Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paradigm Shift -tsunami happened in US

I read some of the news sources I usually read and it occurred to me that a fundamental paradigm shift has occurred in the world and the US has not yet realized it. The Indian Navy sank the Pirate boat off South Africa, not the US Navy and not the British Navy and not even the Saudi Navy [though as far as I know the Saudis do not have a Navy]. And China and Arabic nations probably own most of the commercial real property in the US. And there are already one billion Arabic descent Muslims compared to a puny 300 million US citizens, and remember the Arabic nations know what they believe and who they believe in [Al-Lah] and are not wishy-washy or ashamed of their beliefs.The US almost does not produce any real products and has not for decades, they import them. The US thinks it does not have to compete with the world's producers because they have those Congress 'bail-outs' for fraud and mismanagement and spending the profits that were needed to invest to keep companies current and competitive on profligate living for the dems and their hand-picked 'management teams' who pull strings for the dems come election time. The huge continents of China, Russia,and India and the Arabic-bloc of nations are primarily patriarchal nations with male leadership, and do not much respect women in leadership roles. The reason no doubt that Condaleeza Rice was not more successful--she was dealing with nations that do not want women to even show their ankles in public. There is a lot to be said for a nation that tries to shield women some from the wanton enviroment of lusty males on the loose. Yet the fools in the new administration think flaunting a woman whom the nation itself rejected as leadership [Hillary Clinton] as Secretary of State to rub the noses of the nations into failed leadership,is the subject of more nincompoop news today. It seems to me that is a way of thumbing the collective US nose at the rest of the world, sort of a way of making them think they do not deserve a respected by US Citizens diplomat as Secretary of State but an also-ran, a 'choice' that is clearly about appeasing the democratic machinery rolling over all Americans,and not about what would be good for the nation collectively. And yes, don't forget if the US should be unfortunate enough to be stuck with Hillary as a well-paid-world-sightseeing-ineffective-state-dept-rep at US taxpayer's expense with her abundantly clear goal of promoting herself, that the adulterer/thief Bill Clinton who plundered the White House on his exit, would be also along in every mansion and palace of the world's leaders to loot and plunder there also. And what about his womanizing, and raping of those who resist him? Would Saudi Arabia wink-wink at their women molested by Bill while Hillary was doing her thing? And would the Saudi King be happy to have Bill around his wife or daughters? It seems to me that if the US retired both Hillary and Bill the image of America might improve greatly. What appalls me is that the dems would even consider Hillary after all that has happened. We as a nation know their so-called values: three deaths in the Bill Clinton administration of officials that knew his record; plundered White House to outfit mansions bought by taxpayers for Hillary in NY and DC; immoral pardons of crooks by Bill Clinton as he exited the White House; two deaths in Arkansas as campaign was in process; sexual harrassment of subordinate by Bill, rape of Juanita Brodderick [not sure of last name spelling which the Arkansas State Police knew of and reported no doubt to that Arkansas Dem leader that was assassinated because of it this past summer as the DNC was unfolding in its Obama-Clinton frenzy to promote them with partisan backing of city of Denver; and most important tell-tell sign is the hundreds of MILLIONS of innocent humans who died in the womb because of Bill Clinton lifting the fetal ban by Executive fiat [decree,authoritarian order without backing of Congress] to make their flesh and blood fodder for abortuaries and fake research.
I object to Obama for all of these reasons: that he is the most radical prodeather to ever be elected President; that he was not honestly elected, the votes were not even counted in some states before he was claimed 'victor'; the voting machines in several states were rigged; he is inherently dishonest; he was not raised in the US; he never held any position that was not funded by government; and he is a fool to consider Hillary and any other Clinton administration staffer. There is a saying that is widely acknowledged by law enforcement when they 'profile' citizens and my grandmother said it several times to me, 'one is known by the company she keeps". Of course JESUS said it first when he said not to fellowship with devils.
Should the US leadership be of the sort that were described in Romans chapter one as being without GOD and 'reprobate". I say NOT.
Update at 7:05 am, 19-Nov-2008:
Second in command in Al-Qaeda calls Obama a "house negro":
6:52 AM 11/19/2008
Is that sort of like saying he is an "uncle Tom" the phrase used prior to the Civil War to denote those blacks who did not resist the perqs and privileges of living in the 'master's house" doing his bidding and providing black women for the 'master's" pleasure ?
Update as of 3:00pm on 20-Nov-2008,MT:
That change Obama wanted was from his house to the White House since
he seems to be planning to keeep the dinosaur democrats AND the same
Bush team he bad-mouthed for all of his campaign on the war. And
oh yea, do you feel safer yet, that his elecion has emboldened the
activist judges to release the terrorists?? I know I sure don't feel
safer! I have four years and ten months of living with a terrorist and
I say I do not want those folks in my building!
Update as of 8:50 am, 21-Nov-08:
I read this news this morning about Hillary planning to accept Obama's throw-a-dog-a-bone position and at first I thought BAD BAD idea for the nation. Then I realized it may be GOD's way of getting rid of another prodeather from the US Senate, that kickback-from-abortuaries-center-of-do-nothings. And I also realized that since Condileeza Rice a black woman was not successful attempting to influence black leaders, there is nothing to fear from Hillary--her hands will be tied. The world knows she does not even like Obama and vice versa, and that she does not speak for him. He will pretend to go along with her --the white woman employee working for the black 'master', the irony of it probably pleases greatly the Arabic nations in that respect, but he will not give her any real power and neither will the Arabic nations. It might help the US better in the long run by creating a more prolife Senate by removing two of the most notorious prodeathers from it, and creating a more favorable climate to the preborn,thus improving the odds of getting prolife amendment passed, so maybe it is the plan of GOD. To export Hillary and Bill abroad into a never-never land where they have no real authority but sort of doing what incompetent governments do, and that is promoting those they don't like to a different part of the world, sort of a 'go somewhere anywhere but get out of here', attitude. Then I could 'see' Obama's plan. He gains the situation that must be making millions of black men deliriously happy--a white woman at his beck and call, and doing his bidding, and before the entire world. Sort of a true 'justice' and payback for those years when black women were at the beck and call of white 'masters' -what say ye?
2:57 PM 11/20/2008
/s/ gloria poole, RN,artist, writer, etc,etc,etc,Denver CO 80203


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