Monday, September 27, 2010

Mash Up Obama & Use His stem cells for research

I read in the AP news and yahoo this afternoon the article about evil Obama pushing the Appeals Court of Washington DC to continue the mass-murders of innocent human embryoes and labeling it 'research'. Here is my suggestion: since that evil is so important to Obama, chop,dice and slice him and mash him up and smear him on agar plates for research. Or how about Rahm Emanuel and Sebelius also? They want evil to continue --why not use their cells for that fake research?

Remember that evil research was not originated in the US but with Nazi doctors studying the brains of Germans and non-Germans,and Jews, and blacks, and measuring their bones after they were gassed to death by government. And it was evil enough to bring the allies to the forefront of the problem. What nation will GOD raise up to defeat the Obama killing plan? What nation will bomb America to destroy the modern equivalent of Nazi gas ovens for killing [abortuaries via a recipe for killing, and massive propaganda pumped into schools and airwaves] ?

I know that Harvard grads are not particularly bright or they would soon figure out how much they were brainwashed there. But the reality is that GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7. Those men and women who kill will be killed according to scripture[read Genesis 9:6,KJV] .

The good people of this nation have to stop Obama! And also stop the killing fields of the NIH, which is the 21st century equivalent to the incinerators that disposed of the dead Jews in a way to salvage their gold teeth for the wealth of the Furer [?sp].
There is no justification to the premeditated murders of innocents. The Bible says to justify the wicked is abomination. Obama's plan is evil. And he is evil also.He plans to depopulate and destroy America. For more on this topic read another blog of mine at:

Gloria Poole,RN;at my apt in Missouri; 6:02PM;27-Sept-2010

Friday, September 24, 2010

Republicans' Pledge to end funding of abortion

From Republicans pledge for America article in CNN today,are these that I really like,
[quoted]: For example, the document calls for a federal hiring freeze on nonsecurity
employees and requiring all legislation to include a clause showing that it is
authorized under the Constitution.
Other items would cancel unspent funding authorized by the economic stimulus bill,
roll back spending to levels before the stimulus bill and earlier federal bailout
legislation and repeal the health care reform bill passed in March.
The document also calls for permanently prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion."
Read the entire article on CNN, entitled,"GOP leaders pledge to cut government, taxes'
written by CNN Wire Staff and with a photo of some of the Republicans sponsoring it.
7:20 AM 24-Sep-10

This is good news for human babies in the womb. I pray that GOD HIMSELF holds the Republicans to the pledge that they committed too,as elected representatives of the people themselves just as those who signed the Declaration of Independence honored their pledges also, and by doing so, carved a new republic from the 13 colonies of England, that began this nation.

I am absolutely, 100% prolife meaning I am FOR life of the tiniest humans in the womb and delivered from the womb, and that means I write, paint paintings, speak,financially support the causes that promote,advocate for,pay for, deliver living human babies as much as I am able to afford to do. a

There has to be a change in the legal status quo of America. The premeditated murders of innocent tiny humans has to end. Killing another person with deliberation, intent, and purpose has to be crime. And it will be. Whether the US will exist as a nation after GOD accomplishes that, remains to be seen.

Gloria Poole,RN;[my license is in Colorado but I live in Missouri] at my aprt in Missouri; 24-Sept-2010@ 7:38AM

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Voodoo Economics/Perversions of ObamaDestroyAmerica Plan

