Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Change Obama Promised=Socialism, & Deceit

I hate liars and swindlers probably more than most people having endured a second marriage [but now divorced, and thank GOD] from one of the biggest slick-as-oil swindlers in the world. But Obama's big swindle tops them all. OF course anyone with any sense could figure out that what he was promising was socialism-
government take over of all productions and banks;
government control of the media;
government control of transportation;
government control of all sources of money;
And then if those whopping lies of 'change' to the world, were not bad enough then he threw in how he was going to end the war, and how he was going to appease the world, and how he was the 'saviour' of the world but have you noticed? That his cabinet has the same people as Bush's did for the war? And have you noticed that his cabinet is recycled bad people from the horrible Bill Clinton's cabinet? And have you noticed that there are really no new people in his cabinet but long term career politicians and their pack of swindlers/liars/murderers/thieves and cheats?
And have you noticed that the world is not fooled and the investors are still leaving the nation in droves? And have you noticed that the world is not fooled as much as the stupid and wicked in Washington, DC?
Obama is like that magician trick of trying to pull a live rabbit out of a black hat. Deception is the tools of his trade and his grandmother in Hawaii helped him pull that trick of financial meltdown as a bank officer with insider knowledge of how they link funds together and where to hit them where it hurt. It was not a new trick, though it was adapted to the internet banking and the nationalized banking system, and so-called regulated financial markets. Napolean did it first in the European nations he planned to take-over when he gathered up their weapons and blockaded their harbors to stop the flow of food and supplies to them, in order to 'convince' them they needed what he had to offer. Sort of like that Obama 21st century trick of causing financial meltdown of the nation so he could appear to the wicked and the stupid as the leader--the Pied Piper of fools.
I do not believe for even one nanosecond of time that Obama was elected honestly. Nor do I believe that all the world's newspapers were silent on the opposition to him simultaneously. IF so, that was not an accident but government control of the Presses, through free perqs and offices in the US Capitol, and threats to withdraw funding from sponsors of big ads, [democratic donors], Nor do I believe that the Microsoft computers MEGA control of nearly every computer in America during his campaign was an accident either. I know I recieved many efforts to try to hinder, stop, censor, prevent my words even as I was typing them on keyboard. Censorship is one of the tell-tale signs of socialism and its leftist cousin communism.
I still hate Obama and I hate him because he lied, because he swindled, because he manipulated the nation and the election, and because he supports the premeditated killing of innocents in the womb on every vote he ever voted on, about it. BUT this much I KNOW, that GOD is in control just as HE was in control in the book of Exodus and that era of history when GOD sent plague after plague to the Egyptians to make their so-called leader who was a king turn loose of his control on the people who wanted to serve THE GOD and not Pharaoh. The U.S. 'ain't seen nothing yet' because GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7.
Ask yourself how it is possible that missing ballots affected the state election in Minnesota, but not the Presidential election, and ask yourself how many states really had missing ballots that were not reported because the election was rigged: Read article at:
update at 4:37 pm,MT:
After I think on it, I think Obama should Hillary to Siberia and if he would also send Nancy Pelosi, and Barney,and those sisters from California in the US House, and the Charles Schumer along with her, then the US Senate would be improved immediately, since Ted Kennedy is history if he is not lying through his teeth to avoid criminal prosecution. The US State Dept is basically a defunct organization with no teeth in it, anyway,and if the US Senate and Congress were permanently rid of the Clintons,then hallelujah JESUS! for that win-win for the preborn. Obama send Nancy Pelosi along with Hillary to keep her company on the nights Bill is molesting the locals whereever they are, and you have at least one winning idea.
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6:52 AM 11/26/2008

My how far the mighty have fallen! A British Constable was fired for
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7:37 AM 11/26/2008
signed gloria poole, RN, artist, writer, poet, Denver CO 80203


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