Friday, September 24, 2010

Republicans' Pledge to end funding of abortion

From Republicans pledge for America article in CNN today,are these that I really like,
[quoted]: For example, the document calls for a federal hiring freeze on nonsecurity
employees and requiring all legislation to include a clause showing that it is
authorized under the Constitution.
Other items would cancel unspent funding authorized by the economic stimulus bill,
roll back spending to levels before the stimulus bill and earlier federal bailout
legislation and repeal the health care reform bill passed in March.
The document also calls for permanently prohibiting taxpayer funding for abortion."
Read the entire article on CNN, entitled,"GOP leaders pledge to cut government, taxes'
written by CNN Wire Staff and with a photo of some of the Republicans sponsoring it.
7:20 AM 24-Sep-10

This is good news for human babies in the womb. I pray that GOD HIMSELF holds the Republicans to the pledge that they committed too,as elected representatives of the people themselves just as those who signed the Declaration of Independence honored their pledges also, and by doing so, carved a new republic from the 13 colonies of England, that began this nation.

I am absolutely, 100% prolife meaning I am FOR life of the tiniest humans in the womb and delivered from the womb, and that means I write, paint paintings, speak,financially support the causes that promote,advocate for,pay for, deliver living human babies as much as I am able to afford to do. a

There has to be a change in the legal status quo of America. The premeditated murders of innocent tiny humans has to end. Killing another person with deliberation, intent, and purpose has to be crime. And it will be. Whether the US will exist as a nation after GOD accomplishes that, remains to be seen.

Gloria Poole,RN;[my license is in Colorado but I live in Missouri] at my aprt in Missouri; 24-Sept-2010@ 7:38AM


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