About voo-doo economics of ObamaDestroyAmerica Plan INCLUDING his plan to allow non-citizens /mercenaries in the US military to sabotage it, and his plan to flood the fighting forces with wimpy afraid-of-women-abominable-men and blood-thirsty-lesbian-women:
I am updating this article today Tuesday 21-2010 because I read an article today
about the plan of Obama to repeal the 'don't ask don't tell' public law. And in that article there were some very interesting points raised. One of those is that Richard Durbin of Illinois and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut are supporting homosexuals so vote them out of office! And the other MAJOR point is that an amendment to allow non-citizens to serve in the US Military is part of the same defense spending authorization bill. Do you have to ask how stupid that is? To allow the enemies of the US to serve in the Military as mercenaries? Could you spell i-d-i-o-t-O-b-a-m-a? Could you also spell s-a-b-a-t-o-g-e? Maybe that is why the US is in the longest war of its history and losing? Enemy mercenaries and or perverts in the Military sabotaging the US by taking money from the enemies of the US to sell out America. The present Congress seems to be the stupidest congress in history also. They do not have even common sense ! Lest you think that the abominable men and women who are homosexuals are trustworthy read Romans chapter one verses 18-32,KJV. Those scriptures tell plainly the heathen character of those whose behaviours are sodomy and lesbian.
Also I am keeping the original content here to keep on the top entry of my blog:

There is an article in the CBS news this am courtesy of Google, GOD bless 'em, that
tells plainly of the threats Obama and his administration of thugs and murderers, to
the Insurance industry as a whole, to try to censor what they tell their clients who
buy services from Insurers. I know personally Obama and his administration try fervently
to suppress any bad press against them and to fry computers of those who oppose Obama
personally by illegally using the Patriot Act powers to order Pentagon to scramble
harddrives of those who oppose their socialism plan for the U.S. Read article at:
Quote from article:
"In response, the Obama administration has issued a remarkably stern warning to insurers:
stop blaming premium hikes on health care reform or else. "
7:38 AM 9/19/2010
I call it voo-doo economics because it is. If Obama had a real education and not
merely a politically one courtesy of Harvard U who in their zeal to get banker's approval years ago, pushed him up the ranks. He is clearly IGNORANT of math and economics and real life budgets. If any industry is forced by socialism to provide services to all and also forced not to increase premiums=taxes to cover those increases of dole-outs/privileges/benefits then the only possible outcome is what has already happened in the US with the ObamaDestroyAmericaPlan of voodoo economics including the reform to socialism that was disguised as health care. Bankruptcy of the nation ALWAYS happens in socialism/fascism/communism because the basic underlying premise of those -isms is that the government is a false god that owns/controls all assets/wealth/information/people and that there is no real GOD. Those -isms are all gradations on the same lineal progression as follows:
communism<--fascism<--socialism<-- ; meaning socialism is less of communism than fascism or communism but with the same goals of government ownership of all assets/wealth of the nation while at the same time trying to pretend to fool the people into voluntarily surrendering their liberties and privileges of citizenship. Whereas communism and fascism force the surrender of the liberties of the people of the nation which of course is what Obama is trying to do by attempting to force citizens to buy products that their either do not trust, cannot afford or do not want for some other reason such as wanting to buy real property instead of padding the pockets of fat-cat bureaucrats.

The fake reform was not disguised to all people --only those who drink from his kool-aid at the White House and Congress, who believe his lies and his marketing schemes.

I believe one determined and absolutely committed individual with GOD on her side is better than an army and better than a roomful of indoctrinated bureaucrats.
And oh yea, I have written about this repeatedly and never intend to give up the cause of being a spokeswoman for the unborn/preborn. Obama and his goons tried to fry my computer but they did not win, and I did not quit. And I will never quit the cause of speaking for the unborn/preborn that they might be born alive and thrive. Survive and thrive is my motto. The voodoo economics of the ObamaDestroyAmericaPlan includes killing off millions of the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb so that America depopulates and destroys itself and shifts money from Medicare to the cause of killing;and it is evil. Any nation that uses their nation's wealth to kill innocents created by GOD HIMSELF for any reason sets itself in direct opposition to the Commandment of GOD in Genesis chapter one verses 26-28 to 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." When that happens GOD pushes back. Believe me when I tell you that and remember the floods, tornadoes, earthquakes,hurricanes, oil spills, plagues, sent by GOD.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri;7:58AM;19-Sept-2010
UPDATED :21-Sept-2010;@10:49AM at my apt in Missouri

Thursday, September 09, 2010

What nation will GOD raise up to defeat Obama's evil?

