, because the other set of criminals in Congress feared losing their blood money. That is the 'change' the socialists wanted to move the nation from a republic to a socialist nation. But let us all who believe in a GOD defy them continually, and forever!
/s/ gloria poole, RN, artist, writer, etc,etc,etc

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grieve for the Unborn/Preborn who lost election

I read the news this am of how the puppet of Planned Unparenthood bought and rigged the election by tampering with voting machines [deleting republican votes] and buying votes with promises of taxpayer money to foreign nations. I grieve for the unborn/preborn humans in the womb who will die on Obama's watch and with his help, in those horrible abortuary-killing places. I grieve for the elderly who will be appointed to destruction by his socialised medicine scheme [the platform of socialism] to decide who gets real life-affirming health care, and who is cast to the winds. I grieve for a nation that endured the 2006 -->present domination of Congress by the Dems that created the financial meltdown and then reelected the same wicked to office again. Stupidity is not a virtue. I grieve for America for rejecting the Commandment of GOD of 'thou shalt not kill' by electing to the highest office a man who believes that killing of innocents in abortion-killing places with premeditation is a so-called right as long as he benefits financially and politically. I grieve because I know that GOD is not mocked and that the decision America made, is recorded by GOD as rejecting the Commandments of GOD, not to kill, by voting for the trick of the manipulated financial crisis to create fear in America that if they stopped the flow of blood money, their 'main street' lifestyle would vanish.
I grieve for America because I believe this election was the pivot to America becoming a nation that rejected GOD and thus lost HIS blessings. I grieve because the election was not won by righteousness but by a manipulated and bought Press,and a lot of propaganda that ignored the truth that it was the Dems who failed since they promised in 2006 If elected then to end the war, and they didn't but the Press did not once point that out in the entire campaign. I grieve for a nation that has no true Press that reports the news instead of invents it with op-ed pieces and propaganda spin and push-polls. I grieve because I believe with all my heart according to the Word of GOD that GOD will either be forced to chastise the wicked or destroy the entire nation.
I plead with GOD as did Abraham to remember those of us in this nation who do honor HIS COMMANDMENTS, who do not kill nor advocate it, who teach life, who teach the gospel, who teach the Holy Scriptures when the Avenging Angel comes, those of us in this nation who fear GOD. And I know that as Abraham discovered when he pleaded with GOD to save Sodom and Gomorrha, that there might not be even ten righteous GOD-fearing men in this nation, who would stand and be counted for GOD.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203