Sunday, September 19, 2010

Voodoo Economics/Perversions of ObamaDestroyAmerica Plan

About voo-doo economics of ObamaDestroyAmerica Plan INCLUDING his plan to allow non-citizens /mercenaries in the US military to sabotage it, and his plan to flood the fighting forces with wimpy afraid-of-women-abominable-men and blood-thirsty-lesbian-women:
I am updating this article today Tuesday 21-2010 because I read an article today
about the plan of Obama to repeal the 'don't ask don't tell' public law. And in that article there were some very interesting points raised. One of those is that Richard Durbin of Illinois and Joe Lieberman of Connecticut are supporting homosexuals so vote them out of office! And the other MAJOR point is that an amendment to allow non-citizens to serve in the US Military is part of the same defense spending authorization bill. Do you have to ask how stupid that is? To allow the enemies of the US to serve in the Military as mercenaries? Could you spell i-d-i-o-t-O-b-a-m-a? Could you also spell s-a-b-a-t-o-g-e? Maybe that is why the US is in the longest war of its history and losing? Enemy mercenaries and or perverts in the Military sabotaging the US by taking money from the enemies of the US to sell out America. The present Congress seems to be the stupidest congress in history also. They do not have even common sense ! Lest you think that the abominable men and women who are homosexuals are trustworthy read Romans chapter one verses 18-32,KJV. Those scriptures tell plainly the heathen character of those whose behaviours are sodomy and lesbian.
Also I am keeping the original content here to keep on the top entry of my blog:

There is an article in the CBS news this am courtesy of Google, GOD bless 'em, that
tells plainly of the threats Obama and his administration of thugs and murderers, to
the Insurance industry as a whole, to try to censor what they tell their clients who
buy services from Insurers. I know personally Obama and his administration try fervently
to suppress any bad press against them and to fry computers of those who oppose Obama
personally by illegally using the Patriot Act powers to order Pentagon to scramble
harddrives of those who oppose their socialism plan for the U.S. Read article at:
Quote from article:
"In response, the Obama administration has issued a remarkably stern warning to insurers:
stop blaming premium hikes on health care reform or else. "
7:38 AM 9/19/2010
I call it voo-doo economics because it is. If Obama had a real education and not
merely a politically one courtesy of Harvard U who in their zeal to get banker's approval years ago, pushed him up the ranks. He is clearly IGNORANT of math and economics and real life budgets. If any industry is forced by socialism to provide services to all and also forced not to increase premiums=taxes to cover those increases of dole-outs/privileges/benefits then the only possible outcome is what has already happened in the US with the ObamaDestroyAmericaPlan of voodoo economics including the reform to socialism that was disguised as health care. Bankruptcy of the nation ALWAYS happens in socialism/fascism/communism because the basic underlying premise of those -isms is that the government is a false god that owns/controls all assets/wealth/information/people and that there is no real GOD. Those -isms are all gradations on the same lineal progression as follows:
communism<--fascism<--socialism<-- ; meaning socialism is less of communism than fascism or communism but with the same goals of government ownership of all assets/wealth of the nation while at the same time trying to pretend to fool the people into voluntarily surrendering their liberties and privileges of citizenship. Whereas communism and fascism force the surrender of the liberties of the people of the nation which of course is what Obama is trying to do by attempting to force citizens to buy products that their either do not trust, cannot afford or do not want for some other reason such as wanting to buy real property instead of padding the pockets of fat-cat bureaucrats.

The fake reform was not disguised to all people --only those who drink from his kool-aid at the White House and Congress, who believe his lies and his marketing schemes.

I believe one determined and absolutely committed individual with GOD on her side is better than an army and better than a roomful of indoctrinated bureaucrats.
And oh yea, I have written about this repeatedly and never intend to give up the cause of being a spokeswoman for the unborn/preborn. Obama and his goons tried to fry my computer but they did not win, and I did not quit. And I will never quit the cause of speaking for the unborn/preborn that they might be born alive and thrive. Survive and thrive is my motto. The voodoo economics of the ObamaDestroyAmericaPlan includes killing off millions of the tiniest most defenseless humans in the womb so that America depopulates and destroys itself and shifts money from Medicare to the cause of killing;and it is evil. Any nation that uses their nation's wealth to kill innocents created by GOD HIMSELF for any reason sets itself in direct opposition to the Commandment of GOD in Genesis chapter one verses 26-28 to 'be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth." When that happens GOD pushes back. Believe me when I tell you that and remember the floods, tornadoes, earthquakes,hurricanes, oil spills, plagues, sent by GOD.
Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri;7:58AM;19-Sept-2010
UPDATED :21-Sept-2010;@10:49AM at my apt in Missouri


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