In the German Holocaust, GOD raised up Americans in a time when killing innocents was not the national pastime and the national dividend fund, to defeat Hitler and his killing machinery. What nation will GOD raise up to destroy Washington DC and to defeat Obama's plan to kill millions of innocents in the womb?
Will it be Osama bin Ladin? Or Iraq? Or Afghanistan? or Iran?
What nation and its people will determine to destroy the idol-laden city of Washington DC and the false god of Obama?
This is prompted by the news that the appeals court in DC does the bidding of the wicked Obama regime and allowed the premeditated destruction of innocent human embryoes to pad their pockets and the pockets of Obama and his ilk. The fake scientists with their dog and pony show trot every manufactured raison d' etre before the stupid appeals court judges as their rationale for allowing cannabalism of humans to continue in America.
All you who believe there is a GOD pray that GOD will destroy those who methodically, and purposely destroy innocents in the womb and that HE will do it with the same lack of mercy shown by Obama and his evil regime to the unborn/preborn.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri; 2:36PM, 9-Sept-2010
Update at 3:10PM after I thought about this some more and read more of the media hype :
If anything tells you that Afghanistan is winning the war and that the Arabic nations are rising up,it is the panic that Obama and that Jezebel H Clinton are publicizing about how afraid they are that a citizen burning books is going to upset the Taliban. I hope it upsets the hell out of them and that the Taliban destroys EVERY abortion center and every abortionist and every judge that every took a kickback or bribe from an abortionist or lobbyist for an abortionist or from their PAC of Center for Reproductive [killing] center and or Planned Parenthood. It is my fervent prayer that the Taliban will totally destroy those Planned Parenthood centers and the abortuaries and those elements in Washington DC that enable and or empower the killing fields of America.
Update at 3:54 pm after The Guardian says the plan to burn Qu'rans has caused an international incident but it also says that in Pakistan they are burning even now the US Flag. What is the difference in them burning the US flag which is an endeared symbol to Americans, and Americans burning the Qu'ran an endeared symbol to Muslims but which is book after all that is easily reproduced as is the American flag. Do you read of the President of Pakistan or Afghanistan telling their people NOT to burn the US flag for fear of upsetting America? NO. They routinely burn the US flag and make threats to Americans. But now the tables are turned and it is a different story. I say burn, burn burn every Qu'ran it that is what it takes to make them know that Americans mean business and if ejecting Muslim President Obama has to be done, let us get on with that too! I quote from the article in the Guardian:
"In Pakistan protesters burned an American flag and displayed
a sign in English reading: "If Qur'an is burned it would be
beginning of destruction of America." In Afghanistan a crowd
of up to 4,000 people held an angry protest in Mahmud Raqi,
near Kabul,
with some burning US flags and chanting "Death to the Christians".
From article,with photo of US flag burning, at:
3:53 PM 9/9/2010/
Update at 4:15pm after news says Florida church cancelled Qu'ran burning day:
here is what the nation learned from this:
America and its leaders are scared to death of Muslims.
The Muslim attack on the Twin Towers of America on 9/11 caused such fear and
panic across America and the leaders of America that they will capitulate to
any demand by Muslims including jettisoning the First Amendment.
The US acknowledges that it is serving Afghanistan and the Taliban by sending massive amounts of money to that nation and providing security for them.
That criticizing the strategy of the Muslim President will nearly end careers of the Military. Remember the General replaced for criticizing Obama on his spare time?
All the Muslims have to do to make Obama and H Clinton shake in their boots is burn the US flag in their nations, and make some threats.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Publicizing the lack of integrity of Dun & Bradstreet in NYC

