Thursday, November 06, 2008

Some fascinating news articles today

Afghan President Hamid Karzai asks Obama to stop the killing of innocents:
That article is written by Sharafuddin Sharafyar for Reuters, and also
in the Google News today:
6:15 AM 11/6/2008

And stop the killing in Assam India also:
This quote from article by Subir Bhaumik for the BBC: "For the first time, we saw sights resembling those from Iraq and Afghanistan. Scores of bodies strewn all over, many more seriously
wounded, cars burning and all that,"
says senior says Assamese journalist Samudragupta Kashyap"[end quote]

About mapping the leukemia genome to detect what mutations of cells caused
normal cells to become cancerous:
6:21 AM 11/6/2008

Computer programmers know this: garbage in garbage out when you are talking about computer analysis. What info you program into a computer will affect what answer you get, and computers do not think. Humans think or at least some of us, do. Read this article about how computer technology is being put forward as the cause of the markets failing. Of course those of us in the know even a tiny bit about how computers function know that the financial crisis was generated on purpose to spin the election and skew the thinking of otherwise rational people.

Here;s quote from that article from the NY Times, by Steve Lohr :
"If you are making a high return, I guarantee you there is a high risk
there, even if you can’t see it,” said Mr. Lindsey, a former chief
economist of the Securities and Exchange Commission"[end quote].

And there's an image on this article that is a little shocking to me:
King Obama?? of ???? With a US flag showing behind him.
It's an article in the BBC entitled 'Three little words ..." and the three words
are "I don't know". 6:49 AM 11/6/2008

And read this fascinating article with photos about the i-limb the electronic artificial robot-like hand that is a huge leap forward for prosthetics and was
named one of the inventions of the year, but it should be the invention of the decade!
6:52 AM 11/6/2008

And here's a bit of sort of shocking news that visiting an orphanage and crying for
the children there could be considered an insult to a nation:
About the Dutchess of York and her daughter Princess Eugenie visiting an orphanage
in Turkey and it causing flak from Turkey.
Turkey, please give in on this one because it makes you look bad to the world. The EU collectively should encourage private people to get involved in orphanages and support them with money, love and prayers. Yes, I know you are not in the EU yet, but you want to be,don't you, that bridge between the Islamic-Arabic world and the
European-Christian world?
7:12 AM 11/6/2008

And what about the M.U.? Mediterrean Union --where is the previous news stories about
this rising alliance of like-minded nations of 43 with headquarters in Barcelona Spain and including France and some of the Middle Eastern Nations. It was launched by France's President Nicolas Sarkozy in July according to this article but I have not read one word about this before today. How is that possible that such an event was not mentioned in the US news anywhere that I saw and I read the news almost every day. It says it includes 27 EU nation-states and also
some from the Middle East and North Africa. Their star is rising for certain. Will the US be more acceptable to those nations since a Muslim President now? I have to imagine thatwas the ultimate motive of citizens in the US who fear the Arabic nations? I do not fear the Arabic nations because I beleive they truly want to serve THE ONE GOD, and so do I. There is only ONE GOD according to Scripture in the King James Holy Bible, though Christians recognize HIM as having three personas [identities] . The best way to explain that paradox to muslim people is to
utilize an analogy of a human man who is a husband,father, employee [some of the time] or head of household but still only one person who acts in different roles at different times . The same analogy of three different roles but only one GOD,who is all three is true of GOD THE FATHER, who is Spirit and caused HIMSELF to be
created in human form to more fully understand the human experience and to be able to talk face to face with humans, but was without sin and was GOD in the flesh.
To get back on the topic of the BBC article at:
7:22 AM 11/6/2008

And La Parisienne is coming to America to five locations! I want to see that painting ! Treasures of Wales on tour in America article at:
6:58 AM 11/6/2008
Update at 7:59 am, MT:
And about that democrat-generated meltdown of fraud and corruption, here's an article you should read:;_ylt=AiqgRRCDaXkCyocJWnTGIbus0NUE/
7:54 AM 11/6/2008
Article is written by Matt Apuzzo for the AP and of course he did not say in so many words it was the democrats. I said that
because the democrats controlled the Congress since 2006, though everyone in the Obama campaign and the dinosaur Presses tried to pretend for sake of rigging the outcome that Pres Bush controlled the Congress. Read the article and be mad because of course, we citizens all knew that--the scam
and fraud of Wall Street would somehow be dumped onto the law-abiding and taxpaying citizens and not the criminals, because the other set of criminals in Congress feared losing their blood money. That is the 'change' the socialists wanted to move the nation from a republic to a socialist nation. But let us all who believe in a GOD defy them continually, and forever!
/s/ gloria poole, RN, artist, writer, etc,etc,etc


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