Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grieve for the Unborn/Preborn who lost election

I read the news this am of how the puppet of Planned Unparenthood bought and rigged the election by tampering with voting machines [deleting republican votes] and buying votes with promises of taxpayer money to foreign nations. I grieve for the unborn/preborn humans in the womb who will die on Obama's watch and with his help, in those horrible abortuary-killing places. I grieve for the elderly who will be appointed to destruction by his socialised medicine scheme [the platform of socialism] to decide who gets real life-affirming health care, and who is cast to the winds. I grieve for a nation that endured the 2006 -->present domination of Congress by the Dems that created the financial meltdown and then reelected the same wicked to office again. Stupidity is not a virtue. I grieve for America for rejecting the Commandment of GOD of 'thou shalt not kill' by electing to the highest office a man who believes that killing of innocents in abortion-killing places with premeditation is a so-called right as long as he benefits financially and politically. I grieve because I know that GOD is not mocked and that the decision America made, is recorded by GOD as rejecting the Commandments of GOD, not to kill, by voting for the trick of the manipulated financial crisis to create fear in America that if they stopped the flow of blood money, their 'main street' lifestyle would vanish.
I grieve for America because I believe this election was the pivot to America becoming a nation that rejected GOD and thus lost HIS blessings. I grieve because the election was not won by righteousness but by a manipulated and bought Press,and a lot of propaganda that ignored the truth that it was the Dems who failed since they promised in 2006 If elected then to end the war, and they didn't but the Press did not once point that out in the entire campaign. I grieve for a nation that has no true Press that reports the news instead of invents it with op-ed pieces and propaganda spin and push-polls. I grieve because I believe with all my heart according to the Word of GOD that GOD will either be forced to chastise the wicked or destroy the entire nation.
I plead with GOD as did Abraham to remember those of us in this nation who do honor HIS COMMANDMENTS, who do not kill nor advocate it, who teach life, who teach the gospel, who teach the Holy Scriptures when the Avenging Angel comes, those of us in this nation who fear GOD. And I know that as Abraham discovered when he pleaded with GOD to save Sodom and Gomorrha, that there might not be even ten righteous GOD-fearing men in this nation, who would stand and be counted for GOD.
signed gloria poole, RN and artist, Denver CO 80203


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