Public Notice that Dun & Bradstreet has wrong info for Life Media & Publishing LLP and has it locked so it won't update and they have fake phone numbers on their website:
This is the information showing for Life Media & Publishing today at 1:14 PM 8-Sept-2010 AFTER I have notified them repeatedly that it is wrong and that there is NO such person as Gloria Pappas any more since that name was mine but I changed it in Arapahoe County Colorado District Court in Oct 2007 after second divorce. I have notified the world that the former number of 303 8614027 is NOT my number and NOT the number of Life Media & Publishing LLP though I know that criminals living in that building where I paid rent have tried to steal not only money from me, but my name, checks made out to me,and my identity and my US mail. Furthermore, the address given is actually located in Sheridan Colorado which is Arapahoe County and the telephone number shown is in Denver Colorado 80203 zip code and Denver County. The info does not match any entity but is a conglomerate of bits of information. I did live at that address from spring 2004 [moved there when forced into the car by then husband Dana Ben Pappas but I am now divorced from him and thank GOD for that mercy] until May 2006 when I moved to Aurora for a year and then to Denver Colorado 80203 for 2 1/2 yrs. I have updated my information by sending it in writing to Dun and Bradstreet and by talking to three different people on the telephone at their numbers posted on a website but it did not update in my 'report' on MY company/mission on line.
The information I am posting here that is from the Dun and Bradstreet file for Life Media & Publishing LLP as it appeared on 8-Sept-2010 @ 1:14 PM after I emailed DNB several times, and after I made about 4 phone calls to get the preliminaries and after I was sent an automated email by DNB to my email notifying me of a Dun and Bradstreet account in the name of an entity that has always belonged to me. I want the public and those who loan money or extend credit to understand perfectly that I did live at the 3373 S Alcott address until May 2006,as the wife of Dana Ben Pappas, [a male] and that I worked from home on my missions and that he was in no way involved in Life Media & Publishing LLP or words that WORK,LLP at any point in time; and that I did live at the Colburn Hotel in Denver Colorado 80203 for 2 1/2 yrs after he moved in with his 'boy friend' and filed for divorce since I would not lift the restraining order against him because he admitted in open court he was on co-ca-ine, and because his probation office staff said he tested positive for co-ca-ine and because he injured me several times. I resided at the Colburn-- I did not work for pay there or for them in any capacity. I paid rent there and was authorized to live there by
Denver Housing Authority after I had suffered injuries and had a handicap after Dana ben Pappas injured me in July 2008 while violating restraining order against him and while on a 2 yr period of probation for having injured and made threats to me twice before. Colburn Hotel [that has number 3038614027 as their main number at desk] is where I resided and did NOT work for them in any capacity, and they had no legal authority to steal my US mail or checks made payable to me, or to use or confiscate my possessions when the moving van came on Oct 31,2009, nor to have possession of any information about or belonging to either Life Media & Publishing, LLP or words that WORK LLP. The person(s) who moved to my previous aprt where I lived either as a wife in Arapahoe County; or as as single woman head of my household to use an IRS term,in Denver Colorado 80203 [Colburn Hotel Residences] are in no way related to me and they are NOT authorized to represent Life Media & Publishing, LLP or Tapestry of LIFE LLP or words that WORK, LLP in any way whatsoever and never were.
I am posting this here from desperation as it seems one of the most pressing problems in the US is lack of integrity of businesses. And this proves that whoever filed this report to begin with was a criminal since they did not know how to spell my oldest daughter's {Jennifer] name. And my youngest daughter [ Leigh] was married in 2008 and also legally changed her name at that time. For your records this info below is totally erroneous and the PO Box was outdated in the year 2005 and the Colburn Hotel info was outdated as of Oct 31,2009.
The only part of the DNB report included here as an exact copy of what was showing in my file that is true is that Life Media & Publishing LLP has NEVER borrowed money from anyone. Also the Dept of Education in Colorado is stupid as hell or wicked as hell, as I have notified them in person twice that I moved to Missouri and in writing twice. If they hired English speaking people in that state the nation would be better off but I guess if they hired English speaking persons there they would not be able to rip off the federal governments for those benefits for illegals like they do. I have lived in Missouri for almost a year and the USPS allows criminals there in Colorado to try to change my address backwards to Colorado. Colorado is a corrupt state and if you do any business there you are getting scammed. You might not know it yet, but you are. I know after 7 years of living in that ungodly and vile state where they steal names, property, money due to those who paid wages into Social Security, US mail, and the police dept is part of the racket. IF GOD answers my prayer the entire state of Colorado will burn to the ground including every house and every building for the YEARS of fraud, theft, identity theft, theft of my mail, theft of my possessions, theft of my name that judges in that court winked winked at when I complained about it and for allowing that criminal named Dana Papas, aka Dana Ben Pappas, aka Dana Benn Pappas, aka Dena Papas, aka Doris Papas, aka Doris Parsons, aka Dana B Papas, to injure me several times. I was married to him for 4 yrs and 10 months and divorced from him in Arapahoe County Colorado and the case is filed for public records. He changes his name every time he is arrested for possession of d-r-ugs [hyphenated to not cause panic by automated scanning by robots] and or use of those and or violence and or other crimes. I consider him a career criminal and any lender that lends him money is a fool and should be fired from whatever company they work for.

