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Reply to Kristof in NY Times, on Nov 9,2008

To answer this question:
"How else do we explain the election in 2008 of an Ivy
League-educated law professor who has favorite philosophers
and poets? "
in the NY Times today written by Nicholas Kristof I suggest these
possible answers:
1) hacking and cybercrime into Sarah Palin's Yahoo and many, many others email accounts and blogs to gain illegal info,or suppress writing or images of the Christian/prolifer/Republican by the admitted cyber-guru Obama and his
team of hackers;
2) along with massive nation-wide interception by Microsoft of
voter records, and interference [hacking into] computers of Republicans so opposing words were hidden or not published, or blacked out, or censored;
3) the millions from cities like Denver who hijacked the federal
incomes of many of their poor to promote Obama in his big shindig;
4) Presses that promoted him as the 'saviour' of the world, while
simultaneously mocking the Republican Candidate and VP;
5) mass media of farcical attacks on Sarah Palin as open discrimination
against a prolife woman because she is not what is termed "politically correct" with BIG ABORTION INDUSTRY and BIG BABY_DICING_INDUSTRY;
6) that movie "W" that was propaganda to portray George W Bush as
ignorant [though he also graduated from an Ivy-league University]; and
a cowboy instead of a President.
7) And let us not forget the billions of dollars Obama received to
slip to his voters here and there, and the Secret Service motorcade in Chicago
allowing him to portray himself as President when he wasn't but planting
an image in the minds of black voters, seeing one of their own riding
in a Presidential motorcade;and using the Presidential seal on his podium;
8) and of course. let us not forget the NY Times' many articles promoting
the idea that he deserved to be President because he is black and
the blacks were slaves until the Emancipation Proclamation signed by
a REPUBLICAN President, and therefore he should be President to right those wrongs of 200 yrs ago in their polluted minds way of thinking. { I think a President should be selected for merit and capability not skin color}.
9) and of course, the support of the Muslim lobbying groups and petro-dollars.
10) comical portrayal of Sarah Palin as a "joke" regularly and with
blatant discrimination on Saturday Night Live.
11) censorship of intelligent as you say, Republicans who are prolife by
these well established Presses: NY Times, Washington Post, Denver Post;of
any and all comment that is actually prolife opposing the premeditated
killing of innocents in the womb; and going one step further to belittle,
categorize to discriminate, blocking their email addresses, labeling their
words as 'spam' because not "politically correct",thus not allowing them to
participate in public forums on their networks, etc,
12) Decades old news media allowing paid propaganda pieces and labeling them "news",and ignoring the failed voter machines and voting problems such as the
activist Judge in Denver saying illegals could vote.

Does this answer your question, Kristof?
Therefore Republicans and Prolifers, here is what you must do next go-round:
1) early on in the campaign, hire a documentary skilled person to do a mocking movie with bold, blatant inuendo about Obama [about 2010] showing him to be a clown and buffoon and an ignorant one at that since facts are never employed in campaign spoofery since after all "everyone' knows that he went to Harvard on a affirmative action scholarship.
2) hire a comic who is well known to impersonate Joe Biden every week and make a joke out of him;
3) and hire a propagandist to mock and belittle the catholic church who is the backer of Joe Biden as was Sarah Palin's christian church backing her;and talk about how that fake religion influences him in his approach to government;
4) and weekly pay for progaganda pieces disguised as news, and schedule op-pieces with the Republican candidate behind the Presidential seal podium and hire a limo and paid off-duty Secret Service to accompany it as it rolls along to whereever and then take lots of photos of those events and put them in the "news" and pretend they are news.
5) Then pay under the table the big name journalist who work for the NY Times and the Washington Post and the Denver Post to write their version of the events and put it on the front page with lots of photos.
6) Then ignore anything the Democrats do in any way as not existing, black out their news on your networks period.
7) Hire a competitive company to Microsoft to do your computer hacking and give them the carrot to perform of being better than Microsoft at controlling the world's computers and subjects/citizens by suppressing the send/receive functions of their customers' email addresses, labeling prodeathers as spammers,disabling their computers via invisible to the eye spy scripts, and the 'kill' feature built into Microsoft products by design to give Microsoft [big big Democratic sponsor] and/or the government control of every computer on the web.
8)and hiring private detectives to spy on abortuaries and photograph the shredded, decapitated babies, and splash it all over the front page the way the socialist Obama did with the Iraq war this past election.
9) And hire a computer whiz as your campaign manager and not a politician or politically saavy ignorant fool.
10) and hack into the accounts for the democratic party and find out how much they spent on wardrobing Michelle Obama and her girls for the DNC convention and the photo-ops and publish that info a few days before the vote in 2012.
11) and hack into the email and computer isp accounts of the dems and get their bank info and then try to block their accounts using the same subterfuge the Dems use and the illegal abuse of the Patriot Act and tell the nation the spying is necessary for the national [job] security of Obama and his voo-doo Krewe.
12) And remember to point out the obvious fact that Harvard grads are so ignorant that they think humans grow on trees and that the babies in the womb are not human but animal contrary to all known medical knowledge.
13) And remember to point out that Obama's grandmother was a bank officer and how instrumental she was in that financial meltdown that conveniently occurred just a month before the election. And point out how interconnected banks are and how they borrow from each other and how they have those bank books with the secretive info on their connections to the feds; and how she also conveniently died before election [because she knew too much, sort of like that Arkansas dem that was the Clinton's 'confidante' to their evil ?
14) And insist upon a Republican achievement whole week-long study in the public schools to teach about famous Republicans like Abraham Lincoln who died for his beliefs and insist that in every public school funded by US dollars the words of the US Constitution are taught particularly the words that the US is a republic and teach the differences between a republic and a masses-dominated democracy; and put images of Abraham Lincoln famous Republican on the walls of the school hallways and hold contests on those who could recite his most famous addresses, and allow all republicans that week to have a free reign over every one.
15) And make sure that all those hired to work at the polls are republican, and fire those in any government office who are not republican from every office even if it means spying into their personal lives, hiring a paid informant,hiring someone to sue them falsely, gaining control over their bank accounts by spying and promoting the idea that if they want to get along in the US, they must allow/tolerate the spin-factor on their lives of 'democracy at work'. Meanwhile, you must suppress/oppose publicly/protest the illegal abuse of Patriot Act and War Powers act by select Senators who are heavily invested in abortuaries like Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the catholic Supreme Court so-called "justices".

