Friday, November 07, 2008

Iranian Pres in Coalition with Obama Already Happy

Here are the news articles that indicate to me that the tide in the US is a tsunami of paradigm shift from one form of government in the US to another, and from the US
being The World Leader to overnight becoming The Follower of Other Nations:

Iranian President Ahmadinejad is pleased with new US President and is expecting his cooperation:
6:46 AM 11/7/2008

Arapahoe County,Colorado Sheriff says illegal immigrants who victimize there should be punished:
6:43 AM 11/7/2008

Nebraska voters sunset hiring/admitting to universities because of skin color,read article at:
Quote from article,"The Nebraska constitutional amendment
prohibits public agencies from giving preferential treatment on
the basis of race, sex or ethnicity when hiring and performing
such tasks as awarding contracts and granting scholarships.

The ban passed with almost 58 percent of the vote." [end quote]

Rosen calls Obama "the Pied Piper of Platitudes" and a socialist, and
after the fact [conveniently], reminds the people that the democrats controlled
Congress since 2006 and are therefore responsible for the financial meltdown
the continuation of the war in Iraq and Afghanistan and all the problems of
Here's a warning quote from that article about the democratic-socialists including
Obama: This is not a crowd that likes to compromise. And they no
doubt regard their victory Tuesday as a mandate to move further
left. With a near veto-proof Senate majority,
they hope to govern by steamroller." {end quote}
6:54 AM 11/7/2008

Oil-Rich Sheikhs will control investments everywhere?? Global financial tsunami wealth flowing out like the tides
from Arabic investors and then back to them harnassing a societies??
6:30 AM 11/7/2008

Quote about cocaine and its destructive forces :
"Drugs wreck lives, destroy communities and fuel crime - the fact
Labour do not recognise this make them part of the problem,
not the solution." UK Shadow Home Secretary Dominc Grieve said about
the use of cocaine in UK and the UK having the status of being
'the cocaine capitol of the EU". Read article at:

This assistive device helps a person walk by pushing up on their behinds and soles of feet:
6:02 AM 11/7/2008

Special Courts for Domestic Violence in UK is bringing a higher rate of conviction of abusers:
6:19 AM 11/7/2008

Peaceful transistion to a government of the people?
6:22 AM 11/7/2008

Pakistan legally opposing cybercrime and cyber-terrorism, with death:
6:24 AM 11/7/2008

signed gloria poole, RN [licensed in Colorado] artist, writer, prolife activist,Denver CO 80203


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