This info is as I copied it from my login acct for Dun and Bradstreet; and THIS IS WRONG INFORMATION which is why I am posting it here as a public notice so others are not scammed by whoever added wrong info to an acct on Dun and Bradstreet for a 'business' [mission] that belongs to me. Also there are no employees in Life Media & Publishing LLP and there NEVER were. I Gloria Poole am the owner/creator/managing Partner, and Jennifer my oldest daughter owns 5% and Leigh my youngest daughter owns 5 % and I own the rest of what assets there are which are computers, name, 7 yrs of work creating it that criminal Dana Ben Pappas tried to destroy when he tried to kill me on more than one occasion. FYI:
Business Information Report: Life Media & Publishing LLP
© 2002 Dun & Bradstreet, Inc.
This D&B report is being provided for your review.
It may not be used for any other purpose or provided to anyone else.
- Not For Distribution -






DUNS: 60-266-6757 DATE PRINTED

3373 S ALCOTT ST 27 41
TEL: 303 861-4027




11/01/09 Source(s) indicate the address shown above may no longer be used
by this business.

10/30/07 The name and address of this business have been confirmed by D&B
using available sources.

If you have questions about this report, please call our Customer Resource
Center at 1-800-234-3867 from anywhere within the U.S. If you are outside the
U.S., contact your local D&B office.

*** Additional Decision Support Available ***

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Below is an overview of the company's dollar-weighted payments, segmented by
its suppliers' primary industries:

RCV'D AMOUNTS CREDIT TERMS <31 31-60 61-90 91+
----- -------------- ---------- ---- --- ----- ----- ---
# $ $ % % % % %

Total in D&B's file 1 50 50

Other Payment Categories:

Cash experiences 1 50 50
Payment record unknown 0 0 0
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02/09 (001) 50 1 Mo
Cash account



Business started 2005.
GLORIA P PAPPAS. Work history unknown.
JENNIFER BERELLI. Work history unknown.
LEIGH JOSEY. Work history unknown.


09/19/09 Engaged in publishing.
FACILITIES: Occupies premises in building.


09-08(2VK /001) 065183183


© 2009 Dun & Bradstreet Inc.
January 1, 2009 - GTO
[end quote from Dun & Bradstreet] log in acct for Life Media & Publishing LLP as added here by the Managing Partner /owner of Life Media & Publishing LLP which is me Gloria Poole of Missouri. The time is 1:16 PM 8-Sept-2010. Do not issue any credit to the persons in the previous bldg in Colorado in my name as it may land you in a court of law in a civil lawsuit. And do not send my mail or mail for Life Media & Publishing LLP to ANY address in Colorado. There is NO address in Colorado for Life Media & Publishing LLP since Oct 31,2009.
Gloria Poole;at my apt in Missouri; 1:18 PM, 8-Sept-2010;
Amended to clarify to avoid any confusion on 9_Sept-2010 @ 6:50 AM, by me Gloria Poole in Missouri.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Judge Lamberth, thank you for not compromising with evil.