signed gloria poole, RN and artist, writer, prolife activist, Denver CO 80203
6:47 AM 11/9/2008
Update as of 7:08 am:
"Do Something, anything" to end the Abortion Holocaust also. Please read
the comments of Germany's Angela Merkel in the BBC today as they
commemorate the Nazi Holocaust as a reminder to do something to oppose
evil and killing:
7:09 AM 11/9/2008
Canada and Afghan cooperate to free Canadian Journalist:
Thanks to Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Afghanistan's
President Hamid Karzai!
7:12 AM 11/9/2008
Update Monday 10-Nov-2008 at 6:25 am, MT :
Obama pushing Bush out of White House early; and already planning his
bad decisions to make abortions available around the world at
US taxpayer expense, slaughter more babies in the womb to get
their cells, and blocking drilling for oil in America.
Read article at:
6:16 AM 11/10/2008
Quotes :
'Deliberate haste'

The meeting has been arranged with unusual haste -" [my aside: to tour White
House before time therefore pushing the sense of "get out" to the Bush's. Obama's style is sort of like Napolean it seems to me, take,grab,push, usurp,spy,plunder,loot--the values of the democrats on display.]

Another quote:
"In 2001, Mr Bush issued an executive order limiting federal
funding for medical research using human embryo stem cells.
The move was popular with moral conservatives but [abortion-providers of the human crushed bodies who get paid for them] critics say it
has hampered US medical research efforts.
BUSH DECISIONS UNDER FIRE" [that Obama plans to change with
his so-called Executive order that there is no authority in true laws of US Constitution for and which
when Pres Bush did that,the NY Times and every other newspaper
called it usurping power and authority:]
"Limited federal funding for medical research using human embryo
stem cells
Aid groups receiving US aid barred from counselling women about
abortion availability
California barred from imposing minimum standards of vehicle
fuel efficiency
Utah land being opened up for oil and gas drilling ."
Remember that GOD is not mocked {Galatians 6:7} and HE wrote in stone the commandments of GOD including 'thou shalt not kill'. To get human embryoes the abortionists-assassins kill the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb, then sell their bodies to the fake research centers that chop off their heads, dismember them, crush their tissues and smear them on agar plates to get $$$$$$$$$. It is an abomination to GOD and I am sure GOD is going to punish the U.S.for it because the nation collectively has been repeatedly warned to repent of it and to turn from sin and create laws to protect innocent humans. Obama is more like Napoleon, pushing,usurping, cutting off funding and food and creating a crisis to implement his agenda than any US president before him. He is a wicked man, do not be deceived by him. He will lead the US to total destruction if he gets his way of killing more innocents for money, or any reason. Read the scriptures relevant to this issue on for today's entry, and scroll til you see them.
/s/ gloriapoole
added by gloriapoole, RN,artist, writer, prolife activist,missionary, Denver CO 80203


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