Monday, September 27, 2010

Mash Up Obama & Use His stem cells for research

I read in the AP news and yahoo this afternoon the article about evil Obama pushing the Appeals Court of Washington DC to continue the mass-murders of innocent human embryoes and labeling it 'research'. Here is my suggestion: since that evil is so important to Obama, chop,dice and slice him and mash him up and smear him on agar plates for research. Or how about Rahm Emanuel and Sebelius also? They want evil to continue --why not use their cells for that fake research?

Remember that evil research was not originated in the US but with Nazi doctors studying the brains of Germans and non-Germans,and Jews, and blacks, and measuring their bones after they were gassed to death by government. And it was evil enough to bring the allies to the forefront of the problem. What nation will GOD raise up to defeat the Obama killing plan? What nation will bomb America to destroy the modern equivalent of Nazi gas ovens for killing [abortuaries via a recipe for killing, and massive propaganda pumped into schools and airwaves] ?

I know that Harvard grads are not particularly bright or they would soon figure out how much they were brainwashed there. But the reality is that GOD is not mocked according to Galatians 6:7. Those men and women who kill will be killed according to scripture[read Genesis 9:6,KJV] .

The good people of this nation have to stop Obama! And also stop the killing fields of the NIH, which is the 21st century equivalent to the incinerators that disposed of the dead Jews in a way to salvage their gold teeth for the wealth of the Furer [?sp].
There is no justification to the premeditated murders of innocents. The Bible says to justify the wicked is abomination. Obama's plan is evil. And he is evil also.He plans to depopulate and destroy America. For more on this topic read another blog of mine at:

Gloria Poole,RN;at my apt in Missouri; 6:02PM;27-Sept-2010


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