From article in the Wall St Journal a few minutes ago at is
Good news. Judge Lamberth did not cave in to Obama adminstration .
I quote from that article:
"In a three-page order, U.S. Chief District Court Judge Royce Lamberth
in Washington denied the Obama administration's emergency request
to stay a preliminary injunction
against federal funding while the government appeals the judge's ruling."
5:10 PM 9/7/2010/

This is very good news for the unborn/preborn numans because it takes away the
black market for their body parts and cells and tissues and blood. And by doing
that, it takes away any financial incentive to abort babies. And that is very
good news. When human flesh and blood is not sold and or bargained with like chips
at a casino, then respect for human life becomes more acceptable and more humans live.

Judge Lamberth, I am very grateful for what you did and I pray that GOD will
hold you up against the onslaught by the wicked who will try every trick known to
humans to force you to capitulate. But don't do it. Don't give in to evil. Don't compromise with evil. Don't sell your soul to the devil. Stand firm for the righteousness of not allowing the tiniest humans to be defiled and desecrated and
chopped.diced, sliced and crushed to smear on agar plates or inject into abominable

Judge Lamberth, you have taken the first step to ending the horror of abortion as a so-called right by allowing legal challenges to such evil to go forward. Good governments protect the innocents, and they fight off the wicked assailants of the innocents. Be bold, be committed,and do not back down please for the sake of the nation and every nation. Because when the export of America became abortion and chopped and diced humans, the U S lost the respect of the world. Thank you for being brave enough and bold enough to defy evil.
Gloria Poole, RN; at my aprt in Missouri; 5:23 PM, 7-Sept-2010

Saturday, September 04, 2010

Practicing Medicine w/o medical license & damage to patient

In the Yahoo news via the Associated Press is an article this morning at 6:21 AM about two abortionists who were ordered to stop, in the state of Maryland, because one of them was practicing without a medical license, and they perforated the uterus of an 18 yr old woman. A good doctor at Johns Hopkins Hospital filed a complaint against them and when the Police investigated they found frozen near-term babies in a freezer.
This is news that the public must know. The lack of "standards of care" is the norm not the exception for abortionists, who fly under the radar generally of all rules and regulations of medical practice, and who have no on site inspections ever unless someone with enough clout files a formal complaint against them. The good news is that a doctor from Hopkins did file a complaint against them and the authorities acted. What remains to be seen is whether or not the abortionists will comply. I would guess that they won't. They are accustomed to operating outside the boundaries of society and outside the limits of acceptable medicine and they are accustomed to breaking the law. I would guess they will simply move their bad fake clinic that is a killing center to a different location and or bribe a few officials in Congress, and or call up their 24/7 arm-twister in Planned Parenthood who will visit the Judge's chambers secretly and swap a good amount of money secretly, and viola, the charges filed by Hopkins would be swept under the table. That is the modus operandi for nearly 40 years in the Abortion Holocaust. But maybe this time is different. Maybe enough people across the US are totally disgusted by the vile horror that is abortion and by the thugs that do those. Maybe enough people in the US are absolutely mad as h--- about abortion and ready to do drastic measures if need be to stop it.Maybe. Let all who believe that there is a GOD, pray! That GOD will embolden the MDs at Hopkins to press their case against the abortionists who practiced without a lawful license and who failed on standards of medical care and perforated the uterus of an 18 yr woman.
Gloria Poole, RN; at my apt in Missouri; [my license is in Colorado still] ; 6:31AM, 4-Sept-2010